Weir Is Relieved That Bella Is Better

Weir Is Relieved That Bella Feel Better

Interview: August 30, 2013

Weir Sukollawat is relieved that Bella Ranee’s condition has gotten better after getting into a car accident. He believes the female side didn’t sulk that he didn’t go visit her. He admits he wants to be a producer but he’s still too young; ask for time to study for five years first.

Actress, Bella Ranee Campen got into a car accident and broke her left arm but she has been treated and her condition is better. And she has gotten out of the hospital. Don’t know if close brother like Channel 7 pra’ek, Weir Sukollawat will go visit and give his support to the junior nang’ek yet. We meet Weir at the blessing ceremony of lakorn, “La Ruk Sut Kop Fah” so we ask him regarding this issue plus the news that Weir is preparing to be a lakorn producer like many other senior actors in the entertainment circle.

We heard you’re making contacts to be a lakorn producer.
“Not yet. I’m only in the early stage of being pushed, that’s all. I’m not in a rush to do it because right now like I told you I have open lakorns that will open productions. Next month, I will have another lakorn, “Athita.” The elders sent me to study…in order to become a producer. Study first so when it’s time to go behind the scene I can do it with confident. Because I went to study already and have some experiences therefore I can do it.”

That means the elders are pushing you fully to work behind the scene.

“I’ve been here for a long time. If I have the chance I should try it, if I like it, I will do it. So I can continue to stay with them but if I really don’t like it then it’s up to me.”

Do you think you can do it?
“Really, it’s not up to me. It’s up to the team more. Usually, the team must be strong. If I have a strong team, I am ready and I have studied too, with all these maturities I can probably do it. Personally, I think it should be fun because I work as an actor for a long time. I stay at the sets and had the chance to study continuously, regarding all the systems at the sets. I ask and study somewhat, it should be fun…As actors we don’t know, as we age more, what will we do…”

Do you think at your age it’s too quick to become a producer?
“If I am one right now it would be too quick. I will probably use more time than this, no more than five years from now, I should begin to do it.”

That means you’re interested in doing it fully.
“I don’t know at all. Once it’s time then we’ll see. Ask if five years is still too quick, no. Nothing is too quick. If I am ready I will probably be able to do it.”

Will you do it alone or with whom?

“It’s up to channel 7 but ask who I will do it with…I still don’t know. Probably among friends.”

Have you think about what type you want to do?
“Not yet. I’ll have to study it first. Right now, I want to concentrate on the role I am playing first.”

If you’re going to do it, what type do you think you want to do?
“Really, I have to look at the market. I am unsure. I used to talk with directors, producers, and some elders how to produce lakorns. It depends on many components. I still don’t know. Right now, once I study more, I should know more.”

Bella got out of the hospital. Did you get the chance to go pick her up?
“I didn’t go but I did see the news. She was lively and cheerful. Ask if I’m worry-free…worry-free. Everyone is relieved. And the doctors are great. Her wound is somewhat good, heal fast, she can do physical therapy now.”

Did you get to speak with her?
“I spoke to her a little. She’s at home with her parents…but I think she wants to come back and work because she doesn’t want to take a long break from work.”

Did you go to take care of her?
“Not yet.”

Her dad is stricter after the accident.
“I think not. He’s probably worry like normal. Once it’s time to drive or sit in a car – be careful.”

Did you send anything to nourish her?
“I didn’t send anything yet. I see that her fans has given plenty to her already (laugh). I only called her. Sent her my voice a little – are you okay? (smile)”

Are you afraid she will sulk that you didn’t go visit?
“She won’t sulk because we always talk. Because my work too…Easy-going, not serious.”

Is her family confidence in you still the same?
“We talk like normal. I think because they see that I am easy-going therefore they talk nicely to me. Grown already, there shouldn’t be any problem.”


P.S. One visit should be enough. Lol But seriously, if Bella still don’t learn her lesson from this accident to buck up in the back seat I don’t know what to say. Thai people rarely wear seat belts in the backseat; it’s quite scary and careless.



  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    5555 agree, yes one visit for this girl is already enought,she still have a bit lucky that why she get a one vist from him. A lie girl like her should not a get visit from him at all 555555.

  2. Bella is lucky she’s still okay. Girlfriend need to start wearing seat belts from now on.

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