Min Denies Alex Pursuing Her

Min Denies Alex Pursuing Her
P.S. This pair is very unlikely. Lol By the way, Min just admitted talking to someone outside of the industry. Her mystery man hasn’t met her dad yet he will meet her dad at her birthday’s party.



  1. hahaha just normal promotion for the movie. Anyway, I am curious about that guy too, but probably wouldn’t see his face until they are quite stable. Did hia know of him? He said he would scan for her guy to deny any unsuitable one…555

  2. Saw a bit detailed article on that interview. The guy Min claimed is talking to is about 5 years older than her; they’ve known each other for a while before starting to talk(less than a month)…haha Weir, did you see it? Your nong is telling the world that she would love to date a guy with such age gap and developing from bro/sis is just the way that works for her~ Susu na hia, nong likes a guy taking the first step~
    Seriously, Min is the one that is quite protective of her private life, especially love life. Judging from her personality, she would not easily reveal many details of her significant other, especially a guy that she just started to talk for less than a month, even not seeing her dad. So I really cannot think of any good reasons to explain it other than that she was hinting something about her specs…

    1. I remember reading something here not too long ago when some psychic lady talking about Min finding a man who is 4-5 years her age.

  3. naimee02 · · Reply

    Oh wow…I would like to know who. I’m sure she’s waiting for Weir to make his move. I would like to read that article 🙂 she likes older guys like Weir 😉

  4. I think you’re on to something, and you might be right. Min is in her early to mid 20’s but I never hear her being serious with any guy. I would love it if she ended up with Weir. I think a lot of people feel the same way. I think they have a phenomenal chemistry together.

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