Louise Waiting To Work With Aum; 100 million baht for Sai Lohit Interview: February 10, 2015 Louise reveals he’s planning to create “Sai Lohit” again with a 100 million baht budget. He won’t confirm who will be the nang’ek and pra’ek. He admits to inviting Aum to work with him again but understand that she’s […]

P.S. This article is from December but I forget to post it. Lol As for Baan Sai Tong, I just read Khun Louise’s interview. He said Ch.7 gave him a budget of 90 million bahts to produce the lakorn. I hope he make good use of it. The problem is hardly about receiving the right […]

DaraVDO held a blessing ceremony for two of their lakorns on February 6th, “Baan Sai Tong” starring Vee and Min and “Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai” starring three couples, Thanwa and Green, Mek and Pim, and Win and Toon. For heads up, I probably won’t sub Baan Sai Tong. I like the version with Tua […]

Which celebrity do people want to go countdown with the most this year? Well, according to Bangkok Poll, the Queen of Poll, Miss Patchrapa is on top as usual. There’s no poll this year that doesn’t have her at number one. But beside Aum here are the top 5. 1. Aum Patchrapa 19% 2. Nadech […]

Nida conducted a survey throughout Thailand between November 8 – December 9, 2557 for feedback from people of all educational backgrounds and occupations about their top favorite actors and actresses of the year of 2014. Results are as followed. And as usual I excluded the other portions of the poll. Congrats to Hia Weir and […]

P.S. There goes the ring mystery. Weir is officially engaged to his manager, Cho. Congrats! 5555 Kidding. He said his manager brought it for him and it doesn’t fit on his other fingers so he wore it on his ring finger. “Super Rich” is engraved in the ring.