Weir Plans To Be Ordained Before Turning 30

 Weir Plans To Be Ordained Before Turning 30

Interview: August 21, 2013

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot explains he’s not ready to be ordained this year, plan to be ordained before turning 30 years old.

“Not yet but I have thought about it. I don’t have an auspicious date and I haven’t spoke to my family yet. But I have thought of being ordained, not beyond 30 years old. I am 28 years old already. I think it’s time for me to requite my parents but they’re not rushing me. They say they want me to continue working first. I think I should be ordained for at least one phansa but I don’t know if I can or not. If everything fall into place I want to be ordained for 30 days and will probably be ordained in Bangkok so it can be easier for my friends to attend the ceremony. But when it comes to settling at a temple I might go to the countryside, which I haven’t told the channel yet. I have to request ahead of time approximately one to two months.”


P.S. Phansa is a 3 months Buddhist Lent period where Buddhist men can choose to be ordained.

And recently, Pancake was asked at an event if her boyfriend got jealous by Weir attending her grandmother’s funeral. Pan explains she wasn’t there that day but her mom did tell her about her and it was a non-issue. According to reporters, Weir went to the funeral not to pay his respect to Pan’s grandmother but to make her boyfriend jealous and cause a rift in their relationship. Seriously? Have some respect for the grandmother, if people didn’t care for her they wouldn’t go the funeral and pay their last respect to her. Weir didn’t have to attend but he’s nice enough to be there and seriously the relationship was over a long time ago so enough with these type of news already. Reporters these day are so ridiculous. They’re probably going to interview him about it soon, as if he need to explain himself about attending a funeral service.



  1. Weirfan · · Reply

    Those reporters don’t have respect even for the dead people. It’s just sad really. I think Weir is somewhat close to her grandmother since they dated for several years. Of course, he would be there to pay respect to her. Weir must be mad by this news…

    I’m surprised they didn’t even ask him about Bella yet.

  2. Weir and Pan dated for several years and practically lived together so Weir is probably pretty close to the grandmother. I think its very sincere of Weir to go and pay his last respect after all that has happend between him and Pan.

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    I can’t image weir when he have no hair,maybe different way cute.. šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™ for u first. I don’t understand the news at all, do they have any good thinking in they mind? Weir just go show some repect for the people he used to know for that person last day only why make it like a seriou news?

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