La Ruk Sut Kop Fah [English Subbed]


La Ruk Sut Kop Fah (Chasing Love to the Final Horizon) 2014
Airdate: July 28, 2014 (Confirmed by PR-CH7 (CH.7 Official PR Page)
Summary (Warning: Contain Spoiler)
Behind the Scene Updates
Streaming Playlist:

La Ruk Sut Kop Fah OST
Rating (Analog CH.7 only): Epi.1 = 9.6, Epi.2 = 10.5, Ep.3 = 8.5, Ep.4 = 9.6, Ep.5 = 10.1, Ep.6 = 9.2

P.S. My video has been blocked at youtube. So please come here for updates or follow this link for my subbed lakorns.

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Links 1-20End Smaller video sizes 360px


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    yay!…. Thank you ninja :). You are the best!….

  2. Sound’s great !!! I’m so excited.Thank you so much ninja.

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      I cannot open..what will i do??how you open that vidoes?i want to view also.thanks

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      I cannot open..what will i do??how you open that vidoes?i want to view also.thanks

  3. wow! can’t wait to see them together again =) thanks ninja

  4. I’m so happy to know min and weir is having another lakron together and is very glad u will be subbing it too khap kun ka mak mak

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    Ooh I just find that the second lakorn of WM has added into the WM sanctuary, happy happy and thanks mak mak na Ninja! :) :) :)

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    Omg I so happy see this new topic. I didn’t check on the top and i just see it right now. I will be more happy if min follow minnie the weir ig too.

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    Oh wow! What a nice title 🙂 I hope there’s a bunch of sweet love scenes 🙂 I can’t wait for it. Thanks ninja 🙂

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    omg…I can’t wait for this ;D

  9. thanks ninja…..can’t wait!

  10. Do you know what this will be about? And what happened to Talay Fai? Do you know if he will still be in Talay Fai? I know the n’ek is no longer Min so I’m nervous who he will pair with in this. Also, his movie with Mai “Fatherland” did that ever release??

    1. I don’t know about Talay Fai but his name is still link to it but the n’ek is said to be Nao Tisanart. As long as nothing is 100% confirm it can always change, Weir might not even be in there as well. But he does have another lakorn line up beside the one with Min so we’ll have to wait and see.

      Fatherland has not been released yet. They’re still waiting for the right opportunity because the subject matter of the movie is quite sensitive and controversial.

  11. hehehe, YAY!! more lakorns of weir I will be able to watch!! thank you so much for your hard work and dedication ❤

    1. You’re welcome. 😀

  12. Yayy!! Thanks Ninja!!

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    Oh Yah!!!!! Hopefully Youll Upload it on Youtube. 🙂 Thanks

  14. My favorite Ch7 couple!

  15. Black Star · · Reply

    I can’t wait for this drama. I like them both in Pin Anong and i hope i will like them in LA RUK SUT KOP FAH.

  16. OMG thank you so much for this lakorn but do you know when is the aire date 🙂

    1. The production should start shooting soon, if it doesn’t air by the end of this year it will probably next year. But judging from the schedule of lakorns airing this year for Channel 7, I think mostly likely it will air next year.

  17. i hope that wire and mint can play this lakorn together like thy played pin anong love them so much 🙂

  18. Aaa ahhhh can’t wait for this one!! You gonna sub it!!? Please do! I bet u will have many viewers! And much appreciation!

  19. waw i can’t wait to wach it ❤ ❤

  20. Hi ninjakkn,

    If you can, would you please let me know the name of the song that is played while Khun Yai and Pin are riding the bicycle together in the episode 11 of Pin Anong?

    1. Palaphol – Tee Sut Nai Kam Wa Dee Tee Sut (The Greatest of the Word, Nicest)

      And here if you want the song. 🙂

  21. Are u subbing this lakorn

  22. I can’t wait for this lakorn to come out> I hope it’s soon.

  23. hi Ninjakkn i would like to request a lakorn called Wild Heart ~ Hua Jai Teuan – หัวใจเถื่อน if you can sub it in the future it would be great

    1. Sorry, I believe there’s already a team working on it. Laruk is airing on July 28th, same slot as Hua Jai Teuan. I just wanna work on one project at a time. It’s too much works and stresses to do two projects at the same time. But if I’m done subbing Laruk and there’s no one working on it I might reconsider. 🙂

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    Love min and weir………….

