Weir Sukollawat: Bold Steps In Life

Weir Sukollawat: Bold Steps In Life

Interview: December 12, 2013

From a second year Civil Engineering student at Khon Kaen University until talent manager, A Supachai unexpectedly saw his picture and must fly to Khon Kaen in order to pursue him to enter the entertainment circle. It’s unbelievable that from that day until today pra’ek, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot has been through the good and bad in the entertainment circle for 8 years already. The actor says his life in the entertainment circle won’t end at 8 years, for sure, but his goal goes further than that and that is the progress toward Hollywood.

“The entertainment circle has new pra’eks all the time. Ask if I’m afraid that new pra’eks will replace me – I’m not afraid that new pra’eks will replace me but I think I should take the time to improve myself and make my works better. The entertainment circle world still has a chance to go further. Especially if we improve our language, improve our acting performance, and take good care of our figures we can have a chance at going Inter, like Hong Kong we can go, and perhaps we can go to Hollywood. I don’t think I will end just this, for sure.”

If we compile his work this year Sukollawat only has two lakorns (Roy Lae Sanae Luang and Nak Soo Maha Gaan) until people gossiped that he’s in the down period of his career. Plus they also gossiped that he dared to pull out from the remake lakorn, Atitha. This cause many people to suspect what is going on with the life of this young pra’ek. Or did he pull out of Athita because he’ll be overshadowed by Om Akapan who will star with him?

“Not this issue for sure. Every actor at Channel 7 loves each other. No one is competing with anyone. With Atitha, I didn’t pull out but more of a matter of the elders. I have no authority to refuse it. It’s a matter of scheduling that did not work out. Right now, I am filming Laruk Sut Kop Fah. It’s a romantic love story; love, action, and everything, which the fans should get to see next year.”

When ask about the overall image of the life of the man named Weir Sukollawat, he reveals with a gentle tone of voice but strong and firm that he has been through quite a bit before coming to this point in his acting path, after that will be the step forward to the other worlds other than acting. This is doing business whether opening restaurants, a fitness center, and selling Triumph motorcycles which he invested 10 million baht in.

“Actually, I’ve been a shareholder with Dom Hetrakul for a while now. I am a dealer of Triumph motorcycles, the first and only company in Thailand, which other than P’Dom I also have a share with friends in my motorcycle gang and 2-3 friends outside of the entertainment circle. As of now I’m opening a branch in Rangsit. There should be a grand opening around January of next year.”

Sukollawat reveals that he and his shareholders invested around 10 million baht each in a business selling motorcycle that started out as a passion.

“Motorcycles don’t go rotten. They can be kept for a long time. Selling it make it more valuable. I think if it work out there’s a possibility that I will expand branches but I have to consider it again.”

In previous years Sukollawat experienced problems of being watched as a party pra’ek which in his view he can party like normal but when he became serious with working out and working harder it causes him to reduce his partying.

“When I work hard my trainer would warn me to reduce partying. Like working early in the working, leaving work late at night, partying get reduced on it owns. I must say actor are normal people but what we do like normal people can be spoken in other ways by people. Like us going to drink and getting together with friends like normal people, it’s a normal matter but we’re in the open so we should have some limits. Can party but must not let anything bad happen where other people can use that to criticize us again.”

When talking about people in the entertainment circle that are being watched all the time regarding love matter he can’t escape it, from love news with nang’eks in the same channel to nang’eks in different channel. This probably has become a normal matter but what’s not normal is the news that he’s being hit hard with at the moment and that is since different channel nang’ek, “Bella Ranee Campen” dates him she has become more of a party girl.

“Really, with the word “party girl,” different people thinks that according to their own views but from what I know Bella, she’s not a person who likes to party and it’s not related that being closed to me therefore she must be a party girl because I am a working person. Like what I’ve said there is some partying but if we can take responsibility of our work there shouldn’t be any problem.”

Since Sukollawat does many things at the same time many people probably ask, how does he has the time to do so many things? He reveals with a smile that he can manage his time.

“I felt with the phase, no time…is it really like that. I sat down and pondered and discovered that I can manage time. I think I can do it because I give importance to everything. I talk with my personal manager all the time. She knows I am somewhat serious about time. I have many thing I must do, acting, events, businesses, and personal matter therefore time is a valuable thing that we must respect and manage well. I can manage my time and proceed according to that. I am a person who uses time in a worthwhile way.”

If this 28 years old is a person who’s clear about works and time management I’m sure there will always be new things coming into his life and we as the viewers must continue to follow and watch the life lakorn of Weir Sukollawat, as long as he’s still in the entertainment circle giving happiness to us.

1. Other than his business of selling Triumph motorcycles he’s also the president of a biker’s group that he created himself under the group named A-Man. In the group there are channel 7 actors and friends outside of the entertainment circle… “Our group is thinking about doing good things for society in one way or another. Please continue to follow us.”

2. The meaning of friend to Weir Sukollawat is a friend who knows each other’s mind without saying anything. “Friends that I’ve been friends with the longest and right now we’re doing business together are my friends since kindergarten. This group is more than words can say because we know each other’s mind. There’s no need to say anything much.”




  1. The worst thing ab him this year is he involves with Bella. Is he really love her this much? Better get always from her. I feel like he is walking in the same way like he did with Pancake.

  2. My little boy just to nice for girl, he should be mean sometime to them so they’ll can’t do like this to him. Anyway susu

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