Min Laughs At Nickname, “Soul Snatching Kiss”

Interview: October 19, 2013

On the 17th of October, Channel 7 nang’ek, “Min Pechaya Wattanamontri” came to attend the event, “Taste of Japan 2013: From Hokkaido Fair” at Central World plus opening up about the nickname, “Soul Snatching Kiss.” She said she has a limit when it comes to love scene, “The script for the lakorn, Cinderella Rong Tao Dtae is written by P’Nit (Orapan Watcharapon). As for the real kiss matter, every lakorn has [real kiss] but it wasn’t an issue? (laugh) But I don’t think too much that people view it that way because the lakorn probably has good tidings so people talk about it. I’m happy.”

What is your limit in love scene?
“I tried to say already, make it appropriate but the specification…Another thing, I think the viewers these days are skilled. Anything that we tricked people, they will catch us. If we do that then we’re get talk about in another way. Therefore, I perform my duty and work accordingly. It’s the spirit of actors.”

Recently there’s news that the heir of BK University is pursuing you.
“There’s nothing at all. I honestly don’t know. I’m studying at ABAC not BK University. This news is very strange. I just heard it today. There’s no men matter. I work. You’ll see me at the lakorn set, events, and at university more. If I meet anyone it’s probably at work. Ask if I’m tired of being followed only about men matter. No, it’s fun. I’m being watched…perhaps because I don’t have anyone. Therefore, people are cheering and giving me support on love matter.

Are you afraid of being given the nickname, Casanovee?
“It’s news. I don’t think anything at all. If anyone follows they’ll know there’s nothing.”

Source: http://www.rakdara.net/overview.php?c=2&id=38923

P.S. So if any men kiss Min their souls will be snatched by her? 555



  1. Min looks so pretty wearing the Japanese kimono.

  2. Facing the press, Min handled it well. :)

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