Lakorn: Roy Lae Sanae Laung
Producer: DaraVDO Production 2013
Genre: Romantic Drama/Slap Kiss
Total Episodes: 18


Sukollawat Kanarot (Weir) as Krao
Davika Hornes (Mai) as Anuch (Nuch)
Nattawat Plengsiriwat (Chane) as Asit (Sit)
Pasaraporn Khonkhamhaeng (Tuinui) as Orracha (Orn)
Thanyakan Thanakitananon (Yok) as Lalita
Watcharabul Leesuwan (Note) as Pharop
Weeradon Wangcharoenphon (Mac) as Chaithong
Hana Lewis as Tarin (Rin)
Athichanan Srisevok (Ice) as Korawik Patcharakun (Nok)


A businessman charms his way into his enemy family to avenge for his parents.

Take Home Messages:

1.) Love is bound to win because it always does and the writer said so.
2.) Justice for one’s parents can be fulfilled by injustices because according to the unreasonable knucklehead named Krao Supagan the crime of a parent is also the crime of the children.
3.) Don’t be stupid or else you will lose everything you own including your ability to walk.
4.) The best way to invite intruders into your house is to leave the gate wide opened.
5.) Seeing through the person who tried to kill you multiple times is too much for one’s brain to comprehend, even for a very intelligent person like Anuch.

Main Characters Analysis:

Krao – There more than one side to everyone, not that we’re all clinically bipoloar but we all possess a wide range of emotions and complexities, it all depend on which side we want to display and who we want to display it to. In the beginning, Krao is playful and seemed to have a conscience and is quite nice until vengeance totally blind him. He seeks revenge on the children of his enemy despite countless times he has been told by his uncle that the children are not responsible for their parents’ sins and wrongdoings. However like a crazy lunatic he doesn’t listen. He uses Anuch’s family and the debt to blackmail her into marrying and living with him. He also keeps telling his uncle that the images of his mom dying are still vivid in his mind. The viewers have very clear images of his mom as well SINCE THEY WON’T STOP REPLAYING THAT SCENE. In my head I just want to tell Krao, if that’s the case then seek some counseling instead of letting the past haunt you idiot.

Clearly, Krao is a psychopath in here. I can’t stand his righteous, especially when he tells Nuch, she can’t fight evil by doing evil. Well that’s very rich coming from the guy, I am a victim and you guys are the victimizers therefore I have every right do evil and inflict pain upon those who hurt me. But you guys have no right to deny your wrongdoing and revengeful debt, even if you didn’t commit it, the action of a father is also the action of his children. Early on, he did feel somewhat sorry for the family and his hate and love contradictions for Anuch kinda tame him a little. He asks for a hug from her when he’s about to take his revenge into effect like a kid because he know his action would hurt her. But then he suppresses his conscience and love and run wild like a chicken in the farm.

After successfully getting everything he wanted the guy loses his morality, guilty conscience and brain. His character is so poorly written it makes me one to puke. Usually a spiteful character will change after being in love but this man fall for his woman at first sight, always asking himself if he’s doing the right thing, but then gradually his character got worse and worse. It is like having a spiteful lunatic on the loose. His treatment of her at the farm is beyond reasonable, but we’re makes to believe that he treats her badly because he doesn’t want to lose her. He chains her up out of love? Puke. The only reason he kick her out of the farm is because he pities her after Lita tried to kill her, not because he feel remorseful for his action. He didn’t even feel remorseful seeing Sit put a gun to his head to try to end everything for once and all. I wonder if Sit really died, would it get through his head that the children are innocent, they are products of their parents but they are not their parents. But judging from his deteriorating logic I doubt it.

And even toward the end he still didn’t understand how wrong his actions are –the reason he purchased the house back for the family is because he’s afraid Anuch will hate him not because he has acknowledged his mistake. And taking 500 million bahts from his company to cover the damage of Rattanakit, coming from a supposed smart and talented businessman, it’s brainless and doesn’t show his remorse at all. That 500 million check is stupid because 1.) He’s stealing from the company, 2.) The shareholders will never agree to that, 3.) To help a few people he is willing to sacrifice the entire company and his employees, 4.) That makes him a selfish knucklehead. He’s a stubborn spiteful idiot that doesn’t know how to apologize and have little regards for how others may have felt. I can go and on about how much I hate this man. But enough said he’s an unethical, clinically bipolar, stubborn, spiteful psychopath who lacks a guilty conscience. Just protecting the woman he loves is not an admirable trait because he lacks consideration for the people she loves. And I don’t understand how someone who questions himself in the beginning could put a gear into scheme and pretty much jump over the cliff with it.

