Weir’s Not Ready To Be Producer; Reveals Happy To Work With Ae Supachai

Weir's Not Ready To Be Producer; Reveals Happy To Work With Ae Supachai

Interview: August 25, 2013

After Bella Ranee Campen entered the hospital because she got into a car accident and broke her arm it seems like Weir Sukollawat Kanarot might go look after her. Plus there are people who gossiped that Weir went to pick Bella up at the airport but she denied that he didn’t go. There’s also news that Weir will become a lakorn producer. When we meet Weir at 7 See Concert this is what he has to say, “Today a lot of fans came. The channel and I told the fans that there will be a concert, Weir For Fans, if anyone is free come and cheer. When many of them came – thank you. After this will I have another one? I don’t know either. Must wait and see (smile).”

Will you produce or not yet?
“Not yet. Stay here first. Right now, I am at the period where I have to go study for awhile. It’s like they’re also not rushing because they want me to accumulate some experience first. If I am going to do it I will do it once I am ready with the production crews and myself.”

There’s news Ae Supachai has become a lakorn producer and will work with you.
“That’s good. P’Ae has many actors at many channels. Channel 7 is the first channel that give us the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry. If there’s a chance to do it I will gladly do so. As for if I will be a director or producer – I am not sure. It’s up to the people who push me (laugh).”

And your lakorn.
“Tomorrow, I have a fitting for my new lakorn, La Ruk Sut Kop Fah. And Atitha will probably begin shooting next month. We’re not in a rush. We want it to come out best. It might be the beginning of next year that we should get to watch it. Please watch via Channel 7, my juniors and friends first.”

How is the condition of Bella?
“Better already. Like everyone know the arm bone is a small piece of bone it should connect quickly. I didn’t go visit her again yet. But her condition is probably better with her entire family there together and many celebrity friends that went to visit her. She is still young she’ll recover quickly. If it was us we’ll probably lie helplessly for a long time.”

And regarding the matter where you said you went to pick Bella up.
“I gave an interview regarding this matter last week. I admitted I went to pick her up. I was nearby, the departing airport and returning airport were different airports, I took the chance of being free and went to pick her up.”

Why did Bella say you didn’t pick her up?
“This, you should try to interview her again. It seemed like this news has been awhile already.”

Any message you want to say to the fans who came today?
“I have to thank everyone who came today to support me. I did my best. Practice fully, sweat fully for all the fans. I am happy that you follow my works during the 8-9 years period. Thank you and continue to stay together as Sukollawat family. Thank you everyone very, very much.”


P.S. The reporters are recycling questions. Lol

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    same old questions.. I would be so annoy.

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