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    I’m sooooooooo excited! Thank you so much for taking on this project, I can’t wait to watch it! You’re the best Ninja ❤

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    I can’t wait for subs! LOL.

  27. Hi Ninja, do you know where I can find the sub song that Weir sings at the end, preferably the full OST? THANKS! 😀

  28. drfiza90 · · Reply

    Admin ninja……How many episode will be air per week? Hehe.and if not too much a burden for you.later on..can you provide download lin for da ost too? Thank you naa admin! Su su!😇😇😇😇😇

    1. It’s two episodes a week. Airs on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    2. I will post the OST once I have all the songs. I’m still waiting for one song.

  29. weirminfan · · Reply

    Weird that this one didn’t start out with a bang (talking about ratings here =D). 9 is considered pretty low for a CH7 lakorn right? Whatever, I’m enjoying this to the fullest! THANKS NINJA!!

    1. A rating of 9 is pretty good these days considering Ch.7 has a parallel channel, their original channel and digital HD channel (Ch.35) that launched since April, the same time that digital TV was launched in Thailand. This rating is reflective of only the original channel because the rating company in Thailand can’t measure the rating for digital TV yet. Nielsen said by 2015-2016 they should be able to report rating for the digital channels.

      And from what I’ve read a Japanese rating company is planning to come to Thailand to set up technology to measure rating for digital TV. Most digital channels are anxiously waiting for their rating to be known because without a number to go by it’s hard for them to get ads. Some digital channels even want to go as far as spending millions to do it themselves. Lol

      It may be a little confusing but according to surveys done the rating for Ch.7HD is around 3 so you’ll have to add 3 to the rating, 9 become 11. So it’s not bad at all. As long as the rating is not below 7, it’s consider to be very decent.

  30. Thank you very much Ninja.

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    Yeay!! thank you Ninja for your hard work and time..really appreciate it 😊

  32. What time will be show in TV?

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    Thanks NinjaKKN for all the wonderful time you put in to do this for all of us 🙂 we really appreciated, continue your hard work and efforts 🙂

  34. Thank you very much Ninja… I would like to know how much episode will be this Lakorn.
    Normally ever more of 20… I think this must be too.
    If I must be sincere, I don’t like so much episode that drag the Lakorn so much and will be boring, but I like Weir and Win, I’ll see LRSKF till end, how i did with Pin Anong. They were amazing in Pin Anong…
    Thank you another time for your hard and wonderful work.

  35. thanks so much just downloaded the first 4 eps

  36. Thank you so so much for the download links and subs! Much appreciated. <3333

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    Awe…thanks so much Kim. I can see them clearly because of the quality unlike obizgo 🙂

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  41. thanks for the new episodes. I love this lakorn

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  44. so sad your hard work is blocked at YT, i hope you stay motivated to continue your work here. You really helped us who do not understand thai language, as we in Indonesia

    thank you so much for your hard work, kimberly….i really appreciate your hard work…

    kiss & hug from Indonesia :*

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  46. thank you, you’re a gem (Kiss)

  47. Thank you so much for give us your best! I love your work and enjoy LRSKF with Weir and Min. Don’t lost hope! You must think of us Fans, like little babies who need a mom to nurture us; and you’re our soul food… for this I really thank you from my deep heart.

  48. Thank you! Life saver!! I was watching on YT and they removed them all! Now I’ll d/l and watch!!

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    thank you so much for everything. So dissappointed that they removed all of them. will you be uploading them again? And How would i d/l the files? so lost Help anyone?? thnx

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    Thanks for your awesome hard work ja! 😀

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    1. Thanks. This project will be continued until the very last episode.

  52. I cried a lot last night when I know your vid were taken now by ch7 in Youtube. I cannot download but watch online. Can u post back the upcoming vid on youtube?

    1. If I upload the lakorn on youtube it will still get detected and blocked again. So I’ll upload them on Dailymotion for now.

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    Thank you ninja for not giving up!!! Much appreciated!

  54. Thank you for keeping up. It’s a real pleasure watching your subbed lakorns.

  55. Thank you ninja! You are the best! That will do. We are neighbour.. I am from Malaysia..even if I get Thai channel, I wouldn’t understnd because it doesn’t have subtitle.


