Chat Pariyachat
Chat Is Not Worry About Love-page-001
Chat Is Not Worry About Love-page-002
Chat Is Not Worry About Love-page-003

Min Pechaya
Min Is Enchanted By Weir-1
P.S. Min is deep in her imagination so am I when I read this. ^_^

Mai Davika
Mai Imagine Seeing P-page-001
P.S. Mai and her smart ass answer. I don’t want to see Ae Supachai in any type of sexiness. My poor eyes won’t be able to handle it. Lol

Bo Thunyasupan and Pae Arak
Pae-Bo - Inseparable Friends-page-001
P.S. You’re a toy for the pretty ladies…good to know Pae. Ever think of going for someone beyond their look? As for Bo, she’s too cute for words and yes I’m biased. Hehe

Chat Pariyachat and Porshe Saran
Porshe-Chat Wage A War-1
P.S. Porshe and his stinky feet…ewww.

Baifern Pimchanok and Thanwa Suriyajak
Thanwa Is Happy With Baifern-page-001

Sammie Bunthita
Sammie So Crazy About Lee Min Ho-page-001

Weir Sukollawat
The Life of Weir on the Day He Lacks Pancake-page-001



  1. I love Mai’s answers, lol, they were cute.

  2. Hahahaha min so funny about her hia…

  3. naimee02 · · Reply

    ahah…these were funny to read especially Min and Porshe ;D and then there’s Weir’s, very sad to read ;/ but thanks for these additional interviews Ninja ;D

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    I love min’s answers,lol….

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