Min Confirms Weir’s Physique, Fit And Firm For A Sexy Shoot


P.S. Two years ago Min gave that answer and in 2014 her answer is still the same. Lol I guess you can say there’s only one particular male celebrity Min want to see showing off his sexiness. By the way when Min said Weir makes the ladies shy, does those shy ladies include herself? 5555


  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Hahahaha maybe one of them is her too lol… Her hia show make her dream come true wear swim suit shoot mag for her look 555. When I first reading this the first thing come in mind is her answer back in the 2012 same question and same answer. Agree year past year her answer is same,her hia is the only man she want to see the sexiness aaaawwww (teary)

  2. Kidtueng · · Reply

    I mean should not show

  3. hahaha she is loyal to her love~

  4. zhenhao666 · · Reply

    Love her answer 5555555

  5. zhenhao666 · · Reply

    Love WeirMin forever ^^

  6. Weirfan · · Reply

    I want them to date so bad. lol

  7. naimee02 · · Reply

    Ahaha…for reals….they will be destined in a few years from now : ) thanks NinjaKKN 🙂

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