Love Fortunes 2014 and Happy New Year!

Love Fortunes 2014 and Happy New Year!

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot
– His destiny is like that of the country. There’s good. There’s bad. But 2014 should be good. He will expand his fame. As for love, he has a complicated love that can’t be seen clearly. There’s more than one person, a quiet player. Plenty of works for a long while. He shouldn’t do business alone, must let other people do and have share. Weir will have a big project that is successful and very famous. He has an opportunity to play a foreign movie that will come to film in Thailand.

Min Pechaya Wattanamontri

– This year will be the year of fame and success. Success will come with a new lover. He’s somewhat a player. But this year will be very clear who she’ll be with, from June 17th to the end of the year. Her true love must be three or more years older than her. He will have it all, good looking, handsome, and rich.

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P.S. Handsome and rich. There’s a pra’ek who’s 4 years older and is very successful doing businesses. He pretty much match the description. 555 We shall see. As for Weir, complicated love, perhaps he’s dating one person but is developing feeling for another person. Who can that person be? Mmmm…

Happy New Year everyone! Wish you and your love ones all the best in 2014 and in the many years to come. šŸ˜€



  1. Who will be Min’s lover? I am curious…

  2. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Weir will have a big project šŸ‘šŸ‘ .. Wow they tell date too, gosh who would be that guy. From telling look like weir have all this šŸ˜ anyway wish all this come true for the two of them

  3. naimee02 · · Reply

    Ahahha….Ninja, you made my heart skip a beat while reading your comment šŸ™‚ ahha…it’s almost like he could be hers and she could be his šŸ™‚ my dream too šŸ™‚ Ahaha thanks for the translation šŸ™‚ happy new year to you all šŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Love Weir and Min. Even they are not a real couple, but they are my fantasy couple in their 2 dramas, PA and LaRuk

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