Weir Admits To Partying Less

 Weir Admits To Partying Less

Interview: November 1, 2013

Weir reveals slipped pictures with Bella is just meeting each other by chance, assures the female side never pick him up when he’s drunk, and explains right now he has party less. He has many businesses for in the future he’ll be ready for his own family.

There are pictures that came out claiming actress, Bella Ranee Campen is a chauffeur for her close brother, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot when drunk, which the nang’ek denied already. Recently at the three years anniversary of Cool House and it’s also the grand opening of the restaurant in a new style, Weir opens up according to this.

“I saw the pictures already. I think it’s the camera angle, which the picture came from a video clip so [the person] perhaps selected pictures where I looked drunk. But I can tell you immediately, during this moment I am drinking less. And another thing I drove myself because the vehicle I used [that night] was a motorcycle which she can’t drive for me.”

When ask further if he’s doing many businesses because he wanted to create his financial status in order to plan for his future wedding, the pra’ek reveals to wanting to create the most stable financial status for his family in the future.

“I don’t think women in this new era need men to support them. They can support themselves. But if I have a stable financial status I’d have readiness, when I meet the right person I can be able to have a family immediately without having to worry about my readiness.”

Is Bella that woman?
“Our status right now is siblings. I don’t have anyone yet. I always have love like everyone has seen therefore I don’t think I must have a woman by my side all the time. I can stay alone. My life as of today, I am quite happy.”

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P.S. Weir and Bella surely meet each other by chance very often. I want to meet him by chance often too. Lol



  1. I’d love to meet him by chance often too. I don’t really like Weir to be with Bella but whatever makes him happy I guess. Bella is okay but she needs to stop lying so much.

  2. That’s was my wish that I wish everyday to meet him by chance often lol.. Lately there alway news like this to weir poor him 😦 for my opinion if they drink it they business not anyone business and not using they mouth to drink, no one born to be perfect all if u perfect on one side u will still have one side that not perfect. Weir is human so if he drink or party not to strange isn’t it?, daras can have some fun on their life. If their can’t have fun maybe their won’t has energy to play Lakorn for us watch lol

  3. I saw this interview and I think he did a great job answering the questions. Clear all the questions with no hesitation. I just think his relationship with Bella is going no where. Since he cut down their status as brother and sister. And he didn’t say he only talk to Bella like before. One thing that I think he needs to stop if he wants a family, stop dating younger women. And ever since they started talking to each other weir always clear about his relationship with Bella. I saw that a lot of Press seem to side with Weir more. Maybe he and Min should start talking to each since Porsche came out and said they are just friend nothing more.

    Congrats on his business ventures and a lot of success. He looks like a guy who is actually really good doing business.

    1. Bella is not that young, actually she’s the same age as Min. Lol The media side with Weir because they find his answer to be more gentle-like and honest than Bella despite not confirming the true nature of their relationship.

      As for Porshe and Min, nothing was there since the very beginning. The way I see it, Porshe kinda use Min to be in the news/spotlight after their lakorn together was a hit. Same way as when he started making news with Chat.

  4. I don know why but when I see weir’s smile, he reminds me of one Korean actor name lee sang yoon. I wish weir can be a couple with me. They suit each other. He should go away from Bella, she doesn’t has a good personality. I don wanna see him hurt as the time he was with pancake.

  5. I don’t think Weir will ever let himself fall for anyone else like he did Pancake. I still think he has a thing for Pancake. The last song Ngo that he sang at Weir for fan concert I think he meant it for Pancake, he got all choked up while singing it.

    1. I agree that Weir will not let himself fall for anyone else like he did with Pancake. But I don’t think he still has a thing for Pancake. It’s been a long time already.

    2. naimee02 · · Reply

      I want to see a clip πŸ™‚ I will always have hope for him and Min in the near future πŸ™‚ I also just found out about American actor Benjamin Bratt and his wife Soto, they were friends for more than 10 years, then reunited after living separate lives for that long, and now their happily married with kids πŸ™‚ Chai and Vicki also had the same story except they don’t have any kids yet πŸ™‚

    3. I think most people will always feel that about their first love. The first time will always be the most memorable hence the feeling of attachment to the good or bad memories of it. True that he won’t be as vulnerable like when he was with Pancake because after all once we learned our lessons we tend to be more guarded of our feelings.

  6. Dont say that Honda u gonna make me cry, when I watch that I’m so sad and teary with him 😭😭. I don’t think weir say for that bitch pancake but he sing to remind himself what she did for him. Lol

  7. chanleab · · Reply

    I wish Weir has a happy life.

  8. Here you go

    1. Sorry wrong link

  9. Let’s try this again lol

    1. naimee02 · · Reply

      Thanks Honda πŸ™‚ wow…I do think he sang that song toward Pancake, but I’m sure their breakup made him a better person πŸ™‚

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