Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad [English Subbed]


Air date: Monday-Tuesday March 17th – May 11th (16 episodes total)
Analog Rating: 7.3, 8.7, 9.0, 8.2. 9.2, 8.2, 9.0, 8.3, 8.8, 10.2, 9.9


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8


  1. Yay! It’s like a present to read that you chose this lakorn as a project! That promises HQ-subbing for sure! Thank you very much! 😀

  2. oh god does this look good, I wish tui had more lakorns out he is such a great actor!

    thanks so much for picking this project =)

    1. I wish so too but he’s a picky actor.

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        hope you will upload the episode 9 . i kept on waiting.

      2. Please finish subtitel

      3. Please finsh the English subtitel I have being wait for Thankz for you hard work big fan

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      upload ep 9-16 plse with eng subtitles thanks

      1. did you find it?

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    OMG, I’m totally anticipating this lakorn!! Forget waiting for Praao. XD. Go ahead and prioritize this one!!!! LOL.

    1. 555 I should be done with Proud already but I feel kinda lazy after seeing all those empty lines. I guess I’m more used to timing and subbing as I go. But yes, I’m postponing Proud to work on just MSRFS once it airs.

      1. weirminfan · ·

        Lol. Not a problem. You just do what you gotta do.

      2. Anonymous · ·

        thank you for subbing, when do plan to sub ep 2 and ep3?

      3. thank you so much for subbing, but when will the rest of the episodes be completed. I will really want to know what happens with the rest of the story. I truly love this lakorn.

      4. Shreshtha · ·

        Please upload the subs from episode 9 to 16

  4. Really excited about this series
    And of course your wonderful translation
    And Weir Can Wait…haha
    Do not forget that you have a lot of fans in Israel waiting for your Subs

  5. Soooo anticipating this!!! Thank you for subbing this. Can’t wait

  6. wow… this so cool… Thanks for taking this as ur subbing project

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    Thank you for choosing to subtitle this Lakorn, can not wait to see it!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to sub!

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    Patiently waiting! EP1 was GOOD. I LOVED IT!

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    Thank you so much, you’re such a lifesaver on Fri nite.

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    YAHOO!! Thanks ninja!

  12. Awesome! So glad you are subbing this. Thanks so much.

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  14. thanks for the first episode

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    Thanx q, sooooo much Ninja! I was super depress…but u made my day!

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    MSRFS…1A … Was sooooo intense!!

    All the scenes are beautiful!

  17. Wowwww… Not 1 scene was boring.

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    Thanks for subbing this drama!!!!!

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    thanks for sharing… does anyone know if they gonna be together at the end?

  20. This lakorn look so good. Thank you so much for subbing this for all us none thai WHO just love thai lakorn!!

  21. thank you so much for the subbing, i like this lakorn too much and cant wait for the next scene ..please keep update episode when airing. XoXo

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    love the 1st episode so far. I am looking forward for episode 2.

  23. Thank you for subbing ep 1, love this couple in “where the sky meets the sand”. This lakorn looks promising.

  24. thank you so much for subbing, please continue to sub the all the episodes.

  25. Please continue to sub all of the episodes, thank you 🙂

  26. Hi kimberly, thank you so much for subbing this lakorn.
    i hope i’m not being too rude, but could you please enlarge the subtitles font? my eyesight is not so good.
    if you need help uploading this drama or anything else like timing i’ll be happy to help.
    this is my email address
    once again thank you 🙂

    1. hentram · · Reply

      Yeah, i’m 2nd. Please enlarge the sub font. my eyesight is not good too. thanks

  27. hi. i wanted to ask usually how long it takes for you to upload the next episode? thank you for subbing this lakorn. 🙂

    1. MSRFS Fan · · Reply

      Ep2 just come out (Monday), please give her some time. So my guess would be at least 2 days after it aired. The lakorn air on Monday and Tuesday only.

      Thank you for subbing, appreciate your hard work.

