Min Doesn’t Care About Gossips

Min Doesn't Care About Gossips

Interview: November 24, 2013

Another nang’ek that’s always in tidings for “Min Pechaya Wattanamontri” who’s in the news all the time. Recently, there’s new of her being troublesome and throwing tantrum causing the production to be fed up with her, not only that there’s also news that she’s a hypocrite to her fans. Plus the recent news of her being heartbroken over “Porshe Saran Sirilak” dating a gal who’s an entertainment outsider so she got back by finding having a boyfriend as well. When we meet her she says, “Regarding the matter of me being trouble, you can go ask the production crew. I don’t think anything about this matter. Everyone has people who like them and people who dislike them. I can only do my best and tries to understand everyone. (But it’s impossible to have everyone in this world understand us.) I never have a problem. At my recent set, “Cinderella Rong Tao Dtae,” I am very happy and we’re very much like a family.”

She denies having tiff with a make-up artist that makes other celebrity more beautiful than her, which is something Min can’t accept.

“I am very close with make-up artists. The matter of refusing to let other people be more beautiful…Honestly, beauty is a part of work. I’ve never compared myself with anyone. When I’m at the set I do my best, I’ve never compared myself with anyone. I am who I am. I am not serious with news. Gossip is gossip. False news will die down on it owns. The important thing to me is my acting performance because I must give my best acting.”

Min denies being a hypocrite to her fanclub.
“Not true at all. I am very close with my fans. We’re like friends. Recently, a fan has a relative who has cancer so I wrote a song and sing for her. Recently, it was a grandfather of my fan and I was a part of that. I consider that every one of fanclub is standing by me. I also stand by my fanclub. There’s no reason to be a hypocrite. But what people think – I am not serious. Everyone has the right to think. Everyone has a mouth. I affirm myself. (I have my position. I assure myself to continue doing this. Be myself. And anything that is not good) I am ready to improve. (But if I think I did my best but people say this to undermine my feeling and things that I do to further improve myself, I don’t think there’s a reason to pay attention to that types of matters).”

She denies being heartbroken by Porshe and getting back by finding a boyfriend.

“I will have a boyfriend to get back at Porshe? Not related at all. I still don’t have that thought of wanting to have a boyfriend. I study very hard as you see in my Instragram. Please give me support. In the beginning of next year I’ll have good news already [graduation]. I don’t know yet (that Porshe has a girlfriend). If Porshe is happy I am happy. I will be single for a while. Some people have forecasted my destiny for this year – love matter for two years won’t be successful but work and money’s matters are good so I’m okay with that (laugh).”

Source: http://www.rakdara.net/home/?p=8482 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKuV0UVEVw8

P.S. Quotes in parentheses are inserted from the actual interview clip. Like most interview nowadays, quotes can be left out intentionally. In this article it was written as though Min did something wrong and is ready to improve herself by omitting her prior words. To be fair every celebrity who’s being too nice to their fans should be accused of being a hypocrite. Of course, everyone wants people to like them, not hate them. People tend to be nice to those who are nice to them and vice versa, that’s reality regardless whether they’re average folks or celebrities.

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