Weir Refutes Calling to Clear With Um About Bella; Beg Media to Stop Meddling in His Love Affair

Weir Refutes Calling to Clear With Um About Bella-page-001
Weir Refutes Calling to Clear With Um About Bella-page-002
P.S. This interview started with Weir being so happy about his trip in Japan then his mood went down hill once the medias started talking about Umbrella and their nonstop scandal. Nat Myria refused to talk about Umbrella and with recent gossip from her insiders that she prohibited Um from watching his own lakorn this scandal just keep dragging on. The medias can’t get Nat to answer questions about this anymore so they had to drag Weir in. He seemed very agitated and telling the medias to stop meddling is not usual self. Weir out of all people should understand well how to handle the medias. I don’t like how he didn’t keep his cool in this interview.



  1. Lol ninja, you’re cracking me up with umbrella. I think weir is protecting Bella. Eventually, the truth will come out that they are actually dating jus like his relationship with pancake.

  2. “Umbrella” BAHAHAHAH!! I think Weir got mad bc of what Bella said. He needs to dump her.

  3. Ha ha ha!!! Umbrella ninjakk.thanks for uplOAD BS again.

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    I think the phrase opened up old wounds for Weir and made him loose his cool. Weir is usually very calm during interviews no matter the topic. Weir sure does love Bella alot to always go to bat for her.

    1. Yep, old wound. Love her a lot? That I don’t know considering they’ve been on and off. But Weir protects every girl ever associated with him including the previous girl named Cat. He’s a gentleman in sense.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    Are you sure weir love Bella? Because if weir love Bella, why always he said his heart still singer
    some time he said he don’t has no want inside his heart yet, and Bella just 25 year old but her fact look older than her age, and
    is really I heard she is love to party’s a lot and some time she drunk too is that tru??

    1. to a certain extent Weir has to love her or why else would be put up with things for this long.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    i don’t like bella

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yes, me too. I hope weir and min together but only hope. Because I hear min have h/s name gun follow her and she kind like him too

  8. Hi ninja
    I find your site while looking for Thaï’s dramas. I’m not from Thailand but really like them and I hope you will welcome me here. Thank you very much.

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