Min Refutes Giving News of Status As Dating

Min Refutes Giving News of Status as Dating-page-001

P.S. This article is from December but I forget to post it. Lol

As for Baan Sai Tong, I just read Khun Louise’s interview. He said Ch.7 gave him a budget of 90 million bahts to produce the lakorn. I hope he make good use of it. The problem is hardly about receiving the right budget with this production but it’s the way they utilize the money given to them.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Min is very beautiful , cute, she is the best act!! i watch all her lakorn and her movies I love her action very much. For me I think she is the best!!!!! And I love her the same i love, weir to. both are The best!!!!. For hiso gun, I don’t know do min boyfriend? But she all time said no!!! but I hope she fine the right one for her. I actually I love weir and min together but only hope!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t like Vee, too old- not even Good looking. Andrew and Tik are old but still good looking but this Vee guy is not. 😦

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