  57. Thank you.. Im worried when i saw ur yt channel down because i love lrskf so much.. But finally im glad i digging this page.. Plzz keep up ur work.. Thank for amazing subbed vids

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    I’m so happy to know you will continue with this project. Everyone around me looked at me with crazy eyes, they are saying they have lost me to this lakorn. Reading from all the comments I’m not crazy alone, there are a several pp like me. Thanks for not giving up. Love you.

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    Hi NinjaKKN, you should burn it into DVD along with cuts and extra videos and the concert of them, so we can buy it off of you since it’s subtitled for us and in HD 🙂 I’m very interested 🙂

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      It’s naimee02 🙂

      1. Lol If I do end up doing that I will probably give it away as a free gift to the best die-hard WM fan. 🙂

      2. Awww…. then that means you won’t do it :/ I’m really really really interested 🙂

  60. Hi there. Thanks for your work. Can u tell me when is the next episode.please?

    1. Posted just now.

  61. hi, is that the link for download ?. If yes, i’m tried to download but i can’t play on my computer. any suggest ?

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      Download hjspilt prog to join the files…….

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      1. thank you..

      2. i did download but still didn’t work.

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      it did work 4 me….

      1. sorry, i tried one more time and it works thank you so much!!

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  63. Does anyone know how many eps is this?

  64. thanks a lot ninja..really appreciate what u have done..coz of u my day more happy 🙂

  65. Ninja , ep 8 part 1 link mediafire stated offline (not available)

    1. ops.sori ninja. i keep refresh the page,,n its back! tenkiu ninja for ep 8!awesome!

  66. Can’t wait for the next episode! Thanks for uploading

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    Thank you for your amazing work Kim! I’m definitely enjoying this! I prefer that you stay away from youtube. As long as we have downloading links and daily motion, we are good. So sorry that you risked your youtube for us. You are soooo amazing ❤

  68. Ninja –

    Thank you for your timely posting of this interesting lakorn.

    I find it amusing that, assuming Raya would be located approximately in the Bangladesh region (historically one of warmer locales near India), that the guards essentially wear wool-sleeved uniforms and cossack-style fur hats, It doesn’t take away their handsomeness, though. lol

    Have you noticed that certain names seem to be associated with certain characters? Another good girl named “Mattana” is Urassaya Sperbund in “Maya Tawan”. And another crazy “Mintra” is Jane Janesuda Parnto in “Full House Thai”. I wonder if there is a correlation between name and role? 🙂

    Again, I appreciate your efforts to brings this show to the English-readng world. And to introduce me to Weir!

    ~ Shuk

  69. Hello Ninja, I can’t access dailymotion at all because openDNS is blocking it and I don’t know how to get pass that. I’ve tried to download the media files but I can’t extract them either. Is there any other way where I can access the videos/files? Thank you in advance and I really appreciate your hard work

    1. Can you upload bodyguard sao again please? I haven’t finish watching it. Thanks for your heap works.

      1. I will do that when I have the time. Please wait.

    2. The files should be joined by a program called HJSplit.

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  78. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading LRSKF… Next episode will be full of angst. Kamin is really wise ^^ ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm so excited. karma is just around the corner for Prince Makey…

  79. Thank you so much. I’m so in love with this drama. Love Weir and Min so much, especially Weir’s character. 🙂

  80. Thank you ninjakkn! You are the best! 🙂

  81. I read on asianfuse that weir’s next lakorn prao will be airing next month, are you planning on subbing that show also?

    Also thanks for the new episode cant wait for 10!

    1. With Proud, I haven’t decided yet. But right now I’m leading toward 80% likely.

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    just always thanks to you ninjakkn. from one of foreign fans of this lakorn and specially weirmin pairing ^^.

  86. WAH! My mom got me addicted to this Thai Lakorn! hahahah I saw her watching it one day and she told me the story line and I fell in love with the “forbidden” type love story in LRSKF! 😀 You’ve already heard this many times, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBBING FOR INTERNATIONAL FANS who cannot understand Thai!! May I ask how many total episodes is this drama? And is it already done filming? Or is it still airing in Thailand? THANK YOU AGAIN ~~~ ^_^

    1. The lakorn is still airing. It will finish airing this month and it has a total of 20 episodes.

  87. ninjakkn… thank you so much for episode 10. You’re awesome…
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  88. Hello ninjakkn!!! I’m stalking YOU…lol… Thanks SO MUCH for another awesome job ja!!!!
    Just 1 quick question….how do you like this lakorn compare to pin anong? For me, I think I love Pin more. 😀 BUT, BUT I’ll LOVE ANY Lakorn with min and weir in it..haha

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  91. I love both of their lakorns equally, and most of Weir lakorns too. I’m look forward to watching his romantic/comedy w/Aum.

