Weir Protects Bella; Not a Party Girl

Weir Protects Bella; Not a Party Girl

Interview December 6, 2012

Weir assures Bella is not a party girl. Weir Sukollawat has been in the news with Channel 3 nang’ek, Bella Ranee Campen for a while now. But recently there’s tidings that Bella has been called in for a talk with the elders in regard to her partying news and for her to put a break on her relationship with Weir to just siblings. We meet Weir at The Platinum Gift Festival 2013 therefore we must ask him regarding this issue.

There’s news of Bella being warned by the elders regarding news of her being a party girl because of you.
“That, I don’t know. Honestly, I knew about this matter this morning. I think they’ve probably discussed more about work. Really, I don’t think there’s anything. Judging from her works – they turn out well. People may see it that way but honestly from what I know she’s not a party girl.”

There’s news that the elders ordered Bella to distance herself from you.
“I don’t know this at all because I was not with her. And I also did not ask her.”

Did she seek your advice about the news?

“It seems like there’s nothing…I talk to her somewhat but during this time I have many works so I am very busy with my works. I don’t really have the time to talk with her as much.”

Many people view her as a party girl because she goes out with you often.
“Honestly, no. The word “party girl,” I think different people have different views but honestly from what I know her, she’s not that type of person. It’s probably unrelated that anyone who get near me will become a party girl. Honestly, I am a working person. I do party somewhat but if I can take responsibility for my work there shouldn’t be any problem.”

Did your relationship with Bella develop further?

“So and so but I am not concentrating on this matter as much. I am concentrating more on my work.”

Before this Bella gave an interview that she’s not dating you.
“That, I don’t know.”

Is Bella the woman you’re closest to?
“I am not concentrating on love matter. I am more focus on work.”

Is there a chance for you invite her to your New Year trip?
“This New Year I have a motorcycle trip to go abroad. I am taking a look as to where I’ll be going but I’ll probably go for many days…around 7-8 days is enough. It will likely be in Asia. I probably can’t go further than that. Ask if I have to practice anything – no need to practice much. Riding my motorcycle is already fun.”

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P.S. Sorry for the late update. I didn’t translate Weir’s statement about his new lakorn with Aum because by now everyone probably knows already that Weir will star with Aum in Prao by Pordeecam. Production is said to begin in February. And Weir also has another lakorn with an actress that he hasn’t star with for a while and for a production he’s very familiar with. We’ll have to wait for his third lakorn to be confirmed.



  1. Weir third Lakorn ? With who and what is the title? Yay

  2. Thanks Ninja 🙂 I hope they’re not together anymore 🙂

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