“Proud” + Subbed Teaser (Updated)

The long awaited return of Aum to your TV screen is finally here. “Proud” starring Aum Patchrapa, Weir Sukollawat, S Kantapong, and much more will air on October 9th of next month. This lakorn is producer by Pordeecom and directed by producer, Thong Prasongsanti himself. Updates and behind the scenes pictures can found on the company official IG, (http://instagram.com/pordeecom).

The lakorn is a romantic comedy about a Thailand superstar named Proud (Aum Patchrapa), who’s quite conceited and untouchable hence her name. Proud found herself caught in a murder mystery as she has witnessed a murder and is being chased after by the culprits. The superstar who has fear of getting shot dead ran away and got herself a bodyguard, an ex-cop named Somchai (Weir Sukollawat) to protect her. Meanwhile, her manager, Frank (Hoy Saranair) has to face the media and find a solution to this problem. With his superstar missing Frank found a Proud lookalike by the name Min (Aum Patchrapa). The poor Min is hired by Frank to pretend to be the superstar in the meantime. This escalate the problem even more when there’s a reporter like Sutkhet (S Kantapong) questioning the fake Proud and seek to get to the bottom of the truth. Watch and see how these characters work out their problems in “Proud,” coming soon to Channel 7 next month.

Official posters from Pordeecom, the producer of “Proud”.







Credit Pordeecom and Kapook for summary



  1. weirminfan · · Reply

    Are you going to sub this one?? =D!

  2. Thank you ninja for the news. But, please, give us another good one, that you are going to subb it. Pleeeease!

  3. Hope you will sub this lakorn. Thanks for sharing. Take care!

  4. Oh please be subbing this

  5. Wait I just thought of something does this mean one weir lakorn is finishing and they are replacing it with another I’m loving channel 7 for this haha

  6. Oh, this sounds soo interesting. But I won’t ask. hehe. I know you’re busy already.

  7. So happy, Weir is my favorite male star. Happy to see him right after the one with Min. Hope this will be a great success as his LRSKF with Min. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’m super excited for this lakorn. Aum and Weir look good together.

  9. I’m excited to see Weir on screen back to back but I just wish his n’ek wasn’t Aum, they just do not have any chemistry.

  10. I just saw the teaser of PROUD, if someone already posted, please disregards

    1. weirminfan · · Reply


  11. i love aum and weir, really…but they don’t seem to look good together nor is there any chemistry between the 2…honestly the feeling i get from them is sibling relationship…

    unlike min and weir where they look really good with each other and the chemistry between them is really good too…
    but i will support them by watching

    ps: thanks for the news ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. weirminfan · · Reply

      I understand why you feel that way because Aum is like 7 years older than Weir. LOL. I actually think they look good together, but since I haven’t seen their previous lakorns together I don’t know how their chemistry is. I agree with you on Weir and Min though, they are just amazing together!!

  12. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you for the news, but I like weir and min. They are the best couple forever and I hope they will play next in lakorn together soon. I hope min and weir will become in real love…….

  13. Glad you had the intention subbed this sincerely you’re really not waiting anymore again thank you very much

  14. Weir is my number 1 actor. No matter who he pair up with, I am sure support and enjoy it. But for all of his dramas from the past, he is super cute with Min, Mai, and Kwan.

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