Anuch – She is supposed to be smart, cheerful, weak on the outside but strong on the inside. But as the storyline progresses she is actually weak and stupid. How stupid is she? Well, no smart person would crash her car and instead of walking back to the highway to seek help she walks into the woods. Why? I guess the stupid woman think going through the woods might lead her back to the farm. Her stupidity only get worse episode after episode, I guess Krao’s stupidity somehow got transferred over to her like a bad contagious disease. And she also has an annoying martyr complex, not an admirable one either. She wants to protect her siblings therefore she let Krao blackmails her but yet she hardly stand up to protect them from his verbal assaults. She’s such a weakling and always a victim because she chooses to be.

I don’t understand how many times someone has to attempt to kill one for one to understand true nature of that person. As stupid of a murderer Lita is but compare to Nuch she is still smarter. But in term of shamefulness, she and Lita are not that different but Lita has the edge since she’s pinning for a man that never love or once care for her. Nuch constantly cries to leave the farm but then when given the chance she doesn’t take it. She refuses until Pa has no choice but to call her sister to pick her up. She also disgraces herself by sleeping with a man who a few days chained her up and almost got her killed. So much for a woman who loves to claim how honorable and full of pride she is. But how graceful can Anuch be when she practically married a man like Krao for money?

And once she’s back home with her family, Krao comes running for her and she leaves with him easily and let him insult her friend, Chaithong and sibling without saying utterly a word. Clearly she’s not worry for her siblings’ emotional well-beings but only for their physical beings. Krao buttering her up after bringing her back is a great puke inducer. And then she run off to Krao’s side after Chaithong sent men to beat him up and tries to protect him from her brother later on as if Krao is this innocent and pitiful character while her brother and Chaithong are the bad guys. The only bad thing about these men is that they are protecting the wrong woman, someone who is unappreciative of their actions. Her brain is wired incorrectly somewhere. I know she is stupid but didn’t think she would be unreasonable as well. I absolutely abhor her stupidity and weakness. She is a very easy character to hate, second on my hate list after Krao.

Asit – He’s talentless businessman who makes bad decision, although he tried his best. He’s protective of his sisters and loves them but is too stupid to challenge an even dumber person than him like Krao. He’s able to forgive and trust the person he loves like Lita again despite what happened at the wedding; clearly he’s a better person than Krao. He is willing to forgive and let everything be bygones for the happiness of the people he loves, “I am doing everything for the person I love.”

Lalita – She’s a gold-digger, marrying Asit was her way of mobilizing herself. Lita is selfish but it’s unfair to blame everything on her because if Krao didn’t use her to revenge the Vichawayt she probably would have never come up with the plan on her own. If anything Krao should take responsibility for her demises. She probably wouldn’t hurt Asit by taking everything he own if Krao didn’t come into their life. For a selfish woman like Lita, if her husband goes bankrupt the most she would do is probably move on and find another rich man to support her.

Orn – Like Lita said Orn is Miss Innocent. Her life prior to Krao seemed to be in a bubble. Krao comes in and challenges her and that draws her into him. I can see why Asit, Orn, and Anuch are related, they all share the same stupidity genes. The fact that Orn can understand Krao but not Pharop is very conflicting. How can you see through someone giving you hate but not someone giving you love? And worse than that Pharop is such an obvious person while Krao is very enigmatic so that doesn’t make any sense, her smart intuitive is very selective.

Pharop – The most likeable character in here and he’s the smartest as well although he can be goofy at times. He’s reasonable, warm, funny, caring, supportive, loving, friendly, and genuinely a nice person. He is like a knight in shining armor for Orn, always stepping in at the right moments and giving supports when needed at the right times.

