Peuan Paeng Coming in May + Teaser

Get your tissues ready for the tragic love of P’Lor and E’Paeng for Peuan Paeng is set to air on May 12th after Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad. Credit Posters to Pordeecom Offical FB:

My love is like a rice seed. Put in the ground and it will only sprout and grow into a grain of paddy. The entire rice field, how many rice seeds are counted, it’s still less than what I have for Mae Peuan.

Order from heaven or destiny that draw a line for you and her to hate each other.

Being able to kiss the hand or even the feet, if it’s Mae Peuan, I can kiss everything.

I am E-Paeng. I will never be lofty above others.

Am I wrong for being a flower? So beautiful that male bumblebees swarm around me.



  1. Oh my God, is a sad story. I hope will have a happy ending, I don’l like sad ending.
    Thank you ninjakkn for this news.
    Have a good day.

  2. Nice to see you back at it Ninja. I greatly appreciate your hard work.

  3. I’m ready to cry. I know that it’s going to be super sad, but still want to see it. Really happy to see Weir back on screen. Can’t wait.

  4. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Already Really for it or already lost some tears for it, I know myself, I will cry so much watching this Lakorn for sure maybe not just tear drop only but I’ll cry out aloud for every epi 😭😭😭😭😭 call me crazy, 😭 I can’t stand for the end it’s hurt too much kill me first before u follow Epaeng,p’lor. Even now I still wish they change it

  5. Vinitapak · · Reply

    I know it is going to be upset but I still want to watch, love weir very much!!!! He look very handsome and cute. He is the best actor. When I watch this lakorn I still miss min very much, I only hope weir and min will play next lakorn…….

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    Its a very very good and interesting drama but very sad ending but still worth to watch and Weir looks very good in this drama

  7. Do you know where I can watch this with English subtitles?

  8. yanaweir · · Reply

    hoping for ninjaknn to sub this lakorn…huhuhu

  9. It would be a dream come true if you do sub Peuan Peang. I have watched a couple clips of this Lakers and cannot wait until it’s been subbed. Your subs are top tier so I hope you will if you have time. I started watching MSFRS but you stopped midway… I hope you finish others before you start another project though. I loved Morrasoon Sawat so it’s ok! I hope you come back with more gems to share with us!!

    P.s. The mv subtitle for the OST of PP got me really hyped up for it so I’m crossing my fingers for this one!!
    Also, this person made me even more hyped up for it… And also got me into MSRFS in a previous video: achimay14

    Here’s a link to the video:

    Thank you for your hard work!! I hope everything is going well for you.

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

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  11. Anonymous · · Reply

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