    2. she’s subbing it by herself and not working in a team like viki and since shes being kind enough to sub the whole thing by herself we should not pressure her by asking
      regardless of how little/much time it may take her as i am sure she has things to do in the course of her day other than subbing lakorns and we will get the episode in due time.

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    thank you for subbing, love this drama so much.

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    when is the next episode?????????????????

  30. Thank you, your a star

  31. Thanks so much for subbing this it is awesome so far

  32. hello dear,
    thank you for your hardworking
    I loved this drama very much

    P.S: I send you an email, I’m waiting for your replay

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    when ep 2 will be post in your site…..waiting and thanks again.

  34. thank you sooo very much for subbing!!

  35. Thank You so much for the english subtitles.Without your efforts could’nt have enjoyed the raeng conversations.

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    I really appreciate you subbing this! Thank you

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    I am so thankful that you are subbing this lakorn. Thank you

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    Thank you so much!!! You’re the BEST!

  39. At first i was really shock that u have to hold subbing PROUD and focusing on subbing MFRSF..then after watching 2 epi of MFRSF..i got i can’t wait for the next epi..i’m eager to see what will happen between wee & chit..thank u so much for subbing this lakorn & other lakorns 2..u really make my day..Kob Kun ka

  40. sorry for typing error..what i mean is not MFRSF but MSRFS..:)

  41. Thank You for the subs!

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    Got hooked in this lakorn! Can’t wait for the next ep. Thanks for subbing. 😊

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    Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work. I so in love this lakorn! You are the best person ever!!

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  46. Thank you so much for your hard work..

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    Add me to the list of very grateful people who love Thai larkons but cannot understand them without gracious people like you who are willing to take the time to sub them for us. We are at your mercy as we eagerly anticipate each exciting episode and I am amazed at how quickly you have already put out episode 3! You ROCK!!

  48. thank you sooooooooooo much for you hard work, i love both of them tui and kwan they are the best thai couple

  49. Thank you so much for subbing this amazing lakorn and for all your work till now. You’re awesome!

  50. Thank goodness I have found you again. I subscribe to you on you tube but then I discovered you on dailymotion last week.
    This lakorn is really awesome and I really appreciate how fast you do the subbing. Thank you so much for your great work.

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    OMG, thank you so much for the download links

  52. Thanks for taking the time to sub this lakorn. I’m really liking it so far. Thanks for the MF links as well!

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  54. You are Awesome! Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work. you don’t know how much this mean to us. please know that we are very thankful for all that you do.

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  59. Yeahhhhh… I get to watch 2 episodes at 1 time!

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  60. Hope to have the eng sub for episode 4 & 5 soon.
    Thank you for subbing this Drama.

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  63. Thanks so much for the subs. Im so into this lakorn

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    As always … You never disappoint us!!

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  66. Thank you so much. Please I want to know when the next ep will be subed !!

  67. Thank you so much it has been a while since I enjoyed a larkorn as much as this since Swaian Bang that is I am so excited that you decided to sub this. Please continue to do so. You are the best.

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    Thank you for subbing this. What are the airing day?

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    Thank you for subbing this drama. I know subbing is a very time consuming task. The fact that you have given freely your time. Allows us non-Thai speakers to be able to enjoy such great programming. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Thank You

  70. I can’t wait for the next episode thank you for subbing please keep going 😆☺😃😀😁😊👱

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  75. When will episode 5 with English subtitles be uploaded?
    And I appreciate your hard work 😊

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    I really appreciate ur hardwork for english subbing all those episodes.Can you please upload episode 5 with english subtitles.

  77. oh yes! thank you so much na ka ❤ i've been looking everywhere for this lakorn's sub
    khwan and tui are amazing!!!!

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    Thank you 4 your hardwork , keep uploaded !! 🙂

  79. ohh thank you very much for subbing this lakorn!! without you I don’t know how I would have survive! LOL! thank you again!

  80. Yay, episode five is up, thank you 😊

  81. Tq for subbing this lakorn…but i think the second link on eps 5 cant be download..can you please reupload it…thank you soo muchh!!!

