Weir Reluctant To Be Producer

Weir Reluctant To Be Producer

Interview: January 6, 2014

Weir cries he wasn’t forced by the executives at Channel 7 to study further for a master in order to prepare to become a producer, expect to use two more years in becoming a producer, for sure.

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot is a very marketable actor from Channel 7, right now wherever he goes people will ask about his love life. Recently, we heard that Weir was ordered by the executives at Channel 7 to accept another title as lakorn producer (besides being an actor) therefore we must update this progress.

“Right now, with the matter of becoming a producer, I am not ready yet. But it was as if it was an order from the channel to let many contracted actors become producers, which I am not the only person who receive the order because there were many people. I consider it as luck to have friends participating in this ideology. But because I am not born being good at everything therefore I must go study for a master…which right now I haven’t started at all. I think around January I should begin studying it seriously for once and all. I view producing lakorn as something that is difficult for I must look after many people and depend a lot on my knowledge, ability, and experience.”

The reporters then ask for his plan and how much time is needed for us to see him as a producer and what type of lakorn will he produce. The pra’ek answers according to this.

“I don’t how the future will turn out, what I do know is that I must study and finish a Master in Entertainment Management first. After getting my degree I will slowly make plan, which my idea of a plot hasn’t been born yet. Wait and see further, within two years I might have a project, who knows.”


P.S. An order? Lol I think it’s about time they open opportunity for new producers especially for young people with new ideas. Back in the days it was so hard for producers to get into channel 7 which lead to a few number of producers and less lakorns being produced. The channel keeps buying new books every year too. But if there’s not enough producers to turn those books into lakorns then you have a case where license will run out and producer must race against time to produce it. Hopefully, with more producers there will be more competitions and more advances in Thai lakorns industry as a whole. Especially since recently all the major channels got the bidding for digital television HD after being behind other Asian countries for many years.

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  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Can I ask u a question, are u going to translate he interview on oho mag? And the one min interview about weir

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