Weir On His Nang’eks

Weir On His Nang'eks
Weir on His Nang eks-page-002
P.S He makes it sound like a 4 years difference between him and Min is like a decade. Lol



  1. Sreymao · · Reply

    Thanks for this article. I actually want to see Poo with Wier. Poo is not exactly a good actress but I can watch her because she’s beautiful lol. Romantic comedy sounds good if they pair up.

  2. Isn’t Bella around the same age as Min if not younger?!

    1. Bella and Min were born in the same year, 1989. But Min is older by many months because Bella’s birthday is in Dec. Lol

  3. Age gap or familiarity are just excuses. What really made Weir hesitate I think is her being a hot n’ek right now. He is bit afraid of repeating the history…gosh, Pan should take full responsibility for this!

  4. Kidtueng · · Reply

    😭😭😭 Aaaaawwwww poor my boy.. I wish u will meet that girl soon, take care of u and love only u. No more cheating on u like all ur past, if the way u being a loyal for ur love but all they pay back u is a broke up heart then be a bad boy for them perhaps they love it. weir u not that dark !!

  5. naimee02 · · Reply

    Ahahha….for reals NinjaKKN, he made it sound like Min’s too young for him :/ if he can’t find love, he’ll go for Min when Min is a bit older and more mature 🙂 because I think he thinks of her being childish and can’t take the smelly pa’dek 🙂 ahah….right now, I don’t think Min is ready for love because she’s still like a child to many of her peers. Perhaps she’s probably waiting to finish her masters then start dating, by then hopefully Weir will look her way 😉 thanks NinjaKKN for the interview 🙂

  6. Well I don’t think Min is as childish as she appeared to most ppl. Everyone has more than one side, not to mention a girl at the age of 25 and having experienced ups and downs in the industry (I would consider her abnormal in mind if she were still immature as someone assumes) …Her childish or silly side is just for fans or some close friends I guess, for entertaining purposes. Just look at how she handled the customers, the media and those continual admirers…she is a really smart and mature girl inside I believe.

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