Weir Sukollawat: Mr. Triumph

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P.S. His part about Bella really confused me. Not distanced but she’s doing her thing and he’s doing his thing, but at later years they can discuss thing? Lol Is it that hard to say we’re distanced. I guess he’s trying to be polite.



  1. naimee02 · · Reply

    Seriously NinjaKKN, I’m with you on that. Does that mean they’re still dating??? I hope not…Eerrr….I thought it was over between them :/?

  2. Thank you Ninja for the translation. This interview just made me love Weir that much more. As fe Bella, I sense they’re still dating. I think what Weir is saying is that they’ve come distanced as far as seeing and spending time together but they’re still very much an item.

    1. Although he said they’re not distanced but he did say she’s a kid. And by saying they can discuss things when she’s 30, to me that sound like there’s some break to the relationship. Plus he said by age 35 he’ll probably have 3 children, so by the time Bella is 30 he’ll be married with children.

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Reading this make me so proud of him.. I love the part weir say I love u and looking at his big bike 😄 I can imagine this smile. Also this part too “I wanna do merit with my fanclub so we can be together into the next life” I followe u there 55555

    And yes, just see the smile like they super happy and run u when they see u this show everything, this the best award ever. This interview made me reading with laughter and teary cuz of proud

  4. hahaha hey Weir, if you start to plan future with Bella after she reaches 30, how could it be possible to have 3 children within one year? White lie or not, just let go of her(if not yet) and live your own life with the one that is around you and really cares about you~

  5. Thx Ninja for the detailed translation. Weir is always wise, smart and humorous when he talks, which makes me enjoy his interviews a lot. Not just having foresight, he is also a determined, hardworking guy with strong responsibility. He is really mature now! Best wishes to him!

    Regarding the soulmate, Weir has the similar saying as his nong “When it comes it comes”…Were they affected by each other, or they basically have similar minds? 5555

  6. Weirfan · · Reply

    Sadly, I think Weir is still dating Bella. Whatever makes him happy I guess. If Bella is that girl then be it.
    This is the best interview of him, thank you for sharing. He’s a smart business man. I’m sure his future wife/kids will be lucky as hell to have him.

  7. naimee02 · · Reply

    I don’t like Bella for some reason. She’s not a good match for him just how she carries herself, but by the judgement of his interview, he really likes her and she can be the it girl for him :/

  8. Weir is always sweet-mouth when talking about the ladies in his interview, whether his colleagues or friends. He did so even for Tangmo. I didn’t see much difference in here about bella~

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