    1. It’s working. You have to check off that you’re not a robot then click authorize download.

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    Thank you!!

  83. Ninjakkn, tqvm for Ep 5 eng sub.
    Look forward to Ep 6 & Ep 7 eng sub soon.

    Thank you again for your time & effort.

  84. Thank you so much for the episode 5, Have a good day.

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    Thanks for episode 5. I really appreciate all your hard work. If it wasn’t for individuals like yourself, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this Lakorn.

  86. love it ! thanks a lot 🙂 he looks like Chakrit…

  87. I want to kiss you ❤ ❤ ❤ thnx for the ep 6

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    Love it!!! I’m a Vietnam so i can’t understand what’s the meaning of film without ur subtitle. I ‘ll waiting for ur new episode. Thank you so much for your hard work!!! ❤ ❤

  92. Kun Ninja, any DVD with english subtitles for this Drama. No patient to wait episode by episode.
    I have searched on line to buy but can’t find it.

    Thank you subbing the Drama for non-Thai lakorn lovers like us to understand the dialogues
    which make the Drama more entertaining & enlightening.

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      Where do you buy your DVD with eng. sub at?

  93. Here in Penang, Malaysia no DVD for Thai Drama in the market except horror & action movies.
    I have surfed generally for DVD of this Drama and login to the websites found but no such
    title so wondering if there is any DVD for this Drama with eng sub on sale, if so, would
    be interested to buy if price is fair & reasonable.

    1. Sorry, I don’t think Thai lakorns are being sold as DVD with Eng Sub. You can only find them online being subbed by fans.

  94. Sorry to answer your query, this is my first hunt for Thai
    DVD with English subtitles.

  95. Well … No complaints here!! U subbing is extremely fast… More than I expected!! Thanx q …ever soooooo much!! 😘

  96. Thank you Kun Ninja for your prompt info.
    Now that I know, won’t waste time sourcing for it in Thailand thru friends there.
    I am just one of those crazy addicts of dramas & novels.
    Just can’t wait to finish the story once started.

    Thank you again Kun Ninja for your generous effort & time in subbing D’Drama.

    I am just dying to understand the dialogue though I can make good guesses
    watching the raw episodes.

    Wishing one & all a great Thursday.

  97. waiting for the 7th episode 😀

  98. please upload episode 7,8, and 9 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! so waiting for it…thank you

  99. Enjoy your Songkran holiday. And thanks for the subs. You’re awesome.

  100. Dear ninjakkn, don’t worry for us. Happy belated Songkran Holiday.
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  101. Thank you for taking time subbing this lakorn! You are so amazing 🌺🌺

  102. Thank you for taking time subbing this lakorn and for your hardwork are awesome
    Enjoy your Songkran holiday

  103. waiting on epi-7/8/9. Please continue subbing. Loving it. We all are greatfull that you are putting time and effort for us non-thai spearkers.

  104. Meixing · · Reply

    I like mai sin rai fai sawart. but i want to know if you have any lakorn of Pond Ophapom with Kochakorn Songsangterm? the title is plerng kaen if i’m not mistaken.

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    Thanks for the subbing, please continue subbing 🙂

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    I hope you will be subbing soon 😉 thanks a lot!

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    Does anyone know when episode 10 will be aired?

    1. I think that’s already aired but not subed 😀

  108. Kun Ninjakkn, episode 11 already aired and 4 more episodes to go to complete the Drama.
    Can we look forward to have the Drama completely subbed?
    Meanwhile all of us are waiting anxiously for eps 7 to 11 eng sub.
    Looking forward to your releases soon.
    Thank you again for your time and effort.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      Right back at you 😉

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    How about episode 22? Anyone knows when’s the air date? 🙂

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    Make that 12 rather –,

  111. Based on information given only 15 episodes for Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad.
    It is aired every Mon & Tue: Ep.12 on 27th, Ep. 13 on 28th April, Ep.14 on 4th
    & Final Ep.15 on 5th May.

