Weir Refutes Waking Tangmo Up Due To Lateness

Weir Refutes Waking Tangmo Up Due To Lateness

Interview: October 16, 2013

Weir has no problem working with Tangmo. He explains that he drove his car to pick her up not because the female celebrity came late but because they work together. And they are close because they share similarity to one another.

Working together recently in the lakorn, “Nak So Maha Gaan,” even though the lakorn has ended but there’s still issue when recent news said pra’ek, “Weir Sukollawat Kanarot” volunteered to go wake actress, “Tangmo Pattaratida Patcharawirapong” at her condo due to her lateness. When we meet Weir at the event, “Etude House: 10 Years Anniversary” at Central Mall so we ask him regarding this issue. Weir reveals to us according to this.

“Supposes tomorrow we shoot at 8 in the morning, if I film with Mo, we would discuss who will pick who pick up, sometimes it’s Kie (Ratakorn) picking [us] up. The three main people are me, Kie, and Mo that must film a scene together. I picked Mo up sometimes. Sometimes, Mo brought her van to pick me and Kie up, taking turns.”

P’Ott Theerasak Promngern said you volunteered to go wake Mo up.
“There wasn’t any problem. We have scenes together so I must pick her up. Not because she came late therefore I must go get her.”

That means you can still work with her with no problem.
“We’re totally close. I’m overly close with Mo. I love her because she’s a straightforward person and she’s an intelligent person. Just that.”

As for many people viewing that the frankness of Tangmo is self-destruction the actor reveals that he’s better off staying with himself. He doesn’t want to give an opinion regarding other people and they have never interfered with each other personal matters. He believes everyone can handle things coming in at them and believes everyone is adept; there’s no need to ask for help.

“Mo and I are similar. We’re fighters. No one can hurt us. I believe it’s worry-free.”

Bella came back to film her lakorn.
“Her parents are taking care of her and she has her personal managers taking care of her at the set because she spends more of her life at the set. I do my work. If I can do it I’ll take care of her somewhat. Don’t forget that we’re engrossed in thinking about other people but some people don’t want helps – Have we asked them? If we care for them too much it will make us stress.”

If she recovers, will you let her ride on your motorcycle with you?
“For me, it’s unrelated. It’s up to destiny. Especially riding motorcycle we must be more careful.”


P.S. Awww…he’s protecting his friend. I’ve read Ott Theerasak’s interview, the director/producer before and he confirmed that Tangmo was late so Weir volunteered to pick her up. He said Tangmo has a time issue, the set scheduled her at 8AM but she requested to come at 11AM. Mo came late because she has problem waking up due to the many medications she takes daily. He can work with her again but she must improve her punctuality. Usually, Ott Theerasak is a man with very few words but Mo must have really pushed his button with her issues for him to be vocal about her.

Komchadluek articles doesn’t make sense sometimes. Lol, they tend to leave the questions out. What the heck does Weir means? Bella doesn’t want his help or concerns? Or is he just generalizing?

And it’s funny that the tabloids are putting all the news together to create a scandal for Weir and Bella by saying Bella’s accident was caused by Weir. Bella had a tiff with Weir in the car because she was upset that he went to his ex-grandmother’s funeral. Weir crashed the car thereby breaking Bella’s arm while he suffered from a toe injury as a result of the crash. Mind you, none of the events happened coincidently. Weir suffered a toe injury in May while filming Nak Soo whereas Bella’s accident was in August. 555


  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Weir so nice he protect everyone that news or link to him☺️ That’s news of weir n Bella is very weird, I wonder on that time what come in an that person head. Look like after Bella come back to work didn’t see her anywhere.. Why only ask weir and weir go ask Bella too I want to see how this liar girl say lol.

  2. I can’t believe P’Ott gave an interview like that about Mo. He seems so quiet all the time.

    Ninja, is there a clip of P’Ott’s interview?

    1. It was a Komchadluek interview, they don’t do video clip. I’m surprised too but he was just being honest. The reporters asked so he answered.

  3. Noy Chan · · Reply

    I agreed Weir is very protective of his friends. From all the interviews I saw from him, he is a very raw and straight forward person. Agreed he is a lot like Tangmo but one thing he is superior he is a good actor he can play it off or use his charisma but Tangmo can’t. Tangmo should learn the technique from him or her boyfriend. These two guys are pro in handling the press and people. Same goes with Bella, and she should be happy to have Weir by her side because a lot of things she said to the press if he is not Weir the dude would stop talking to her long ago. She should talk to Weir and learn how he does it.

    1. I very agree what u say about weir n Bella. Yes and if that guy is not weir maybe she could see some not respect her from the guy like pooklook n s couple And other couple.

  4. I like a straight forward personality but Mo sometimes just comes across as rude. It seems like nothing is ever her fault. I like that Weir refused to let the media pull him into rumors or scandals.

  5. Noy Chan · · Reply

    Yes, Tangmo Is what you would called ignorant fool and stupid. She doesn’t think before she talk. Never apologize for her actions for that reason why she has more scandals with the press than anyone. As for Bella, I don’t think she realize how much Weir did to protect her from the press. Sometimes I would get mad at her for putting him though it. But when looking at it he could protect himself and he can defuse the situations in calm manner and charming ways. Probably the reason why her manager trust him so much.

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