E-saan Poll: “Proud” On Top


E-Saan Poll did a survey during July 3-7 and December 12-16 with a sample size of 2,229 respondents in 20 provinces in E-saan to determine the opinion of E-saan residents. The results for favorite lakorns and actors of this year are as followed.

Lakorn of the Year
1. Proud 19.5%
2. Samee Teetra 10.8%
3. Sai See Plerng 5.1%

Pra’ek of the Year
1. Weir Sukollawat 9.8%
2. Pope Thanawat 9.1%
3. Nadech Kugimiya 6.2%

Nang’ek of the Year
1. Aum Patchrapa 14.8%
2. Ploy Chermarn 7.7%
3. Yaya Urassaya 6.9%

Source: http://www.newsplus.co.th/54022



  1. Congrats to both them the Lakorn they self

  2. Congrats to Weir and Aump.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Congrats to weir, you are the best

  4. I love “Sai See Plerng”

  5. weirminfan · · Reply

    Hmm. That’s funny, I thought Lah Ruk Soot Kob Fah would come out at top. It was definitely much better than Praao, in story, acting, and pretty much everything else. Lol. Oh well. Kudos to them. Praao was a big disappointment to me personally.

  6. About the story line, I love LRSKF more than Proud, but still congrats since my handsome Weir was in it. 🙂

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