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    Excuse me but how do i download eps 5 – 6?
    Like the other eps you have put up?
    and thank you for the upload with the English Subs

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      Go to if you want to see episodes 5-6.

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  123. Thank you Kun Ninjakkn for Ep 7. Waiting anxiously
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    will follow soon too.

    Thank you for sacrificing your time to make us understand
    the Drama better via the Eng Sub.

  124. Thank you very much for ep. 7.
    Happy day to you, ninjakkn.

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    Can’t wait for the additional eps to be uploaded.

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    I have already watched it without subs but your subbing makes watching twice worthwhile.

  133. thank u so much for ur hard work , i really loved it , cannot wait for the rest of the episodes , because of people like u we have been able to watch these lakorns otherwise we wouldn’t be able to understand

  134. Waiting anxiously for Ep 8 and remaining episodes.

    Noted there are now 16 episodes against 15 indicated earlier.
    Has the storyline been changed from original plot.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  135. Waiting anxiously for Ep 8 and remaining episodes.

  136. Happy Morning

    Just finish watching Episode 14 at “Watch Lakorn” but just making
    good guess on the motions.

    This is a good dialogue drama with several critical scenarios to analyse,
    adapt & adopt to real life situations.

    Look forward to Kun Ninja’s kindness & generosity to sub remaining
    episodes & publish them ASAP.

    We are all waiting for them, right?

    Thank you for your time.

  137. thank you for the new episode 🙂

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    Thx. for english sub. Now i am so anxiously waiting for the rest of episodes. I am chinese, so i don’t understand Thai language but i love to watch thai lakorn.

    1. Are you the person from the Joyce Music website? Just curious, because I have recently downloaded some transcripted sheet music from there (awesome transcriptions BTW) & it would be such a coincidence if you were the same person. 🙂

  139. please more subbing. very greatful. can’t for your hard work in the lakorn.

  140. Thank you Kun Ninjakkn for episode 8.
    Looking forward to episode 9 & rest of the episodes.
    Really appreciate your kindness & generosity in subbing
    the Drama to enable Non Thai speaking fans
    understand the dialogue better.
    Many thanks for your hardwork.

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      Where is episode 8?

  141. Cristina N Santos · · Reply

    Many thanks to Ninjakkn. Everytime I come home from work I always look for your subs. More power to you and God bless.

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  145. Good evening Ninjaknn, could you give me the English title of the opening drama, starring one tui teerapat, I like alot. Thank you so much 🙂

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    Is ep 8 out? I don’t see it…

  147. ep 8 is up on dailymotion by ninjakkn. Thanks so much.

  148. Thank you Ah Ling 🙂

  149. i have just seen the final episode , i liked it very much
    but it would be perfect with eng sub

  150. Have stayed up to complete the final episode which ended in Paris.
    Agreed with Isaac that it would have been perfect with Eng Sub.
    Thanking Kun Ninjakkn in anticipation for the remaining eng sub episodes.
    BTW, Mandarin subtitles can be found at
    At my last viewing, the Mandarin sub is at episode 11.
    Regrettably I am not Mandarin educated.

    1. Cristina N Santos · · Reply

      Enas Isaac where did you see the final episode? Please the site. Thanks

  151. Cristina N Santos · · Reply

    I mean please share the site.

  152. where is the epsoide 8?

  153. I’m sorry to ask because I really don’t want it to be true, but have you dropped this lackorn from subbing?

    1. I’m still working on this lakorn. I’ve just been busy for the past weeks. But I’ll definitely finish this project soon.

      1. ninjakkn, I love you dearly for subbing this. But you are killing me because i’m so greedy.
        can’t wait. Thanks so much.

      2. Look forward to your publication of ep 9 & rest soon. Pls don’t torture us too long. Out of town for more than a week. Really disappointed not to see any new addition to ep. 8. Thank you subbing this Drama.

