Weir Sukollawat: Previous Matters In Life Will Pass By

Weir Sukollawat: Old Problems Will Pass By In Life

Interview: August 26, 2013

“Everything that occurs in life, no matter what, it passes through only briefly and after that it will pass by.”

All the time in the past 8 years the things that Weir Sukollawat Kanarot has done other than playing in a lakorn consecutively for Channel 7 are businesses. From being a shareholder for a fitness center, Health Me Lifestyle Fitness and restaurants such as Cool House Pub & Restaurant that he shared with friends in the entertainment circle, Decha Fried Chicken, Soi Taew Tim, Wine Society, and Mongkhon Coffee – until we thought when did he quit acting. This pra’ek will find success in doing businesses for sure but suddenly there’s news that he’s thinking of becoming a lakorn producer. He’s serious to the point of enrolling in a school to study for a Master’s Degree, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, majoring in Entertainment Business Adminstration and Management at Kantana Institute.

“Yes.” Weir admits with a strong voice and serious eyes. “Because I play in lakorns for a long time. People are starting to persuade me to work behind the scene.”

He hasn’t decided for sure. But the elders at Channel 7 have already sent this graduate who got an Engineering Bachelor Degree from Khon Kaen University to further his study with the goal of studying to become a producer.

“They don’t want anyone to say that if one day they push me to become a producer but I have only the viewpoint of being an actor.”

Compare to when he first entered in the entertainment industry, clearly we can see that right now Weir has changed a lot.

“Really?” Once we address him he answers back with a smile.

Not his look, we tell him. Because he is still handsome and can yank the heart of girls like before but his figure. During his introduction era in the lakorn, “Plik Din su Dao” he was still a skinny young man but in the present in “Nak Soo Maha Gaan” that just ended he has transformed into a very muscular man. He has a tight muscle and a full six packs.

“Playing in an action lakorn I must work out to make my body strong a little so people can believe me.”

He tells his reason. He also says he has to fit and firm to this extent because of the lakorn, “Khun Dech” in that year, it was the starting point.

“They wrote that this character that Weir play must be strong and have tight muscle. I was told to think of it as homework, fit your body.” They asked for it so he arranged it for them.

It began from being a customer at Health Me Lifestyle Fitness but he became addicted because it’s good for his figure and health. Plus it also makes him party less because after being tired from working out he doesn’t want to do anything. Whenever he’s free he must go to the fitness or if he’s not free because he’s busy filming a lakorn he still wake up early in the morning and go work out first. This caused him to decide and shift himself from being a customer to a shareholder.

“I feel that right now acting well only or having a good look only can’t compete with having a good figure too.”

There! Because many viewers like beautiful muscles therefore everything must go together simultaneously especially in a situation where there’s a high competition between actors.

“If we don’t take care of ourselves, don’t maintain our looks to be handsome, fresh, and maintaining our figure well, and don’t improve our acting skill all the times – if you have only had one thing you can’t stay. You must have all of it because there are many competitions. I’m telling you honestly.”

All of it and you must add this important factor, “Be yourself. Be honest to your duty. Be honest to the viewers.”

Like he tried to be all along.

“At first I just wanted a life experience during one period to come and learn to become an actor in the entertainment industry. Early, there were many insults. Who is this? Who is this country pra’ek?”

He’s telling a story that he used to experience, it might be because he never been through any stage, not handsome (in his eyes), and acted like a tree.

“So I think in my mind that I am good for being able to graduate from engineering. Why can’t I play in a lakorn and make people like me?”

Try, try, and try. In the end he became what we see.

“I am not born to be. I didn’t play in my first lakorn and was immediately good. I was not proficient. I was stiff as a rock. I thought of leaving.”

He compares himself until he sees the image and then he laugh loudly. From a country pra’ek that no one knows, before he has today, Weir is like the other actors that have been tested many times in life.

“This career has a lot of income. We have people who like, admire, and view us as idols, superstars in their hearts, if we’re not calm, or if we go along with, it might result in us forgetting ourselves. In the beginning everyone is like that but if you can pull yourself back to become who you are then it will be your luck.”

He’s among those lucky people. He has family and friend pulling him that no matter what he is the son of his parents and I’Weir of his friends. As for the matter of news, once it passes the critical point in the beginning, from a feeling of why are you bothering with my life too much, he’s able to continue to stay with the news and feel relaxed with it.

“It’s natural in the entertainment society.” The person who experienced a lot tells us.

“I begin to feel used to it. I begin to feel that I can deal with it. I can stay.”

Therefore at age 30 or 35 he’ll begin to do something new.

“I won’t leave. I am already the big brother.”

As for the businesses he’s doing, it’s merely for study and more of fulfilling dream within his group of friends. Because he likes to eat he opened restaurants. A coffee restaurant is the dream of his friend who wanted to be a barista…it might not produce many profit but he and his shareholder friends are happy.

Chatting until we reach this point, it seems like Weir has manage his life and feeling well.

“It’s probably because I do things that I won’t regret. Or if I do regret I won’t feel sad for long. I view everything that happens in my life, no matter what, it passes through briefly and it will pass by, whether it’s sadness or happiness. Therefore don’t be attached to it, live life, continue to walk forward, no need to jump too much. Do the things that you like without troubling others. Don’t be happy with the things that come in too much. Do if sufficiently and you will live with happiness.”


P.S. What a poorly written article. Lol But I like Weir’s quotes, he sound very grounded and level headed. Weir’s biggest dream is to go into real estate development. There’s someone close to him who has a father doing real estate and she will likely join the family business in the future. He might want to seek her father’s advice or better just join the family and work together. ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. He does seem very grounded. I’ve said this a 1000 times and will say it again, Pancake breaking it off with him really did do him more good than harm. He has grown so much from it.

  2. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Oh wow really he a part of in Healy me fitnee too? Love every word he say in here Susu weir, I’m so proud for this man๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. He matured so much over the years. Surely, any girl would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend. I wish him luck in any future business.

  4. humanbeing · · Reply

    hi i’m from malaysia. no wonder everyone love him. very mature and down to earth person. honest personality. he been through a lot but weir manage to stay strong and positive. with this attitude he surely will be more successful in the future and hopefully he will meet his other half soon.:) A great and honest person will be surrounding by great and honest person too.

  5. is it just me or am the only one who actually thinks he was way more handsome around 4 or 5 years ago when he did Dang Duang Haruthai …beard and the new haircut doesn’t really suit him

    1. He much hotter now. I don’t find him attractive at all then when he was skinny and nothing about him stand out. Now, he’s more manly and the facial works for him, according to me.

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