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  99. poleak, I don’t like your question! Every time for people like you we got trouble!
    We got from the great Ninjakkn a big gift with two episode links to download. Why ask now for another one? When it’s done she will give us. Don’t stress our, big hearted, benefactor; if I don’t like it, she, and all other viewer will not like it too.
    Please a little manner!
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    1. Fujia69, i agree with u
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  100. I agree with Fujia69.
    It is the most wonderful thing for NinjaKKN to put forth the effort for her fans. Especially uploading 12 so close to 11! So many thanks and waves of gratitude to her!

    But the constant requests for more can be frustrating to those of us who use our efforts to bring these shows to other fans.

  101. Thank you again for the quick uploads! But I have a question about the story and the characters I want to clarify with you:


    From the preview for Ep. 13, it looks like Kamin might be the son of King Intra and Pum? (In Ep. 6, King Intra has a flashback of when he first met Thammarat [Mattana’s Dad] and Pum). And didn’t Thammarat say he and Pum are cousins? Does that make Kamin and Mattana second cousins???? I hope this isn’t true and that the translations are just a little skewed for English? That makes this sort of incest doesn’t it? :\

    1. weirminfan · · Reply

      @pmuas Yeah, he didn’t specify whether they were first or not. I think he just said they were close cousins. It’s not too bad because they both have different last names. =)

    2. goldenseal50 · · Reply

      Even if their parents were first cousins that would make them second cousins and that is not considered incest in my part of the world.

      1. Anonymous · ·

        yea..but it’s still relation through blood, but I guess it’s not too close.

  102. weirminfan · · Reply

    I wish I could help you!! Thank you so much for everything!!

    1. Mat’s dad (Thammarat) did say Kamin’s mom (Pum/Prattana) was his cousin but not specific on whether they’re first, second, or third cousins. So assuming the parents are first cousins then yes, Mattana and Kamin are second cousins. As for the incest question, I think second, third, and so forth cousins are not really considered as such.

      Prince Makey and Hareutai are first cousins, now, that’s something to ponder. But royalty usually do this to keep their bloodline blue so people don’t think much of it.

  103. Thanks for the English Subs! The story was really awesome from episode 12 onwards(was chasing the chinese subs too).

    Btw, the girl in the flashback wasn’t Pum. It was another girl called “Patana”, who was the good friend of Thana and the King, And… She is Kamin’s… Shall stop here. Too much spoiler. HEHE. 🙂

    1. Oh you’re right but Pum was her nickname.

      1. Oops! Sorry. Mixed up a lil. Hehe

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    Omgosh, you’re atotal sweetheart, thank you so much ninjakkn!!!!!

  105. Ms. Elizabeth · · Reply

    I’m really disappointed with Kamin. With the pregnancy of H. he has his chance to love Mattana. No but he has to sacrifice and tells her that he never said he loved her. He wants her to forget him, but how can he be so mean. Even says to H that is a problem he made and has to fix. Mattana should give him the cold shoulder, but she continues after him. Thanks for the subs. You are the best.

  106. wah really great eps..can’t wait for the next eps.. Thanks ninja 🙂

  107. Still waiting for eng sub for LRSKF ep. 13 on wards.
    Wondered when we have it
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  110. Have a full rest and don’t worry about us, we always thank you for your good heart. I wish you a wonderful vacation and enjoy your life.

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    How many episode is there for this drama?

    1. They are 20 episode.

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    Thank you so much ninjakkn for all your hard work!!!! BTW, would you happens to know if anyone is subbing Raising Sun with Nedech and Yaya? Also, enjoy your vacation after all these subbings!!!! 🙂

  113. i really hate hareutai’s mother… she’s crazy for forcing hareutai to abort her baby… grrr…

  114. It is the best Thai lakorn ever. I am really eager to watch ep 15. Thanks a lots.

  115. ana –

    Hareutai’s mother was a nutjob almost from the beginning. I’m doing an episode-by-episode recap of this lakorn, and I noticed that even after the tomato soup assault in Ep 3, Sinthorn spots H’s mom pinching her to make her tear up in front of Makey (ep 4).

