Weir Doesn’t Believe Elders Warn Bella To Postpone Love

Weir Doesn't Believe Elders Warn Bella To Postpone Love

Interview: December 5, 2013

Weir opens up to dating n’ek under the same management like Bella Ranee Campen. But unexpectedly Bella said she’s also talking to other men. When we meet Weir at the opening of Triumph motorcycles in Challenger Hall Impact Arena, Tong Thani therefore we must ask him regarding how he feels toward Bella’s words.

“I didn’t follow the news but I feel indifferent. We’re not too serious yet. We’re open.”

Did you get to speak with her?
“I did get to speak with her somewhat but at the moment I am working a lot. Another one of my lakorn is about to open production and I have my businesses. I must devote a lot of my time for that as well.”

Pin Nattanun Chaviwong (Ch3 producer) warned Bella in regard to love’s matter.
“I think it’s unrelated. I believe the elders discuss about work-related matter more. They probably won’t discuss much about the actors’ private matters, according to my experience. They’re probably more worried in regard to work.”

Did you know about the news of Bella being called in for a warning?
“No. She didn’t seek for my advice. I think the talk shouldn’t be anything serious. She’s probably more worried in regard to work.”

There’s news that P’Pin tell her to postpone dating you.
“Honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t follow the news. But really it’s good if we were to focus on work. Better to concentrate on work. It’s a good thing. Early stage of working is quite hard. Competition is high. Concentrate on that first before thinking of other things. ”

Many people say her image is tarnished because she has been seen at clubs and pubs.
“Image is a personal matter of each person. We’re ordinary people. There shouldn’t be any problem with work if we can work and be responsible for our work.”

Are you worried about her?
“No. I think there shouldn’t be anything but I think her image is quite good. People try to create an image for this person to be like this and that. But really, the people around her who really know her will know that she’s a cute person.”

Are you confused with the news that came out?
“I am not confused with the news that came out. It’s up to how the news will proceed. I’ve been through all of it already. Better to concentrate on work. We know how things are. The news doesn’t affect my relationship with her. I am very chill.”

There’s news that you went to study English more to communicate with Bella’s dad.
“I haven’t gone to study yet. Her dad can speak Thai. He’s an English teacher. He must understand how non-fluent speaker will talk. It shouldn’t be a problem. I can speak a little bit. I do have the chance to speak with him somewhat but not too often. He’s a kind elder. Easy-going in the style of foreigners.”

Did her dad praise you via Bella?
“Not really praise. But he said I look like an adult who’s educated and is easy-going. Her dad is worry about her as a dad.”

Did he tell you to take care of his daughter?
“He didn’t tell me to take care of her. She’s an adult and can take care of herself.”

There’s news that your relationship with Bella is distanced.
“My relationship with Bella is not distant like the news that came out. We’re grown already. There’s no need to talk all the time. We have our duties. We didn’t focus on to what extent we must carry on the relationship. We know what we should do, what is important and what is non-important.”

Source: and newsplus
Credit picture as tagged: SWC

P.S. What’s the major difference between Weir and Bella’s interview? It seems like Weir always try to protect Bella’s image while Bella hurts her image on her own. A Supachai needs to coach this girl on how to answer questions. There’s nothing wrong at all if she were to say everyone is just a brother/friend. Instead Bella said she’s talking and getting to know many male celebrities not just Weir. However, no one is more special than the others and right now she just wants to focus on works.

Weir tarnishes Bella’s image? Oh please, according to those who went to the same university as Bella, she was a big time party girl in school. But like I said nothing is wrong with partying as long as people still have responsibility. But by now Bella should know how to give safe answers for herself and other parties involved. Maybe Weir can coach her but now I’m just waiting for the D word to their relationship. And no, D does not stand for dating. ^^



  1. Why is Bella so freaking dumb and inconsiderate? Weir needs to distant himself from her.


  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Why pin make is a matter ? This is not event they problem. Saranae Mai krao lur… Bella is a cheating girl she such a bitch. I love when weir say I’m normal person not worry about the image they create. I’m clap my hand when i watch the news. I like ur p.s ninja the part about Bella is very good

  4. I don really understand. Weir and Bella are dating for real and they announce it? Anyone pls tell me. Bella and him don match each other.

  5. No matter how bad the news is for Weir he always seems to protect the female party. Such a gentleman! Bella need to watch her and listen to her own interviews so she realizes how inconsiderate she sounds when it comes to answering questions concerning Weir. She almost always shoot him down when he on the other hand always give her respect.

  6. Poor Weir…! If I were you, I would find a new girl who is better and more polite than this girl (Bella) .You try to protect her but what do you get from this girl? She shoot you down! I pity you so much and I don’t want to see you hurt again&again! Bella is so annoying! I wish you find a good girl who love you honestly and give you respect…

    1. Kidtueng · · Reply

      Oh I’m so agree with u here, reading u comment make me wanna cry, just feel so much pity weir😭 I feel like he poor about love, if I was a dara or not dara and he like me I would love him so much for all the people who hurt him to watching us😊 and won’t let his got this feeling anymore. Like pin say to khun Yai “I give you all my heart”

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    Weir is a gentle man! Bella is a ….!

  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    Weir is a gentle man! Bella is a ….! They don’t match

  9. I just saw Bella’s interview on Dao kra jai and I sounds like the end is near if not already here for the two of them.

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    1. No problem. 🙂

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