P.S. I will update the songs to this lakorn later.



  1. what is the story line of this anyone

    1. Sorry for missing your comment for so long. The storyline is pretty much about a poor, hardworking, and hopeful young man who pines for a woman deemed way out of his league.

  2. Kuda lakorn is better just sayin and no offense but she is better tho

    1. Does it matter? At least they are committed to what they want to do.

    2. No, I am not offended but your comment does come off rather rude. I am not in a competition to be better or worse than anyone. Every subber has his or her own style and way of doing things. I will sub this project because I announced my intention to do so for months already and my schedule is quite relax now. As for the viewers, they can seek whatever means they want, I have no control over what they watch and where they watch. But the best way to avoid my works if you don’t like them is not to watch them at all. And thank you for taking your time to comment.

  3. @bella Kudalakorn has been subbing for over 4 years and has gotten better and better at it. I do think she’s an awesome subber, but that’s not surprising since she’s more experienced.

    I love your subs as well Ninjakkn and have been enjoying Maya See Mook. Thanks for subbing and keep up the good work!.

  4. Thanks Jamie. I’m sure Kudalakorn is a great at what she does and is probably one of the best out there. But I find it rude for someone to just come into my blog and post one comment saying that out of the blue. With a comment like Bella it’s rather discouraging.

    Maya See Monk is only my second subbed lakorn. Glad you enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  5. It’s always great to have more than one subber, like in Korean dramas. If one subber for any reason is unable to finish, we can get the subs from the other subber. Kuda’s subs are great, but yours are fine too, it helps us understand the lakorn, and that’s all we need, Thank you Ninjakkn for subbing this project. By the way, do you accept requests?

    1. Thank you. I don’t think I am experience enough to do requests. I think to work on a lakorn one must really enjoy it to be willing to put a lot of times and efforts on it.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    Don’t pay attention to Bella’s comment Ninja. I think your subs are awesome. Since I do understand Thai, your subs are definitely more accurate and you have better grammars. But Kudalakorn is also great because she’s quick as lighting. I think it’s quite miraculous that someone can work that quick.

    1. Thank you. I don’t think I can ever do fast as lighting. Lol

  7. Good luck on this project Ninjakkn. And ignore Bella’s coment. In my opinion he/she isn’t subber so doesnt’ know how much work you have to do to finish one episode, especially that lakorns have much lines to translate. Keep up with good work. Fighting!!!!

    1. Thank you.

      Way too many lines. Lol

  8. You did a GREAT job subbing all those lakorns that you have subbed and I’ve enjoy watching them. Not one of your projects disappointed me, they all were such a pleasure to watch. Thanks for being here for us! πŸ™‚

  9. I just came to realize that Kudalakorn is subbing this lakorn. Previously, I didn’t know someone has taken on this project also. Bella’s comment make sense now. I was a little confused as to why someone would say such thing to me out of nowhere. Although, my friend intended to help me with Suparpboorut and it was my intention to sub this lakorn since the summer. I am sorry to say I will take a step back now. There’s no point in subbing the same lakorn as another subber. It’s not a competition. I view subbing lakorn as a community helping to spread Thai lakorn to international viewers. I am still new at this and hopefully I will still continue to enjoy doing what I do and gain more experiences as times go by.

    Now, I’ll just focus my energy on MSM and see if anything else interested me in the mean times while Laruk is not out yet. This page will be turned into lakorn OST page. I’ll update this page with more songs later. And if anyone have requests for lakorn songs I am willing to help with that. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the support guys.

    1. “It’s not a competition. I view subbing lakorn as a community helping to spread Thai lakorn to international viewers.”

      Well-said! Looking forward to your future projects, you did a terrific job! o(^β–½^)o

    2. Thank u for understanding me now ninjakkn

      1. It’s not a big deal Bella. Next time, just tell me that someone else has taken on the same project as me rather than leaving just one comment like that.

    3. And sorry if I hurted your feelings ninjakkn

  10. Thank you for answer. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to take requests, The reason I had asked is because there is a lakorn on Viki called Waew Mayura that someone started to sub, but they abandoned it after one and 1/3 episodes. They have never come back to sub the rest of the episodes. I was hoping that other Thai speakers would step in and sub a few lines here and there until it’s finally subbed. The timing is already done, so it’s a bit easier than having to do the whole thing. Anyway, thank you for your hard work.

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    I don,t like when she smile……..it looked not beautiful at all but porshe looked so cool….

  12. Anonymous · · Reply

    I don’t like when bo smile, I think looked not beautiful at all but porshe is so cool……

  13. Anonymous · · Reply

    For me, I want to said Thanks you to ninjakkn for help me translate thai to English, all new about weir and min. Both are my idol, love forever and thanks you so much!!!!!!

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