Porshe Speechless; How Can Min Be A Lesbian?

Porshe Speechless; How Can Min Be A Lesbian?

Interview: November 9, 2012

Porshe confirms Min Pechaya is not a lesbian couple with Pooklook Fonthip. You can say pra’ek, Porshe Saran is speechless after knowing about the news of close friend, Min Pechaya changing her type to date nang’ek from the same channel, Pooklook Fonthip which both have become a lesbian couple in the entertainment circle. Recently at the event, “Robinson T-shirt Design Contest 2013” Porshe and Min confirm the nang’ek is not a lesbian for sure.

Porshe, recently there’s news that Min is a couple with Pooklook. How do you feel as someone close to her to this extent?
Porhe: “Are you a lesbian? (laugh) No. Min and Pooklook are close. It’s a normal matter. They sleep at each other houses often. I can confirm. They’re friends. There’s nothing.”

How do you feel all of a sudden Min has news as a lesbian?
Porshe: “It’s funny.”
Min: “I have to ask, how can they think that? (laugh)”

Since the news came out, did you have a chance to speak with Pooklook yet?

Min: “No. But people who think this have strange minds. Can we be friends? How is it strange that women are friends with each other?”

Are you afraid Porshe that Min has this type of news?

Porshe: “Not at all because news is news. If there’s anything you can ask her.”

Right now there’s news that Porshe has returned to pursuing Min again. Is this true?
Porshe: “There’s nothing. We’re friends.”
Min: “Not true at all. The two of us are friends like before. We’re concerned about each other like before.”

Once you have news like this, are you worry Porshe will pursue you?
Min: “Not worry at all because we’re friends. And I have yet to think to that stage.”

Is there a chance for your relationship to evolve more than this?

Porshe: “I don’t know. But right now we’re truly just friends only.”

Source: http://news.sanook.com/

P.S. Min and Pooklook make a good looking lesbian couple. Lol But seriously this news is too funny.

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  1. Ahahha….this is so funny 🙂

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