Lakorn Summaries

Fah Jarod Sai
Fah Jarod Sai-page-001
Fah Jarod Sai-page-002
Fah Jarod Sai-page-003

Maya See Mook
Maya See Mook-page-001
Maya See Mook-page-002



  1. Did this lakorn already air?

    1. Not yet but it’s airing soon in the next slot I believe. I am hoping it will get the weekends slot after RLSL.

  2. Kaoying · · Reply

    Can’t wait until this air to see how well it goes… EXCITED!!!!

  3. Hello ninjakkn !! May I know what website I can wacth this lakorn? Could you please guide me ? Anyway, Thank you so much for your information. Take care and have a wonderful week-end !!

  4. Thank you for sharing and advising !! I really appreciate.

  5. Baobai Vie · · Reply

    Wow. I really Liked how you Summed The Whole series up. Thanks Alot I really wanted to know the Summary of this but couldnt Find it.

  6. IheartShareef! · · Reply

    Hello! Just wanted to make a clairification about the storyline of Fah Jarod Sai. Michele’s heritage is NOT half French half Middle Eastern. She is half French half “Asian.” The author does not specify what country her mother is from, but says that she is from Asia. Michele’s ONLY connection to the Middle East is through her best friend, Kashfiya. I have this information on good authority and can guarantee 100% that this IS the story line that Michele is half French, half Asian. Her father’s family did not accept her because she is bi-racial.

  7. Hello Ninja lakorn you can do this for me I really want to see and want to know more you can do than

    Please !!

    1. A team at viki is already working on it. Here’s the link.

      1. Thank you but I have seen quite long so I can not wait to wait to have nominated you do 55555

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