      3. Yay can’t wait for the finished result, and thank you for all of your hard work 🙂

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        Thanks for upload this lakorn 😊, I hope you can translate till ep.16,I can be patient, I’m fans Thai lakorn from Indonesia, kap Koontz krub

      5. Kun Ninjakkn, more than two weeks have gone since we last heard from you.
        We are all still waiting anxiously for Eng sub to episodes 9 -16.
        Hope Ep 9 will be published any time now.
        Thank you for your time in subbing this well-received drama.

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    Awesome!!!! Thank you so much ninjakkn, I really appreciate it!

  155. Thank you Kun Ninjakkn. Real glad to have your assurance that
    Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad will be completed with Eng sub soon.
    I know it’s just a lakorn but I can’t help being proud of a character like Chichaba,
    always dignified in whatever position she is placed.
    Not only a strong character but one with a big heart too.

    Look forward to your early completion of the project soon. Many thanks again.

  156. Cristina N Santos · · Reply

    Enas Isaac and Fujia69 thank you for sharing the site. The ending is too fast for me. I wished they extended it a little bit more. I love the story and the whole cast esp Patawee and Chitchaba. Thank you Ninjakkn for the English sub. Looking forward to ep 9 and the rest then I would really understand it.

  157. Awesome ninjakkn, thank you for episode 8-
    Happy day! Happy time! Happy life!

  158. Thank you for the subs. Meanwhile found a new lakorn to watch on yr site..
    Thanks again.

  159. thank you sooo much for your hard work! i have watched it till episode 8! the videos are clear and the hard sub are even better! i enjoyed every episode.however, just want to know if you will complete these. i like your works it seems professional and talented and the time u spent in doing this project is unbelievable i imagine.if only i can help,but im not thai so all i can do s watch.ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU and pls continue to finish till the end (as koreans love to say) FIGHTING!!

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    thank you how can i take the sub file to translate it english – arabic

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    Thank you for the subtitles ninjakkn, you’re doing a magnificent job here! I love your blog and I really appreciate your effort.
    Now, I don’t want to sound desperate or impatient but, could anyone tell me in broad terms what was said when Chitchiba hugged Wee in bed, or what was said between them in the hospital and at the end, in France?I know it is too much but anything will help, just a clue will be enough in the meanwhile. Did they just decide to forgive and forget? Just let everything go and start anew, no hard feelings?

  162. mawar · · Reply

    thank you for your superb job! i’m sorry if it was mentioned before. but how many eps this lakorn had? thank you

  163. 16 episodes and its already finished

  164. Cristina N Santos · · Reply

    Ninjakkn, how are you? I hope everything is alright with you. Are you still subbing the rest of the episodes? I hope you still are. Thank you for doing this. The non -Thai speaking people are really grateful and looking forward to watch the rest of the episodes.

  165. Look forward to your publication of ep 9 & rest soon. Pls don’t torture us too long. Out of town for more than a week. Really disappointed not to see any new addition to ep. 8. Thank you subbing this Drama.

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    Please continue subbing and thanks for the hard work

  167. Hiiiiiiii Ninjakkn! I am one of your devoted fan and grateful subscriber. I appreciate your work as you bring this wonderful drama to communication for us none Thai speakers. I have been checking in since early May for episode 8. Just wanted to know when are you planning on dropping the new episode? Thank you sincerely.

  168. Hi, are you still continue to sub this lakorn even though the show was over?? Please can you continue to sub this lakron for all the episodes. Thank you.

  169. Dionne · · Reply

    Will you continue doing English Sub’s for this drama?

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    Hey ninjakkn thank you for subb msrfs please finish it subtitle msrfs

  171. Kun Ninjakkn, we have waited a long time now for ep 9. Thank you for generously
    offer to sub this Drama for non-thai speaking fans but please don’t keep us hanging

    It’s disappointing & disheartening to login day after day & week after week for
    new releases and not finding any.

    Understand you are doing the job honorary but it’s hard to hold for too long.
    Please advise when you will be publishing episode 9 & the rest.