Tarin – She’s a brat probably because of the way she was raised. Tarin is in love with Chaithong since they were young. She is not good at controlling her emotions and can be somewhat unreasonable in the beginning. However, the annoying shadow of P’Chaithong did come around. She is the most likeable character toward the end, a character that changes for the better unlike the others characters and their gradual negative downfalls.

Chaithong – He is very protective, caring, and a good friend for Anuch. But he’s very irritating with his love for Anuch who has never once loved him. Plus she is also a bad friend. I would never befriend someone like Anuch, she doesn’t value friendship enough to stand up for her friend. Never once did this woman stop Krao from insulting her friend. She also let Krao insults her family by just standing there, different from Chaithong, who is protective of the people he loves and cares about.

Nok – She is supposed to be a cheerful, optimistic girl, and innocent. However, Nok did a backflip and literally change into a new person overnight. Regardless of whether she feels betrayed by her friend or not, she should know best what type of person her best friend is – that many years of living together abroad taught her nothing about her friend at all? And regarding her comment that if she learns that her Uncle Krao is bad person she wouldn’t trust any man again, well she went out of character, after knowing the truth she still side with him.


This lakorn is one of the craziest drama I’ve ever watched and is the stupidest project that I’ve ever taken on. Sorry for those who like it but it’s unbearable to me. It’s beyond me, how I can finish subbing the entire lakorn. Blame it on my parents for blessing me with patience, stubborn, and great endurance. Many times I wanted to give up but then I forged on because I am crazy like that. The writing is bad, stupid, so stupid that putting it all in words would have killed too many of my brain cells. The dialogues are repetitive and not well written. The cheesy dialogues between the leads are great puke inducer, no wonder Mai was able to lose weight effortlessly. And it’s crazy how certain characters can show up and meet each other at the oddest place.

The many attempts of the scriptwriter to excuse Krao for his action are very pathetic. If the viewers are going to sympathize with the character, the excuse does not have to be repeated multiple times via other characters, Krao imprisoned you and chained you up because he love you. Krao sold your family’s company giving every penny to Lita including your family’s home because he loves you so, so, so much that he disregarded your feeling. He did everything because he’s spiteful that Anuch’s parents hurt his parents, blah, blah, blah – I just want to say shut the hell up. Krao did it because he’s an unreasonable psychopath who refused to seek psychiatric help to cure his mental illness and wishy washy state of mind. And his uncle is no better than him; Pa is an enabler for letting everything happens. And after the siblings ask for forgiven from Krao’s parents, the only that need to be settled according to him is the divorce, not Krao apologizing to Sit, Orn, or Nuch for making them his victims. Obviously, this lakorn is the writer’s love letter to Krao, the moral of the writer is too wired in La La La Land that it doesn’t reflect reality. But then again many Thai lakorns with revenge plot are like that. Although revenge plot is not my cup of tea but I can enjoy one if it’s well written.

Krao makes Asit into a saint. Asit is able to forgive him easily for the happiness of his sister. He loves his sister enough to let things go but the same can’t be said about Krao. I don’t sympathize with his character nor do I think he fully redeems himself. Lita and Chert got their punishment by going to jail. What about Krao? His punishment is getting with the woman he claims to love and hate. I guess embezzlement is not a serious crime to the scriptwriter. Lita didn’t do everything on her own she had help from Krao therefore he should bear some responsibility for destroying Rattanakit. And how can anyone sympathize with someone who not only can’t speak the truth but also can’t apologize? He apologizes to Nuch at the end just to get with her but never once did he apologize to Asit who lost his wife, company, and his ability to walk directly and indirectly because of Krao. And the conversation with his uncle about finally realizing his mistake and wrongdoing didn’t garner any sympathy from me either. How can someone do all that and in the end blamed it in a lapse of judgment? Does he not feel anything while going through with his plan of selling Rattanakit? Krao doesn’t deserve sympathy because he lacks moral, conscience, and so much more. Khun Yai from Pin Anong came back to the farm to take revenge on his step-mom yet he has enough moral and conscience not to harm his step-mom’s children because they have nothing to do with her action. That’s the big difference between Khun Yai and Krao, one is reasonable, while the other is an unreasonable vindictive idiot.

