Weir Refutes Taking Eve Watrapon on His Motorcycle Heading North


P.S. No gift from Bella at all? Lol I guess it shouldn’t matter to him because the best woman in his eyes gave him the best gift already. His mom brought him a leather motorcycle jacket that he wanted.



  1. According to the content of this article, it is probably from an interview clip on that day. But in that clip, the reporters that asked questions were mentioning “Gift Ornlene” regarding the rumor of riding to Chiangmai, so Weir replied that they knew each other from working in a lakorn. But funny that many media, when reporting this news, mistakenly said that it was Eve Watraporn~ lol

    1. Oh, I didn’t listen to the recording. Lol Why they even mention Give? She’s with Boom. I guess they’re lazy and could careless about keeping the names straight.

      1. That confused me, I guess Weir himself too. So he asked the reporters again for the name and they said “Ornlene”. You could see from the clip Weir’s face~lol He must have prepared to answer questions about Eve, but out of nowhere it was Give and they even asked whether he knew her…lol did they forget how they tried to connect Give with Weir not that long ago? lol

  2. For Eve, Weir, in another interview, admitted knowing her, but a long time ago(~3 years ago) and has never contacted with each other since then. Yet the news made it look like it all happened very recently. lol

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    From the interview clip.. the report need to do more homework before go ask, their Misunderstood. Report didn’t do homework on this so when they weir he look a bit like “what” and his ask back with a confused voice like make sure by saying her last name “Ornlene” and they just say yes. I think this news is belong to eve… Eve is not an actress for ch7 isn’t she? lol I don’t think so, stop saying she in the Lakorn with weir lazy report. I think this eve wanna born on entertainment Circle 5555. And Also didn’t the media see that, on that day he is on khon kaen for real at friend enter monkhood. Why made this news for him? 😡😡

  4. Weirfan · · Reply

    Bella is a cheap ass if she didn’t get him any gift at all.

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