Weir & Aum – CH.7HD Festival in Hatyai

Hatyai gave Weir and Aum, the two CH.7HD ambassadors a warm welcome. Continuing from the success of last year, CH.7 still carry on with promotional events in major provinces throughout Thailand to introduce their new digital channel, CH.7HD. There are more events coming up soon as well. CH.7 is really spending a lot of money on promoting CH.7HD and they’re the only channel doing events like this throughout the country.

Graph from Nielsen comparing the changes from last year to this year in term of rating for each channel in the digital age. CH.7 is still on top but the scariest channel is Workpoint who roses quickly to top 3 and is only -1.3 behind CH.3. CH.7 lost of 7.67% from last year to this year is not bad considering the grown of many new digital channels like Workpoint, OneHD, and etc. The same can’t be said about CH.5 who did the worst with a lost of 59.5%. However, it’s understandable since Exact moved to OneHD. The new TV fight in the digital age is fierce and the number of people watching digital TV is now at 14.5 million. Credit member at pantip for this graph.

Warm crowd for Aum and Weir.









Credit Pictures: BBTV CH7, Central Festival Hatyai, and Pantip



  1. It’s good ch.7 is still on top.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yes it is good new ch7 is still on the top. Love weir very much!!!!!!

  3. See those pictures above, make me miss Weir and Aum in Praao. They look so hot in this event.

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