And the writing has so many holes that if I were to pull my hair every time I notice it, I would have patches of baldness on my head by now. For example, after Nuch married Krao, she and Orn are at odd. But then all of sudden they work together to investigate Krao. They never discuss that matter and never clear it with each other. Same goes for other issues that the characters refuse to talk it over and settle with each other. It’s laughable that Orn after slapping Nok for insulting her sister would all of a sudden act like nothing has happened once she sees Nok coming to visit Anuch at the hospital. The worst thing of all about the writing of this lakorn is the inconsistency of the characters. I can tolerate characters being stupid at some instances but many of the characters in here are beyond stupid – they’re insane and their actions have mental institutions calling for their names especially Krao, who easily goes from two extreme ends of the spectrum, emotionally and physically.

Acting & Directing & Editing:

The acting is not great but it is excusable since there are many new actors in here. However, I am disappointed by Weir the most. He’s good actor but he’s very inconsistent in here. Weir acts as if he was forced to love Anuch, the playful scenes between the main characters lack chemistry. He is just not into his role as Krao, well, I can’t really blame Weir as much since I don’t think the director gave him a good interpretation of his character. Mai is not at her best either; she has many moments of overacting and underacting as well. All the actors in this drama tried their best to act and that’s what came across on screen, actors trying to act.

The directing for this lakorn is also bad. There are so many scenes that are film from very bad angles. Even the ending scene is terrible – the camera shot Krao and Anuch from afar rather than focusing on their emotions up close. And there are many scenes where the camera pans away from the characters too quick, make it hard for the viewers to move along with the emotions of the characters. It makes one wonders if the director is filming this drama using only one camera, in group scenes the camera rarely catches the emotion of all the characters involved, one character shine while the others just fade into the background. Especially Mai, who just stand there like a tree in the background, a pretty tree yes but nevertheless she is just a tree. The director failed to capture the actor expressions at the right time and with the right expressions.

And the editing, my goodness, where should I start? I feel as if I’m watching a bad video that is being edited by youtubers. Even some youtubers are better in editing than the team editing this lakorn. They screw up the wedding big time, it’s inexcusable. And the many obvious attempts of putting all the scenes of a particular character together is atrocious, by doing that the lakorn lacks fluidity and smooth transition from the scenes of one character to the next. For example, in one episode everything is all at the farm then they switch it up by going to Asit in the bathroom trying to stand up then back to the farm again for the rest of the episode – like really, no one at the editing team think that it doesn’t makes any sense? You thought they would fix the editing after so many fans have complained but nope the finale episode is still the same. How can you go from Krao helping Anuch from the bad guy at night then come back after the commercial break to Orn and Pharop at the temple in the morning? And I can go on about how horrible the editing is in the other episodes as well but I’ll move on to the background music. How freaking loud can it be? I can hardly hear the actors’ voices because the music is so loud, very annoying. They have the worst background music and throughout the lakorn the music is played during the moment that it shouldn’t be played.

Conclusion & Rating:

In conclusion, the writing is bad, the directing is immature, and the editing team needs to be fired. Enough said my rating for this lakorn is a generous 2.7. As for the production effort I give DaraVDO a D-. I suggest they take cues from other good productions and improve their work or else the oldest and once most respected lakorn production in Thailand will be driven to the ground and people will forget that once upon a time they did produce some great lakorns.



  1. Sunny · · Reply

    TL;DR – for now but I will when I’m bored, it just boogers my mind you watched this fully, subbed it and wrote long reviews for it. But props and claps, pat on the back, you really went through the torturing 😮

  2. I kind of stop watching it after ep. 15. It was starting to drag and has gotten really boring. I also thought it was a bad director and producer because I started to watch the last episode and the ending sucked big time. The camera angle and the hugging from behind thing lacks a lot of affection. To me, it seems like they rushed the ending.

  3. jamieguo48 · · Reply

    Hi Ninjakkn, great review! this really convinced me I don’t want to watch it, so thanks for saving me from wasting my time.

    Could you do a rating page of some of the lakorns you’ve watched? I think we’d probably have similar views and I would love to see some recommendations on what to watch. Is Bodyguard Sao or Maya See Mook (i’ve watched some of MSM and I’m not sure if I want to continue or not) any good?

    Anyway, thanks for the review.

  4. I watched it for Weir, just for him.

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