  172. Brenda · · Reply

    Thank you for the english subbing this lakorn. I hope that real soon the rest of the episodes will be finished. I will keep checking in each week. I have an idea of what they are saying in the remaining episodes, but to know for sure would be so much better. I hope everything is alright with you. Again thanks for the subbing.

  173. Anonymous · · Reply

    do you know when you’ll have the remaining episodes up?

  174. Anonymous · · Reply

    I don’t think that she is going to do the English sub for the remaining of the episodes on this drama anymore.

  175. Agreed with you, Anonymous-June 17. Indeed wasting our time checking
    day in day out. I have requested English subbing from another source.
    Expected to be out by month end. Hope it will happen.

    Sorry to say it here, but very disappointed with Kun Ninjakkn for not
    caring enough to give an indication when she is publishing Episode 9/
    whether she is continuing with the subbing.
    Surely it’s not too much to expect courtesy reply from her after clicking
    numerously time to greatly increase her “viewers” numbers
    @ dailymotions/ninjakkn website.

  176. amèle · · Reply

    Bonjour ninjakkn,
    j’aime votre travail et votre dévouement pour les sous titres.
    Je suis sourde et non thaï aussi vous me rendez un très grand serviçe.
    Je patiente en attendant le reste des épisodes en allant tous les jours sur votre site, et je suis désolé de voir que des gens ne savent pas que vous faites un geste du çoeur gratuit et non pour attirer plus de gens sur votre site !!!
    Moi je reste fidèle à votre site ! Et que dieu vous garde vous et votre famille. Love

  177. Amele..I got Google to translate your message. I sincerely hope you are right.
    I want to believe that too. However, to me though a job is done voluntarily at no cost,
    courtesy reply to repeated request is not too much to expect.
    We chose to do a job honorarily on our own accord, out of our goodness.
    Surely this goodness is extended to the followings too. All I expect is only a short
    reply to my enquiry. Even if Kun Ninjakkn has no time or face difficulties, just a short reply
    will do. We would have understood the situation. It’s certainly not nice to be ignored.

    1. Bonjour lyn184,
      Mon but était de rendre hommage au boulot énorme que fait Ninjakkn.
      Pour moi sourde ç’est un très beau geste. quand quelqu’un ne répond pas ç’est qu’il est oççupé ailleurs. Nous avons tous une vie qui dit vite vite vite toujours, alors il faut trouver le temps pour tout et définir les priorités .
      Nijakkn a promis la suite alors patientons ensemble et faisons lui çonfiançe en souriant !


  178. lynl84 June 17, 2015 where can we expect to watch from other source?

  179. Anonymous · · Reply

    Ghew, will let you know when the site is up.
    It’s newly proposed and launch of site is scheduled end of the month.
    Non-thai speaking fans have been invited to join couple of months ago.
    My email is
    More proper to do it privately via our own email.

  180. Salut Amele, étreintes et baisers à vous aussi.
    Bonne attente. Santé

  181. natasha · · Reply

    What is happening, why no any replays from Ninjakkn, as I know she promised to finish it, but she totally ignores us. I know, this is a hard and unpaid work but at least she may let us know if she decided to give up on this project. Please Ninjakkn if you read our messages, just let us know which is the status of this project, would it be translated further or it is already dropped out? Thanks a lot!

  182. Anonymous · · Reply

    Continue subbing

  183. Ninjakkn please come back!! We are waiting for you.

  184. PLS when will you upload the others eps

  185. Imaanjel · · Reply

    Ninjakkn, I don’t know why you suddenly stop subbing, but I truly hope you are in good health. I also understand that reading some of the comments can put you in a bad mood. Please keep your head up and take comfort knowing that your work is appreciated.

  186. Ninjakkn, are you health? Are you safe?
    I hope, wish and pray that you are.
    Be happy, we are with you.
    Have a good day.
    Your Fan.

  187. anywhere else to watch this Drama?

  188. Natasha · · Reply

    dear viewers of this Thai series, let’s try to find another site that would be able to continue subbing. Do you have any ideas regarding this issue? Please share your thoughts. Hopefully Ninjankkn is fine, but it seems that she will not finish the subbing!