    So she was physically damaging her daughter even then. It is certainly believable that she would force that baby out as an obstacle to her ambition. Poor Hareutai, though. She thought she had gotten out of that hellacious family environment forever as Kamin’s consort. At least, with Makey’s baby, they will be less physcially violent to her.

  116. weirminfan · · Reply

    Was this lakorn well received by Thai audiences??? I know the ratings went up, but didn’t reach the height of Pin Anong. Would you guys consider it a hit?

    1. It’s considered a hit and very well received by the viewers. With the change of Thai TV into digital TV this year and more channels to compete with, this lakorn did very well compare to others. Plus, the rating is not including the digital rating so we don’t really know the combined ratings of digital and analog for Laruk. And with the success of Laruk, the producer already promised to bring Weir and Min back again for a third one.

      1. weirminfan · ·

        That’s so awesome! I just wasn’t sure and wondered why the ratings were so low when this lakorn was/is so awesome! Lol. See, I knew this would be a hit! Thanks Kimberly!

  117. Hi Kimberly
    Thanks for the hard work you do and I’m sure with great pleasure
    i cant watch DL links not on chrom or firefox
    are you continue to upload links on mediafire?
    its simple to download and watch it.

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    Oh I can’t wait!!!!! I’ll probably end up marathoning this once everything is completely subbed.

  119. please sub ep i cant wait

  120. thanks so much for this great show loving it so much they really do have great chemistry ….

    I saw you said that you were going on vacation was just wondering where you are going and also hope you have lots of fun

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I’m going to France to attend my cousin’s wedding.

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  123. Enjoy your vacation, and hope to see more news of these 2 hot couple Prince Kamin and Princess Mattana in their new roles.

  124. Hi Ninja, thank you for subbed this Lakorn for us. I heard that Min will be Weir guest on Give Me 5 Concert on 25th Oct right? Are you planning to subbed that show? I hope you can subbed that show when you have time, I’m very curious about that show but it’s so hard to understand it because nobody make the English sub. I’m looking forward to see you comments. Have a nice holiday! 🙂

    1. I’ll have to wait for the DVD to do that.

      1. Wow ok sounds good, I’ll be waiting for that. Thanks before Ninja, travel safe enjoy your holiday 🙂

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    Hello!! 🙂 I am trying to dl episode 1, i see that its in AVI format, for some reason i am unable to open the file. Is there any way u can upload it in mp4 format? And thank u so much for subbing these drama!! 🙂

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      To watch these files you have to download parts. Then you have to combine the file with file splitter & Joiner. Then you should be able to watch it with VLC or MPC

      1. Anonymous · ·

        Thank you.. although i dont know what splitter and joiner is but well look into it!! thanks again! 🙂

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    I cant open any of these files… it keeps saying they are corrupted? Can someone please help 😦

  127. I want you to know just how much I appreciated all your hard work. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to watch this. Some times people don’t really understand how much time and effort it takes to do this but just know, I really do and look forward to more in the future. Have a wonderful holiday!!

    1. Thank you. 🙂

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  132. it seems that you accidentally posted the download links for episode 19 instead of episode 20

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    Omgosh, thank you so much for all your hardwork ninja and also to the one helped you timing!!!! <3<3<3 Congratulate to your cousin wedding and have yourself an awesome time!!! You deserve all the love and the fun break!!!!! Please let us join you in your next project! 😀 😀 😀

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      Oh my…sweet ninja, for episode 20…the link is actually episode 19 again. O.o
      Please don’t fly off to France yet ja…come back, come back. 😀

      1. Lol Sorry about that. The link is up now.

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    It is the best Thai lakorn! Thank you so much for the english subt.

  135. Hello!!
    Thanks for sub!!
    But there is a problem with the episode 20…the link download is actually episode 19 again.

  136. Hello ninjakkn, thank you so much for subbing this. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one so I want to start watching it.

    I would also like to put a smaller version of it on lakornsworld2 blogspot if that’s okay with you?

    Could you send me the sub files if that’s okay with you? Sorry to bother you agian and thanks!

