For Fan For Fun – Laruk Fan Meeting

“For Fan For Fun” was an event especially for the dedicated fans of “La Ruk Sut Kop Fah.” On September 6th some lucky fans were able to play fun games with the cast. There were two teams, Team Kamin headed by Weir Sukollawat or Ongkarak Kamin and Team Mattana headed by Min Pechaya or our Princess Mattana. From the cast members, on team Kamin you have Tubtim, Mhoo, and Praewa while team Mattana has Louis, A, and Hem. Both team captains were very competitive and started bluffing each other since the night before at the set. Min asked her Hia, “Did you prepare to lose yet?” Ouch!

And EFM, a hit radio station also came to give awards to the cast. As voted by fans in Thailand, Laruk won “Popular Lakorn” for the month of August, and Weir won “Popular Actor” for the month of August. Thank you every fan that voted for them and don’t forget to keep voting for them so they can win the awards for September as well. As for the lakorn, the cast’s last day of filming will be on September 18th and the lakorn itself will finish airing by this month most likely with 20 episodes in total. So sad that this lakorn will end soon. The rating for this lakorn is doing pretty great as well. Epsiode 14 has a rating of 11 and that’s without the HD rating. Yay! Hopefully, it will end with a bang.


According to fan’s account more fans came than expected so the event was a little chaotic. Chairs were brought in to accommodate the extra fans but many fans had to stand because they didn’t have enough chairs for everyone. But it’s okay because the fans went to cheer and enjoy the fan meeting with their hearts.

Our orange team captain, Min and the serious green team captain Weir. Both came with the intention to win.

Sizing each other up. Calm down, Hia. It’s just a game.

All smiles before the game begin.

The green team captain is said to have always come over to distract the orange team. Anything to win, right Hia?

The boat game, whoever get to the finish line first that team wins. The orange team won with super speed.

Hia being serious with his team. Need to come up with good strategy because his team went down 2-0 for the first two games.


No worry. The green team was able to come back and won the last two games easily. But with the game coming down to a 2-2 tie, it must be decided with the hardest game ever, rock-paper-scissors. Sadly, the green team must succumbed to the orange team. Team Mattana won! But during the interview, Weir claimed he won by showing off his silver metal but Min corrected him by showing off her gold metal. 5555

More pictures…look at the different comfort level between the two couples. Lol

Chasing the hostage game…Hia won easily. Chasing after Min is his specialty just like in the lakorn. Hehe



Even praying before the game didn’t help Hia win the game. Lol But in the end, win or lose we’re all happy winners.

Our medalists.

The cheerleaders for both teams.

I notice Ch.7 are starting to do event that associate with each lakorn for the fans. But I want more fan meeting like this. The fans enjoyed it and everyone had fun.

Hi-light and interview…

Parting with a song…credit ofilmo

Credit pictures Weir, Min, Kapook, BBTV, and SWC as tagged



  1. Thanks Kimberly this what I wait for.

  2. Oh wow….thanks so much Kim for the extra videos of their interview 🙂

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thanks,you.. Love min and weir and I hope they will play next lorkon together affer la ruk sut kop fah….

  4. Thank you for sharing all the fun event pictures. Love and so in love with Weir and Min. Hope they will come back with a great lakorn together again. 🙂

  5. Thank you for the lovely photos and videos. I just love Weir and Min. By the way, does anyone know where can I purchase the theme song Sut Kob Fah that’s sung by Weir. I tried itune, but it’s not there.

    1. iTunes did have both la ruk song that sing by weir. Try to search with thai name, I’m search with thai name is it there but can’t buy the song 😩 cuz my bank card date is over and can’t find the where to change it.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    Love min and weir, I hope they will play next lokorn

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