Min Denies Dodging Interview

 Min Denies Dodging Interview

Interview: August 31, 2013

Min Pechaya Wattanamontri has become a troublesome nang’ek for before this there was news that she has become conceited after gaining fame. Plus in the morning of August 29th it seemed like she dodged the interview when she was being asked many questions. This caused people to think that Min only wants to give interview in events where she gets paid. We meet Min at opening of a branch of H&M at Central World which she says, “In that morning I didn’t avoid to give answers. Someone told me I can go. They say we’ll see you in the evening. I didn’t duck the reporters at all because in the end we came back to meet each other. It’s because I have work afterward, like what you see in my Instragram.”

Many people view that you’re starting to get famous therefore you’re starting to become conceited.
“No. Honestly, if I make anyone misunderstand I apologize. I never run away from reporters. Since entering the entertainment I never think of running. Really, I have many works. I am trying to divide my time the best I can. Before this I have informed beforehand that I have limited time. The crews pulled me out but it seemed like they didn’t inform the reporters.”

Is it because you don’t want to answer questions that affect you?
“It’s unrelated. I answered many rounds already. It’s doesn’t affect my life at all. Really, I think my responsibility is to answer questions because I can’t avoid it. People are from different parents, one hundred people, a hundred opinions. I can only come out to clarify who I am and what I think, that’s all. The rest is up to the judgment of each person.”

People think you’re troublesome like this, do you feel fail?
“No. If there’s a misunderstanding I apologize, it’s not a big issue at all. I am not annoyed or anything…”

Did the elders misunderstand you?
“Not at all. It’s not an issue at all. It’s more of with you [media]. If you meet me you can interview me like normal. That morning I gave an interview but I informed the crew already about how much time I have. Like that morning I gave half an hour in order to give interview but it seemed like some got to interview and some didn’t as a result some were sulking, which right now I have come out to show my sincerity.”

Mostly, when it comes to interview on the blessing day of lakorn people think that you’re keeping the interview for the event where you go and get paid.
“No because in that morning I know that I have work in the evening. In the evening we’ll meet each other. I know which media I won’t meet so I give them interview first. Therefore, the issue that I give interview in event that I get paid is really unrelated. For some event I don’t get paid. I admit that some event I went to help only I don’t get paid but I give an interview as well.”

Many people say they want you to give more importance to your lakorn.
“I give importance to my lakorn but today is not my lakorn queue. Today, I am performing the responsibility I was given. Balance my time well.”

Someone created a topic between Min and Mint as to who is more suitable for Porshe.
“(laugh) For this I’ll answer jokingly. Porshe is not anyone selection and I am not anyone selection. Porshe and I are friends therefore the way everyone view us is what people think but we’re clear since the very beginning. We’re good to everyone. We’re sincere because standing here, just performing our duty is enough.”

In a few months you will graduate, don’t you think of having a boyfriend?
“It’s not a product that can be bought or sold where I can immediately grab it (smile). I think something like this it’s up to appropriateness and time. It can’t be rushed that once I want to have one, I’ll get it. If it comes it will come on its own.”

Update your lakorn.
“I am happy that many people like it. This lakorn is a comedy and many people tell me that I am playing as myself. It’s good that many people view me as bright and cheerful more because previous lakorns they see only drama. Really, behind the scene is funnier than this…Thank you all the fans who follow, the story is just beginning, please continue to follow. There are plenty of amusements left still.”

With Pae, will gine be effective or not?
“P’Pae is cute. We work together and work went by smoothly. No problem.”

Source: http://www.rakdara.net/overview.php?c=2&id=37631

P.S. Min did answer the media’s questions after the blessing ceremony. But according to the media she didn’t give an extensive interview and some didn’t get a scope (probably because they came late). So thatโ€™s considered as dodging the media? Lol I’m pretty sure if Min didn’t have work after the ceremony the fans would have gotten more pictures of Weir and Min posing together.

Lastly, Iโ€™m off to the airport soon to start my vacation. See you in two weeks. ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. Min has gotten a lot of bad press lately.

  2. pinkdisney32 · · Reply

    Some reporters are so rude & mean to her!

  3. Do u focus on her bad news? Only regarding James Ji and Mint C. Im thinking of who made these news ๐Ÿ™‚ As previous bad news of Min, Min said she has known who is that guy but she doesn’t want to make a big deal for this.

    I think she is a smart girl and know how to answer all questions including bad questions about her.

    Thanks Ninja for your translation.

    1. I don’t focus on just her negative news. I focus on all her news, good or bad. Lol Some entertainment news are true and some are just fabricated, most celebrities know that. And yes, Min answers the media’s questions well all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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