    1. Links for smaller sizes (360px) is up.

  137. download lnk for ep 14 and 16 don’t work

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    i hope you happy journey

  142. Thank you so much for subbing weir and min’s drama! Do you know where I can download the Raw videos of La Ruk Sut Kop Fah?

    1. I only know of Dootv, if you’re subscribed.

  143. Hi Ninja, if you have a free time can you please subbed this interview for us? 🙂 we are all love to see something about Weir and Min but to bad there’s so much video without english sub.. and you’re the only hope 🙂 thanks before Ninja, i’m looking forward to see your reply

    1. I did have plan for that but I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to do it. I’ll keep you posted.

  144. The links you posted/we downloaded before where they the 720? if not i may have to re-download lol 😛 but seriously THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! I’ve segmented b4 and its no joke sigh….so props to u.

    1. Yes, the links previously were 720p.

      You’re welcome. Yep no joke but I have some help. 😀

  145. RukLakorn · · Reply

    Welcome back!!!! Hope you had a blast!!! 😀 Thank you so much for such an awesome job!!! AND thank you Sammy Jan for sharing the files!!!! 😀 Can’t wait for your next project ninjakkn!!! 😀 😀 😀

  146. Hi ninjaknn! Do you mind if I get your Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah subtitles 1-20e for personal usage only? I have the set of dvd but I don’t have subtitles. If you can send me the srt or subtitles then please let me know & I will give you my e-mail address.Thanks!

  147. Awesome. You are the best, Ninjaknn. 🙂 Love WEIR and MIN

  148. Do you know TV7 has any new lakorn for Weir to shoot after his 2 dramas that are going to show next month? Just wonder who will be his actress, which I wish it is MIN.

  149. Anonymous · · Reply

    Love weir and min very much!!!!!

  150. Would you help translate the song from Weir/Yui/Pooklook? I love it and want to know the lyric. Thanks in advance for your time.

  151. Hi, somehow I could not extract ep 2 part 2 after download the link, would anyone able to help me please? I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Thank you

  152. RukLRSKF · · Reply

    Hi ninjaknn! Do you mind if I get your Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah subtitles 1-20e for personal usage only? I have the set of dvd but I don’t have subtitles. If you can send me the srt or subtitles then please let me know & I will give you my e-mail address.Thanks!

  153. Why i download from mediafire and unable to open the video?

    1. Maybe you have to use hjsplit to join the file

  154. heeey hello so yeah i’m kinda new here and my eagerness and excitement to finally watch a CH7 lakorn brought me to your site. thank you for subbing this! 😉 but please i need your help the file that i downloaded has a ‘.mp4.001’ file extension. and no program in my windows seem to accomodate it? what should i do to view the file ??? please heeeeelp 😦

    1. Use the hjsplit to join the video

  155. Anonymous · · Reply

    Weir and Min are having a lakorn together upcoming 2016, are you planning to sub it? “Finger cross ” 😍

  156. i love your work! been looking so long for the eng sub of this drama.

    i had an issue downloading ep 19 HD part .001 (mediafire says its unavailable}

  157. Thank you very much Ninja. You’ve done amazing work. I like lakorns very much, especially with Weir and thanks to you I can watch it 🙂 I have also a question for you. I really want to translate this lakorn to my mother language (polish) but I can’t find subtitles separated from film. Can I ask you for them?
    Greetings 🙂

  158. omg what happened to your channel it was there yesterday and i just opened it i can not find it please solve the problem i want tocomplete this lakorn please…. sorry for my bad english

  159. Crissy Boo · · Reply

    What happened to your dailymotion account did u delete it or was it blocked? So miss ur page.

  160. can you tell us what happened please? can you make another account on dailymotion ?

  161. Hello Ninja,

    The following link provide about doesnt direct me to the lakorn. Can you advise the url to this lakorn? I would love to watch it.

  162. Hello Ninjakkn,

    How do I watch this lakorn? I followed the links above but I am not getting directed to any videos. Please help, I been dying to watch this lakorn.

  163. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hello Ninjakkn,

    The same with me .I cannot find this lakorn with Eng substitle.
    Pls help on this.

  164. why i can’t watch after done downloading it turns to be unknown video and nothing inside but still has data in it.? why? please help me ..

  165. Anonymous · · Reply

    I can’t watch it with English subbed.

  166. Monica saber · · Reply


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