Min Denies Mint Replaced Her As a Presenter

Min Denies Mint Replaced Her As a Presenter

Interview: August 30, 2013

Min Pechaya denies Mint Chalida replaced her as a presenter, confident there will be no dispute with the other party. She also refutes accepting too much events until it has caused her to be pulled from the lakorn, “Barn Sai Tong.” She exclaims to never have thrown tantrum at the media, still not troublesome because she’s more famous.
Accepting too much events until actress, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri has been the subject of gossips that Channel 7 are disapproved that she accepted too many events until it affected the filming of her lakorns. Therefore it becomes the reason as to why Min has been pulled from “Barn Sai Tong” causing her to be disgruntled. Not only that, Min also has news that she has been replaced as a presenter by Mint Chalida. Min quickly clarifies every issue while attending the blessing ceremony for “La Ruk Sut Kop Fah.”

There’s news that Mint Chalida replaced you as a presenter.
“It’s unrelated. Everyone has their own works. I never knew about this news before. I also never heard about us competing. It’s a rumor. I still have all my presenter works and I am about to have a new one that is coming out for you to follow. I am not removed from any of them. Still the same.”

Are you confused as to how this type of news comes out?

“I think it’s a misunderstanding. In my generation there is not only me, there are many people and many have been compared. It’s not a big issue and I am not serious at all.”

Personally, do you know Mint?
“We know each other. We’re in the same industry and have worked together. I’m not afraid of dispute news at all. It’s very wrong if you’re linking me to dispute with her because she is very cute.”

We would like to ask about you accepting too much events that it has affected your lakorn.

“It’s unrelated. Like we all know for the lakorn, “La Ruk Sut Kop Fah,” I locked my queue for over a year for this already. Therefore I can’t accept a new lakorn because I was waiting for P’Weir’s queue.”

Are you afraid of the person releasing the news to discredit you?
“I’m not afraid. I am doing my best already because something like this is up to my accomplishments. Another thing, I am also studying. Please have a little sympathy for me.”

Does accepting events affect your lakorn?
“If you follow my Instragram you will see that I am studying very hard. I just got out of the hospital as of last week.”

P’Tutka praises you that you have good conduct.
“I balance my works and studying the best I can. It’s an honor in my work. Anything that the elders say you can, I can, anything that they are not okay with, I am also not okay.”

Regarding the news that you’re disgruntled you didn’t get to play in “Barn Sai Tong.”
“Where did you hear it from? I consider every lakorn role as being very sacred. No matter what role, I will do my best.”

But the news said you accepted too many events until you’re pulled from that lakorn.
“It’s unrelated. Anyone can say whatever they want. I don’t regret the role. Anyone who gets the role will be good. Barn Sai Tong has been done for many generations already. It’s a magical role. I think anyone who plays it will be good.”

Recently, there’s news that you threw a tantrum at the media.
“I have never read it at all. I never gave an interview where I throw a tantrum. If anyone see me throw a tantrum it will be very weird. Since entering the entertainment circle for four years that incident never happened. I consider that we’re working together. Water depend on boats, tigers depend on forest. We work by giving each other respect. I never ran away and have never, not given an interview.”

People view that you’re more famous so you’re more troublesome.
“Someone probably misunderstand. I am standing here. I am doing my best in everything.”

Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/ent/366640

P.S. Water depend on boats, tigers depend on forest is a Thai proverb meaning everything is dependent on something else, you depend on me, I depend on you kinda thing.

Khun Tukta said Min has good working conduct yet the media is still writing about her accepting too much events and causing trouble for the production. That’s funny. When will they stop milking this news? And they need to stop asking about Barn Sai Tong, I could careless as long as the pra’ek is still Pong. Sorry to his fans but he doesn’t match the role despite his belief that he’s the only person who’s perfect for the role.


  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    5555 I image Khun Yai n pin in ban sai tong now so funny

  2. Why are the media picking on Min so much? how about they pick on some other actresses like Yaya.

    1. I am starting to think Channel 3 may have paid the media so they have some control over the news of their celebrities. Lol It seemed like the reporters don’t want to offend Channel 3 much, unless some other news sources released negative news first then they have no choice but to follow suit.

      Like I said before, some reporters have bias and purposely write negative news of actors or actresses they don’t like. For example, that gay man who wrote about Min asking James Ji for his number, I saw his interview on a show and he admitted that Ae Supachai have asked him to write negative news about Mai. The entertainment industry is like this, reporters who like you will write positive news about you, reporters who don’t like you will write negative news about you. And sometimes reporters are influence by higher authorities that don’t like the celebrities therefore having negative news are inescapable.

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