Weir Denies Getting Bella Drunk At RCA

Weir Denies Getting Bella Drunk At RCA

October 3, 2013

There’s a picture of Bella Ranee Campen being kissed in the cheek by James Jirayu and an edited picture of them in wedding dress that slipped out in the internet. When we meet close friend, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot at the event, “Out with Superstar: Free Shop with Weir Sukollawat,” he speaks of the issue as this, “At the moment I am slimmer. At this time, I halt going to the fitness for a little awhile because I am busy with my business that is about to start as well. As a result I haven’t really gone [to the gym]. Another thing, for my new lakorn my body should be somewhat of a football player, doesn’t have to be too big.”

Did you see the picture of James kissing Bella yet? James confirmed already that it’s an edited picture.
“I haven’t seen it. But before it has happened to me often. It’s the feelings of lakorn fans. It has happened to me very often. Before in Instragram there were pictures of me and my nang’eks being edited together so I feel indifferent. I am not worried. The fanclub admires James and Bella as a koo gine so they edited pictures to make themselves fin. I view it as a good thing because the lakorn we play is considered as doing well. I feel indifferent. No worry.”

But many people are shocked because the picture is very smooth.
“No need to worry. These pictures can be edited. I have edited pictures with my friends, not serious. It’s the admiration of fanclub. It’s normal.”

Seeing these pictures, do you feel somewhat jealous?
“I think it’s funny. If I am like that I probably don’t have a mind. I am grown already. I feel nothing. Normal. These types of issues can make us smile more.”

There’s a picture of you going to a store at RCA with Bella.
“I did go. Really, I’ve stayed at Triumph. It’s a place that I stay at regularly. As for the picture that has Bella with me, other people in the gang know each other, like before this there’s news of her riding my motorcycle to Chiang Mai, we’re in the same group.”

That means you guys really went and drink together.
“There are chances to meet each other somewhat but we didn’t go sit and drink together like that. She doesn’t drink. If there’s drinking it’s me, I assure that we didn’t go there to get drunk together, for sure. Well, we might go eat, sit and talk together. The picture from that day is not serious at all. It’s a normal matter if we’re talking we will sit and talk together. Another thing, I am at Triumph often, in the future I will be a dealer so I have to go talk with the shareholders all the times. Don’t be serious if you see me there often.”

How’s your relationship with Bella?
“Continuous. I have some chance to meet her. I am not serious if I don’t see her because we both have duties to do. Largely, when we contact each other it will be more of calling each other because I don’t like sending messages much.”

Right now, what are you worry about her?
“I am not that worried. As for her steel arm, it’s steel therefore it’s hard. Soon, she’ll recover. Something like this needs time. At the moment, her arm is stronger than me because it’s steel (laugh).”

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P.S. There were edited pictures of Weir/Min, Weir/Mai, and so forth but why weren’t those make into a big deal? Huh? As for the reporters accusing Weir of being a bad influence on Bella because she can be seen partying with her friends (Mark P, her managers, and so on) more often. That’s funny, I’m pretty sure she knows how to drink and party even before she met him. She is at that age, hanging out with friends and having fun is normal so don’t even try to act innocent.

As for his businesses, my goodness he’s adding car dealer into his already long list of businesses.

As of October 4th, Laruk has opened production but no scene of Weir and Min together on the first day. Just some scenes of Weir being a bodyguard and working out his muscles to protect the prince then taking a nap to restore his energy. Credit pictures to: mummai_ch7, ch7dramasociety, klonny, and nammakeup


  1. naimee02 · · Reply

    Thanks for the update NinjaKKN 🙂 I can’t wait to see more 🙂

  2. Kidtueng · · Reply

    I hate when they say Bella drink and partying cuz of weir, gosh she grown no need to teach her she can do it her stop saying it weir and weir. Used ur guy mind to think before say gosh I hate this so much when they say it. She not stupid and she don’t like she won’t it no matter how much weir want her to do it she won’t do too, if she don’t like no one can force her. I believe she do love this too and without weir she can do this thing by herself. So stop saying it weir reporters.

  3. cuchoamy · · Reply

    I don’t like Bella.And now Weir makes me disappointed very much.I used to wish Weir – Min tobe a wonderful couple, but now I just want they are frend, sad.

    1. Friendship sometimes are better than relationship, especially the one that don’t last.

      1. I agree with u!

  4. I just wished Weir and Bella aren’t linked together. I think Bella’s the bad influence to Weir. I hate how he’s trying to defend her… although I don’t know either of them personally (just more information about Weir than I do of Bella).

    And haha, Weir is always caught sleeping… 😀

    1. Lol…Bella goes clubbing with her Channel 3 friends and managers. While Weir takes her to pubs usually places where he goes to discuss his businesses with potential shareholders. I think neither are bad influence to another. Partying is not necessary bad as long as people can have fun and at the same time be responsible people.

      It’s understandable that he would defend her. After all, they even defended Kat despite being played by her.

  5. I watch weir interview today and he say his have 2 new movie come out next year,but they still don’t let him tell much detail about the movies. I can’t wait to see who is the n’ek and what is the storyline about. I wonder how good the movie how can he to go study more acting for this. I mean like what kind is this so hard ? As weirs say some close to him but some not. Can’t wait for this movie. Do u know anything about this?

    1. Yes, he has two movies beside the two lakorns. As for his movies, I don’t know what kind of characters he’ll play yet. We’ll have to wait until he updates more on them.

  6. Kidtueng · · Reply

    I Hope one of his n’ek in the movie is min lol. And pray it not action movie🙏

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