Bella Counters Fight With Weir As Reason For Car Crash

Bella Counters Fight With Weir As Reason For Car Crash

Interview: October 22, 2013

Bella denies quarreling with Weir as the reason for her accident, explains it was just an accident, ignore fortune teller warning her not to ride on a motorcycle, and denies picking Weir up at the airport when he was drunk.

After having just got into a car accident until she has to splice her arm with steel, recently there’s rumor that the reason Bella Ranee crashed is because of her tiff with Weir Sukollawat. Plus a fortune teller warns her that if she riding on a motorcycle she might die, which at the set of her lakorn Bella explains the news as this.

“Where did this news come from? How can they know about my life? Right now, I am not dating anyone yet. I just began working. I have yet to stop at anyone. The motorcycle matter, I probably won’t go ride with him anywhere. I must be cautious of my arm. As for the news that said I quarreled with P’Weir until the car crashed, there isn’t at all. That day I went to work with my manager and hair stylist. I sat on the backseat that day. This news is very random. As for the clip that I went to pick P’Weir up, there isn’t. From what I can remember, I have gone there but very long times ago. It’s more of an old picture. As for the drunk matter, I don’t know. I have yet to see the clip at all. He was normal. He wasn’t drunk or anything. We didn’t make a date together to go party, for sure. As for the arm, it’s okay already but the steel is not removed yet. I’m afraid it might hit something hard and will break again. I have to be especially more careful…it will be awhile before I will have it removed.”


P.S. I don’t know how they know about your life, Bella. Perhaps, it’s because you’re a celebrity and going to public places you get recognized. And as for a public figure, there are bound to make up rumors and nonsense news, it comes with the territory.



  1. Gosh, Bella is so annoying. I don’t think she care much about Weir’s feeling at all. I wish Weir would end his relationship with her.

  2. Everytime I read or watch her news about weir, I wanna slap her mouth so hard. And whenever they ask something she will alway say annoying word maybe old one. And one thing that she alway say is I went with and my friend, like the pic of her and weir from gossip she say the same and same. I wonder if she don’t get the Lakorn with jame and get this much people know her in the entertainment Circle did she will be this much jerk? Don’t make me hate u more this Bella. I feel like weir is have everything in his life just one thing that he don’t have is true love poor my baby 😦 I want to get a big hug for him about this thing

    1. oh yes!I agree w you!”slap” – great!!!!

  3. I like Bella and I don’t blame her how she answered the Press about Weir. She is a new raising nang’ek so she has to watch what coming out of her mouth and her actions too, So I don’t think she could come out say yes I am talking to him. I am sure she want people to like her because of her work not as Weir’s gf. Weir on other hand he probably taking his time because the last girl Kat. She played him well. He told the press they are talking and seeing each other but when news came out about him being third hand. He lost a lot of pride. If this two are meant to be they will come out but right now I want to think of him as single and he could have any girls.

    1. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with denying a relationship to the media but there are ways to deny it without coming across as being rude and inconsiderate to the person you’re making news with. Most celebrities would say siblings or just good friends. Or like Weir have been saying constantly in interviews, talking but we’re still sibling, and I’m still single. I have nothing against her but Bella has an attitude when she gives interviews and people can catch her lies via her contradicting answers. She doesn’t handle interviews well compared to other celebrities who are just as new as her.

      And Bella did say she’s talking to him early on in interviews before The Gentleman Series made her a hit. Now, she’s just see news with Weir as a pest that hinders her progress.

      In my book, Weir will always be single until he marries a girl truly meant for him. Hopefully, it’s someone nice and it would be even better if it’s someone I had in mind. 5555

      1. I agreed with you about Bella, how she doesn’t know how to handle the Press. And need to polish her skill.

        I felt the same way when she answers about Weir. Doesn’t considerate his feeling and half the time she just shoot him down like he is nothing to her. But her actions show that she likes him a lot. Who wouldn’t lol. He is a lot of girls dream guy.

      2. Ahaha….I like your thought of that girl in mind Ninja, it’s in mines too πŸ™‚ Ahah

  4. Kidtueng · · Reply

    No one blame on Bella but just want her to tell the true.. She didn’t count weir is her best friend like other people that they were making news together. I remember watch her news and the report ask her is weir is her best friend and the meaning of her word is like no. Some interviews She make me feel like she is jealous weir but some interview she should care about weir feeling too.

    Don’t act to much ur not the dream girl in our mind for weir 5555 I’m know not my business but I wanna say this πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  5. I hate bella.

  6. Thanks for the news Kimberly. . I really adore Bella but she’s a newbie. She can’t handle interview well.

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