Min Begs Media To Stop Talking About Rumours Of Her Being Taken off Barn Sai Tong

Min Begs Media To Stop Talking About Rumours Of Her Being Taken off Barn Sai Tong

Interview: August 25, 2013

Min Pechaya Wattanamontri is the subject of gossip saying she has been removed from the role of nang’ek in the lakorn, Barn Sai Tong. We meet Min at the event, Kindness For Funds To Care For Homeless Animals, at Central World which she gives an interview about her new lakorn with Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, “Yes. We’re about to go fitting for La Ruk Sut Kop Fah. This lakorn is the next part from Pin Anong, the lakorn that Pin gives in but this lakorn, Pin will fight. P’Weir in this lakorn will be a little passive. In this lakorn maybe no one give in to each other.”

Is it slap-kiss style?
“Not sure but the storyline is flavorful like before and have more diversities. People don’t really get to see me in this type of role. In this lakorn, I will be a really privileged child. Following the lakorn style of P’Ott, it will be like this, every style, I can’t guess what style it will be. There will be action on P’Weir side. Nang’ek must go join the action destiny too but this lakorn has romance for sure. For each storyline the plot is not the same with one another.”

There’s gossip that you’ve been removed from being Potjamarn because you have problem with the elders in the channel.
“I think it’s funny. Please stop talking about this matter because I work every day. My life is not comfortable at all.”

Are you sad that people view it like that?
“No. Change the news. No need to write it. Change it immediately. No need to write it. (Unhappy face, turned around to ask the media a question) What news? I will go read it. There’s nothing. I am shooting consistently…Really, I am open, I don’t say what lakorn I accept that’s all. The fans won’t be excited.”

We see that Channel 7 has prohibit accepting events while shooting lakorn.
“There is? I don’t see it at all. There isn’t at all. I just heard this. Really, I talk with the lakorn sets that any day they don’t take (no filming on queue) I will accept event. Mostly, it’s impossible to come at the same time. Any day that the sets doesn’t take I can accept. We work as a family. There’s no wrong, no right in a matter like this. It’s appropriateness.”

Source: http://www.rakdara.net/overview.php?c=20&id=37446

P.S. The media just love making things up, huh?



  1. Weirfan · · Reply

    Min must be annoy with the media making up news about her.

  2. I still have HOPE for her to play the role as Potjamarn. đŸ™‚

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