Min Pechaya Explain Pictures With Big; Just A Younger Brother


Interview – January 16, 2013

No matter who she stand next to it will always be an issue for beautiful actress, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri. Recently there were pictures released of her with a fresh face handsome guy for everyone to see, this cause many people to think maybe this is her new man. She has come out to explain regarding the pictures already by saying the man in the pictures is a new member in the same modeling (talent agency) as her. They share the same manager that’s all and right now he’s on the verge of having a project with channel 7 as well.

There were pictures of you with a handsome man that come out.
“He’s a new member in the modeling agency of my manager. Right now he is about to have a project with channel 7, please keep an eye out for my younger brother.”

Are you going to be the one pushing him to success?
“No I’m not but that day we went to work together.”

People think he’s your new man.
“He’s not. Please keep an eye out for him.”

Picture of Big, he’s the guy in blue.

Chin should be at ease now because there’s nothing.
“Definitely be at ease.”

With Chin still the same (status)?
“Still the same.”

Did he have any New Year’s present for you?

Did the relationship have further development?
“Not yet. Right now it’s still the same. And another thing I have two dramas to film so I don’t really have the time to talk to him.”

What did Chin say about the released pictures?
“Nothing because people around me would know that Big’s a new kid. Right now he’s a new actor for channel 7. He already signed his contract so wait to see if we’ll get to work together.”

Because you’re not clear like this people think you’re restraining.
“No because at the moment I don’t have anyone so when I go near someone I will always get couple up with that person. It’s rather hard to position myself but I am doing my best already.”

The paparazzi enjoy taking pictures of Min.

Are you fed up with people keeping an eye on you?
“No but if there’s anything I want them to come ask me, don’t consider it beforehand.”

Are you going to open your relationship with Chin to stop such news?
“Can I graduate first? (Laugh) Right now I am almost done with school. I’m still the same.”

There’s news of Chin being the front-runner, is this true?
“You want him to be the front-runner? Honestly right now I’m still the same.”

Did your dad meet him?
“Not yet.”

Source: http://www.newsplus.co.th/NewsDetail.php?id=62444
Credit: Picture to Minpechaya and BigKts IG

P.S. And the saga continues…her news with Chin doesn’t seem to go away despite my wish that it would. Lol


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  1. Thanks ninja…..ahhhh…..the chin min saga….who knows maybe the press are cheering Min to accept Chin because Weir is taken..ha..ha…

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