  189. I do not want to find another site fot this Lakorn! I’ve faith on Ninjakkn, she said she will do till the end; I’m sure she will do it.
    I think she must have some issue, but I’ll wait.
    I don’t die if I wait a little longer.
    I’ve ever been a faithful person, I’ll be faithful till the last end.
    Fighting Ninjakkn… On your side forever.
    Have a safe and happy time.

    1. natasha · · Reply

      Don’t get me wrong, but Ninjakkn hasn’t made her appearance over here for months, she may at least let us know somehow if she is busy or she is ill, but in case when her last appearance was some months ago, what should we wait? I am sorry if something happened to her, but I wish I could watch this series till the end. Yes, she made a promise to continue subbing, but it was so long ago, I believe that we shall find a solution. I wish her just the best!

      1. ‘Maybe’ why the english is not my mother language, I have not right understand what you intend, but how I say, trust and faith are a giving…
        and if I give mine to someone, is forever.
        Have a nice time.
        Happy life.

  190. Amèle · · Reply

    Salut à tous les impatients ! (comme moi !!)
    parfois l’attente est merveilleuse comme un cadeau tant attendu !
    Disons Noel ou un anniversaire et le plaisir de découvrir !
    Quelle merveille !!
    je souhaite juste que ninjakkn vas bien !
    Et gros bisous et bonne santé à elle et à vous tous, surtout toi lyn184 !

  191. Charl · · Reply

    This lakorn is slated to be subbed by a new website coming soon. The facebook page is go like to support

    1. natasha · · Reply

      Thanks a lot for letting us know! This is a great news!

  192. Anonymous · · Reply

    Mes chers Amele..I saluent votre gentillesse et de patience .
    Je vous et Kun Ninjakkn souhaite une bonne santé et de bonheur.
    Je crois toujours que si elle nous aime comme ses partisans,
    elle doit nous informer de l’état au lieu de nous laisser attendre indéfiniment .

  193. Anonymous · · Reply

    Please when will you continue with this drama I have been waiting since March

  194. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  195. natasha · · Reply

    Dear all, Please don’t get me wrong but it seems that there is no chances for this series to be translated in here. We have been waiting since March, there is no any room for hopes! I am sorry to say this but this is the reality!

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      did you find the rest of the series translated to ENG on any other site ? if yes please share the link

      1. many more episodes are already posted

  196. Hi there. I just read a comment that you are still working on this lakorn. I will wait to see it and wanted to give you my thanks and appreciation!

  197. Pleaseeeeeeee, were can i see the episodes 9 tm 16 with englisch sub. I am waiting for so long but can not found iT anywhere

  198. Anonymous · · Reply

    Go like their facebook page and get more updates of Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad Eng Sub

  199. hello ninjakkn… How have you been? It’s been months since you updated your blog… Are you alright? Hope your doing well… By the way thanks for subbing this lakorn though you weren’t able to finish this i’m still thankful for your time and effort… subbing a series wasn’t an easy task yet you do it for free…

    Thank you a lot… Hopefully your alright…

  200. can anyone tell me who the female singer is in episode 4? what is the name off that song???
    Ninjakkn can you please tell us when you all the subtitles go finish?

  201. English Subtitles Episode 9 onwards can be viewed at http://www.facebook/keyhuidotcom.

  202. thank you very much Lynl!

  203. Another great Thai drama is being posted and translated to English by Thippy on Daily Motion.

  204. Hello ninjakkn, I hope to see you again.
    I’m waiting your comeback!
    Have a great day and a wonderful life.

  205. Christine · · Reply

    When do you want to upload next episodes?

    1. English Subtitles Episode 9 onwards can be viewed at http://www.facebook/keyhuidotcom.

    2. English Subtitles Episode 9 onwards can be viewed at http://www.facebook/

  206. Anonymous · · Reply

    the reason why she quit is because someone has been stealing hers work without credit her so she will not come back in a long time

    1. I don’t blamed her if that was the case, I stopped subbing because of that reason too.

      Wishing you well Ninja. None the less, miss your works. Come back whenever you’re ready and happy again.

