Min Is Happy To Talk With A Businessman

Min Is Happy To Talk With A Businessman

P.S. Personally, I think Min is being too manly here. Revealing this right now is a little too early for a one month relationship, plus shouldn’t it be the man that give respect to a woman by revealing something like this. She should wait a little longer because after disclosing a little part of her relationship the reporters will get down to business, and sooner or later they will find out who this guy is, and if the relationship doesn’t work she’s at a loss more so than the guy. I think she’s trusting him too soon. And I feel like Pooklook somewhat has an influence on Min regarding this matter because Pooklook tends to tell the reporters about who’s pursuing her early on and then we all know what happen to each of her relationship. Lol



  1. If previously I wasn’t 100% sure who is that guy Min was referring to, seeing this interview I can be pretty sure now(But I wouldn’t tell to respect Min’s decision). Min is a very smart girl, and I could feel that she actively revealed those stuff to the press before the relationship is stable(or even starts according to her saying) (which is abnormal and against her personality) is because she cares more about the buzz or aftermath than the relationship itself. Or in other words, she is more like using this status as a protection to get rid of the tiring, ungrounded love rumors with her partners. Since the first day she entered the industry, whenever she was next to a guy and smiled, due to her sweet face, ppl would gossip about them two. But now, I believe there would be less rumors no matter how close she is with another guy. So she can work and live more comfortably. Another benefit, she hinted her specs in doing so too, filtering off those unqualified ones. And I don’t think Min would lose anything(just the time, but she is still young) if the guy is not the right one. She was just trying to know more about him, nothing decided yet.

  2. naimee02 · · Reply

    I want to know who illusionary? 🙂 thanks NinjaKKN 🙂

  3. I like u Min but….. PLEASE sister ….. “Playing hard to get” ????? Get over ur-self. Lol… Much LoVE. 🙂

  4. @naimee02: You would see his face sooner or later if they are meant to be together; but if he is not the right one, there is no need to know who he is~ 🙂

  5. Honda · · Reply

    I think Min is being too open way to soon about her guy friend, I’m sure this isn’t the first guy she’s talked to so I’m not sure why she’s so open about this one.

    1. Maybe because Bella has been visiting Weir at the set. Lol

  6. I think Weir didn’t say that Bella has been visiting the set in the clip; instead he said that she hasn’t come to meet him for a while. I think Bella used to contact and come to see him actively(not now), but not necessarily the set. Weir is an actor with full attentions, so he usually wouldn’t allow others to interrupt the lakorn filming by distracting his attention.
    As for Min’s being open this time, maybe she was just trying to get out of the endless rumors with porshe. lol They are obviously rather distant in a strange way now and porshe looked sarcastic in his recent interviews on questions about Min.

    1. I think Bella did come over to the set before, but she probably stay briefly, like dropping foods or drinks.

      555 I don’t think Min is being opened just to shake Porshe off. Everyone know there’s nothing to them. I think it just happen to be at this point of her life when someone has come in and she feels that he has potential. And the media will get to it anyway so she mind as well be honest about it.

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