Weir Has Been Contacted To Play In Movies

Weir Has Been Contacted To Play In Movies

Interview: October 13, 2013

We’d like to ask about your movies. We see that you’ve been contacted.
“There has been continuously. The details are in the carrying out period. It’s at the time that I am trying to shake off my image as a lakorn actor. I might study more acting when I have to act in movies because in the past when I acted in lakorn I study it on my own from experience. I might go study somewhat. It’s fun.”

What role did you receive?
“Well, there are many. Roles that are quite strange and challenging; whether it’s a lakorn or movie.”

Did you accept some yet?

“I accepted two movies. You should be able to see them next years, my lakorns and movies. Really, I did act in a movie already, the one that didn’t come out and it’s not okay (smile). At the moment, I am not doing it fully yet. I don’t play that much. It’s like a foretaste but next year you will see me acting in movies for sure.”

Can you tell us your characters?
“It hasn’t been concluded yet. The elders told me not to tell yet. Wait for everything to be confirmed and then I’ll say what they are.”

Are they different from your lakorn roles?
“There are likes and differences but they’re challenging roles. I think every role has a charm. But the role I get to play is considered good. I am giving it a try.”

You seem excited to star in a movie.
“Really, a little. I have experience already but it’s just that it’s something new. Consider as a way for people to see me in another format other than from free TV. But really my main job is being a Channel 7 actor.”

There’s a picture of Gif wiping your sweat.
“Really, it has been awhile. During that time we went to do merit or something and she came to help out because since the lakorn ended we still stay in contract within our group of actors. If there’s a chance to do merit or when we’re free we’d come together. We’re normal sibling. We talk like before; close with each other like before.”

Many people think there might be a return.
“There isn’t. We’re siblings. Truly brother and sister.”

Many people are cheering.
“We’re siblings, better to have it stays that way.”

Are you riding motorcycle together at this time?
“At the moment my motorcycle has been sent to Chiang Mai for a fix. During this time I am riding the small one first so I don’t really go out on a trip as much.”

Are you afraid the picture that came out might affect your relationship with Bella? Or Boom, the close person of Gif?
“Honestly, I think there shouldn’t be a problem because we not involved with each other. We’re only true siblings.”

It seems like Bella is sulking.
“There isn’t (laugh). Gif and I are just very close siblings”

Did Bella ask you about this?
“Never. She never asked at all. Ask if I tell her anything, I didn’t tell her at all. It’s a matter that we don’t think much about. Easy-going.”

Did you get to meet Bella somewhat?

“Not really. I guess she’s filming her lakorn. As for me, I am busy with my businesses because of expanding this and that I have to do a lot of talking [to shareholders].”


P.S. Weir has two lakorns and two movies in 2014, one’s a guest and the other one’s a lead role. He’s one busy man. I think Weir and Mai should do another movie together, to make up for Fatherland aka Pitupoom, the movie that we’ll never get to see.

As for Gif, is there a need to bring her into the mix? Lol That picture of Gif wiping his sweat was during the Aman’s charity event I believe. There was a picture of Gif wiping ice cream off Hem’s lips. To me that’s more intimate then wiping sweat. Plus, Hem and Gif talk on the phone every day. Boom should be jealous if he’s really dating her. 555

And Weir’s mom, Khun Mae Ploy is coming to live with him in BKK. Well, not with him since he brought a condo close to his new home so his mom has a choice between his home or condo. Why can’t they live together? According to Weir, they’re too alike and would fight constantly if they live together. Lol His mom also wanted to try acting in lakorns. He supports her fully. We might get to see her play as his mother in lakorn. Haha



  1. How come weir never mention about his dad or talk abt him?

    1. Weir does mention about his dad being his hero in magazine interviews but not often in interview like this compare to his mom. Weir’s a momma boy. Lol His dad is a nice man of very few words and doesn’t like the spotlight much.

  2. I hope those two lakorns isnt Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah and Atitha

    1. Yep. Those are the two lakorns. No more Weir on Tv until next year. 😦

      Laruk will probably air early in Jan/Feb/March and Atitha will probably air at the end of the year of 2014 since it’s a big production with many historic battle scenes.

  3. Weir and gift they never how can they return report need stop asking stupid question. I watch gift interview and she say on that time there a marker on weir forehead he not so happy with that so she ask to wiping it. Can report stop making news of WG let them free like Cee group of friend

    They too alike and would fight that so cute and funny. Hopefully weir mom and weir play in same the Lakorn.

  4. I mean weir n gift they never dating how can they return

    1. The reporters are claiming Gif as his ex but the fact that they never dated.

  5. The reporters are so lame with their interview questions talking about bella. Weir’s a very patient person. I would be so annoyed.ha ha

  6. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Today news of weir & Bella from dao krajai is more annoying… News put weirs accident in nak soo & Bella car accident together, say that both them got accident cuz of they argument about weir went to pancake grandma funeral.something like that, When I watch this gosh I got so mad, say to myself are they stupid or blind. That’s different news why mix together? Sometime im mad and hate the person who do the gossip👊👊

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