Louise Siam Discusses “Sai Lohit”

Louise Waiting To Work With Aum; 100 million baht for Sai Lohit
Interview: February 10, 2015

Louise reveals he’s planning to create “Sai Lohit” again with a 100 million baht budget. He won’t confirm who will be the nang’ek and pra’ek. He admits to inviting Aum to work with him again but understand that she’s very busy.

It’s another lakorn that fans are keeping an eye on for “Sai Lohit” that used to make names for Num Sornram and Kob Suvanant twenty years ago. There’s news that DaraVDO is about to bring this lakorn back and news leaked out that pra’ek taking the role of Khun Grai is Weir Sukollawat and Daoreuang is Now Tisanart.

“We still don’t have the actors. So I still can’t say who it will be. Right now, I’m discussing the script with P’Daeng (Salaya Sukanivatt). I think this year we’ll begin all the works but [viewers] should really get to watch it next year. As for the role of Khun Grai, I view the role of Khun Grai as a young man not a strong mature man which I am still looking, because I want Khun Grai first then look for Daoreuang. As for Daoreuang, I want a Thai faced actress not mixed or Chinese looking actresses. In the 1995 version, preparation for the production, I feel that I haven’t done it to the fullest that I wanted. I want to make the production bigger. In the 1995 version we only have horse troops but this time we’re arranging elephant troops to make it more realistic. The budget should be around 100 million baht because for Baan Sai Tong, channel 7 gave us a budget of 90 million baht.”

“With Aum, I have hinted with her but like we all know Aum is very busy. I want to work with her still and if Aum really does play our lakorn she will play a challenging role for sure. But right now, we haven’t conclude what lakorn she’ll be playing. We’d have to wait for her answer first.”

Source: http://www.komchadluek.net/detail/20150210/201078.html

Daeng Salaya is the same person who wrote the scripts for many classic hit lakorns for CH.7 such as 1989 Baan Sai Tong-Pojjamarn Sawangwong, 1990 Koo Kum, 1993 Payong, 1994 Nang Tard, 1994 Silamanee, 1995 Sai Lohit, 1996 Yattika, 1997 Tawan Tor Saeng, and much more.

So Khun Louise views Khun Grai as young and weak not mature and strong? Sound like he doesn’t want this to be Weir. Seriously, this is one of my favorite classic and I always wanted to see Weir as Khun Grai. Khun Grai is supposed to go from a young man to a mature man as time goes. He’s not supposed to stay young forever hence the age gap between Daoreuang and Khun Grai.

I’m starting to think Khun Louise has something against Weir. Maybe Weir hasn’t done a good job sucking up to him like Vee, Porshe, and Om. I really don’t care what Khun Louise think since Ch.7 has the final decision. I hope they pick Weir because he’s the best choice Ch.7 has for this role. As for n’ek, I agree with her having a Thai look so Now is fine with me.


  1. I hope they pick Weir too.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yes, I hope weir too, because weir is the best action !!!!!!

  3. Please please….I see no one is better than Weir. Willing to watch if Weir in it.

  4. What a view stupid for p’ek lol he not strong how can he fight with them, maybe he die first before the Lakorn end 😂😂😂 anyways who care I don’t very want weir in this Lakorn this is not my type Lakorn. So go find that weak p’ek for urself and ur Lakorn

  5. “I’m starting to think Khun Louise has something against Weir. …” If he doesn’t like Weir, that’s ok…we are not looking forward to seeing his film either.

  6. i wish that gonna be Weir , i dnt think i gonna watch Sai lohit if not weir

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