  207. How hare you dear ninjakkn?
    Miss you and your work.
    God bless you.
    Wish you a very special Sunday.

  208. Please continue Subbing. Thanks for the work.

  209. Stephanie · · Reply

    Please upload episodes 9 through 16 with eng subs…I really have enjoyed watching this drama so far.

  210. Anonymous · · Reply

    wat happen to ep. 9-16?

  211. HAPPY NEW YEAR ninjakkn!
    Have a nice time.
    Your fan!

  212. Will you ever complete this lakorn with english subtitles? I have waited so long for it to happen.

  213. christina basha · · Reply

    If anyone found the remaining of this series subtitled can you please share the link with me ?

  214. can you please just sub the last episode

  215. Hii, anyone know where to watch 9-16 episodes with Eng subtitle? Please ninjakkn, continue to sub this drama.

  216. hi im fan of this lakorn. can you continue sub this lakorn..i try to find this lakorn everywhere but cant be found.. i really appreciate ur hardwork on subbing lakorn. thank you~

  217. It seem like this site was death for a long time. No one answered to your called anymore, friends!!

  218. Love this lakorn

  219. Belinda · · Reply

    I need to watch the rest in eng sub please…😢😢😢

  220. Anonymous · · Reply

    thank you for your hardwork. pls cont to sub in eng plssssssss… you….susu na….

  221. Sierra · · Reply

    Please continue the english subtitling of this lakorn. I’ve been waiting to watch it since I first heard about it.

  222. please continue for episode 9-16. I could not find anywhere 😦 😦

  223. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you for subbing ep 1-8 ! it’ll be great if it could be completed… seems like there’s no one else subbing it 😦

  224. Malakhann · · Reply

    Please finsh the English subtitel I have being wait for Thankz for you hard work big fan..😍😍

  225. What happened to all the videos??

  226. When can you sub ep9 up?

  227. SHARIPAH SALAMIAH · · Reply

    Please complete the english subbed of this drama. Or how can I purchase the drama with engsub?

  228. Jenny bui · · Reply

    Can you sub the rest episodes 9-16 please

  229. Anonymous · · Reply

    Anyone know where to finish watching ep 9-16 with English sub? :/ it was getting so good!

  230. Where’s the other subtitles for 9-16 I need then ASAP. I love this drana. Need English subtitles

  231. Please can you complete subbing this drama??

  232. Evangelist Brenda Spralls · · Reply

    We have been asking since 2015 for the english subbing of this drama . . . can you tell us why you have decided not continue with subbing of this particular lakorn?

  233. Just in case you still read comments here . . .

    I know how annoying it must be for people to put demands on you to finish subbing this, especially if your work was ripped off, and you weren’t credited for it. Wow, I wish that hadn’t happened because so many people are stuck half way with this drama which they can only finish if they watch the last 8 episodes raw.

    There will be literally hundreds of people who will be grateful to you if you ever decide to finish subbing this, me included, but in case you don’t ever change your mind, I wanted to thank you for subbing the first half anyway.

  234. Please please complete subbing

  235. Thank you for hard work. Can continue subbing this? keyhui not accessible even thru fb.

  236. Heloooo where is the rest of episodes 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  237. Anonymous · · Reply

    Where is the ep09

  238. please continue for episode 9-16. I could not find anywhere

  239. Where are the rest of the episodes??
    Wanna watch!

  240. nana deewi · · Reply

    Thank you for uploading this drama but can I ask your kindness to upload all the episodes 🙂 thank you in advance ^^

  241. episode 9 to 16 please

  242. Anonymous · · Reply

    will you EVER finish this?

  243. Episode 4 is not working

  244. sam18974 · · Reply

    the link for episode 4 is not working anymore, can you reupload this episode if you always have it ?

  245. Can u pls send a link to episode 8 with english subtitles? I can’t open the mp4 file listed on this site.

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