Weir Went To Visit Bella Already

 Weir Went To Visit Bella

Interview: August 22, 2013

After actress, Bella Ranee Campen got into a car accident and her arm was hurt badly, many people were worried. Friends in the entertainment circle went to visit her but one person that many people are keeping an eye on whether he will secretly visit Bella or not is Channel 7 actor, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot. We meet Weir at the event to introduce presenters for Provamed Gluta Serum at The Mall Bangkapi, which he admits he went to visit Bella already. As of now, her condition is better but she still need time to recuperate.

Did you go to visit Bella yet?

“I went already. I called her personal manager, P’Prae if she was sleeping or not. When patients are sick or recovering from surgeries, we have to watch if they’re resting or not…I went to visit her only briefly.”

Did you deliver supplementary foods to her?

“At the moment, foods must be from the hospital only because from what I know she must have soft foods first.”

As of now, did she improve?
“When I went I think she has improved. There are some swelling after surgery. If people have broken their arms before they’ll know that it hurts…But I think she’s still young, she should recover quicker than us.”

Did you get to watch her?
“No. I would go if am free. She has her personal managers and parents staying over all the time already. And she has friends in the entertainment circle and university friends, many people go to visit her. I ask how’s her condition, simple. She is gradually getting better. In the early stage she may have been exhausted because she has to take more painkillers than usual.”

How did you know about the news?
“On the day that the accident happened, I went to bed early, but then I woke up. Her manager called that there will be news of Bella getting into an accident. I was shocked and asked if she was hurt badly. She said nothing much and [told me to] wait to watch the news. But that day, I didn’t go to visit her yet. I was still working but I called to ask P’Prae, her personal manager all the time because I want to know if she’s okay yet. Finally, I saw her face in the newspaper that she’s okay so it’s okay (smile).”

Did you send flower to encourage her?
“I didn’t send one at all.”

Did you send message via line to her?
“No. I call P’Prae all the time. I understand she must want to rest. I don’t want to bother her too much. If it was me I would probably want to sleep and rest more.”

Did you tell her manager to give Bella a message?
“I told her manager if she wake up don’t move much because I used to break my arm often. Don’t move too much but must move the hand all the time. But don’t move too much, like physical therapy, that’s all. Because she’s staying with doctors, the doctors would advise everything. I am not a doctor, I can’t say much.”

Did you give her any special message?
“I told via Prae to be strong but really she’s already very strong. If it was someone else they might sleep helplessly, but from pictures she’s recovering quickly, which it’s good, meaning she’s still young.”

When you went to visit, did she tell you anything?
“She looked at her arm and said it’s good that she’s not hurt much. There’s nothing much. She might be happy that I went to visit, that’ all.”

Bella is worry about her lakorns, did you comfort her or what encouragement did you give her?
“She is worry about her works from the news too but I see that her fellow actors and many producers said worry about yourself, don’t worry about works because works can carry on. If they can’t film you they can film someone else first, flim close-up or have stand-in…I think Thai lakorns right now there has advance technologies, they can do it easily.”

Leaving the hospital this time, will you take special care of her and be her driver?
“I think she might be scared of cars for awhile. I think her personal managers will take good care of her.”

Will you drive for her?
“Presently, I still have a driver (smile). Cars are somewhat dangerous. I tell everyone who are actors, new generation or whatever, if you enter the entertainment circle don’t regret spending a little amount of money to hire driver…I think it’s safer or buy a van and have a trusted driver. I advise everyone because working is really tiring. Everyone know that when we work, we don’t know what time it is over, we don’t know what time is the appointment for tomorrow, better to be safe first.”

If Bella get out of the hospital, will you go pick her up?
“If I am free I will go but if I’m not free don’t scold me (smile).”

Are you pressured that people are keeping an eye to see if you will pick her or not?
“Not pressured because it’s a normal thing. If she’s at the airport, not sick, and if I am nearby I can go. It’s a matter of helping each other out.”

People are wondering why you went to visit her but didn’t take a picture and post it on your Instragram like James Ji who went to visit Bella?
“I don’t know. I don’t know why I have to do it because there’s no reason for me to do it. I am not the type of person who likes to take that type of pictures. I like to take pictures of myself riding a motorcycle or any picture that I want to take and post. I think there’s no need to use picture, talk to each other and tell her to get well soon, that’s all. There’s nothing.”

Will we get to see you and Bella posting in each other Instragram?
“I don’t know. In conclusion, right now, I only posted only one picture of my mom. Mostly, I posted pictures of myself. Post picture that I want to post. Simple.”

We saw you attending the funeral of Pancake’s grandmother a few days ago.
“Yes. I know her. Grandmother was a very cute person. When I heard the news I set a date with producer, P’Ott and fellow actor friends, if anyone is free to go pay respect to her.”

Did you meet Pancake at the funeral?
“She wasn’t there. Only her parents, brother, and uncle were there. And the friends that went together.”

Did Pancake know you went?
“I think she must know because I got to speak with her parents (smile).”

Did she send a message to thank you?
“She didn’t call. But I think she is thankful.”

Meeting Pancake’s parents, how was it?
“Normal. We talk like normal. I am a kid. Normally, if we go to a funeral we go with the heart. I feel grandmother was nice to me so I went.”

Did you meet Officer Mee?
“We didn’t meet at the funeral. I know he ride motorcycle but I have yet to see him within the motorcycle circle.”

If you meet him, you guys can talk to each other, right?
“Very comfortable because everything passed a long time ago (smile).”

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P.S. My goodness, these reporters are relentless.



  1. Kidtueng · · Reply

    I was wishing weir didn’t go visit her but he did so okay. I don’t understand Bella she say between weir and her there is nothing or he not her best guy friend but whenever so something happen to her her manager is alway call weir. What does it mean? I just wanna say he not your maid or a person for u to used whatever u want too.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      agree with you, bella is not worth weir to care about

  2. Weirfan · · Reply

    I wish he would date Min or Mai. I’m not fond of Bella lately.

  3. Yeah, I was hoping he wouldn’t go to visit Bella. But, he went to Pancake’s grandmother’s funeral, so he’s such a gentleman. And he didn’t post it on Instagram to show off and declare to the world, so props for him!

  4. i love weir · · Reply

    i hate bella

    1. Why u hate bella?

  5. i love P’ Bella and P’ Weir ❤

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