Weir Admits To Picking Bella Up At Airport; Has Two Lakorns Line-up

Weir Admits To Picking Bella Up At Airport; Have Two Lakorns Line-up

Interview: August 18, 20013

Weir reveals he’s waiting to open productions for two lakorn, Atitha and La Ruk Sut Kop Fah with Min Pechaya. He opens up to picking Bella up at the airport because her manager was busy. The relationship is going slowly. And if he’s free he would be happy to play in a lakorn for Ae Supachai.

You can say he’s the number one p’ek at Channel. The big muscle actor, weir Sukollawat who right now is being pushed by the elders to be a lakorn producer or director. Plus he has to slowly push the new generation p’eks that will be born shortly. But no matter what Weir is not that ready yet.

You have lakorns opening soon.
“Open productions for two lakorn, La Ruk Sut Kop Fah with N’Min Pechaya, and Atitha with N’Now (Tisanart), Pooklook (Fonthip), and Om (Akapan), the four of us. Yes, both lakorns are big productions. It’s good that I get to play. I would probably be tired for sure.”

You’re a very sellable p’ek.

“Not to that extent, to be frank the channel has few p’eks therefore everyone is full not just me only. Everyone has at least 2 lakorns because we have few actors. We are trying to push the next generation, wait shortly, you might get to see new generation p’eks soon.”

Do you think there will be koo gine tidings again?
“Since we played Pin Anong, there were fanclub that likes our performances and continues to gine regularly. I think it’s a lakorn that should be fun. Romantic drama and there is some comedy as well.”

We heard the writers are the same as Pin Anong.

You’re on a break that’s why you’re growing facial hair, right?
“In the beginning of the lakorn, La Ruk Sut Kop Fah, I have to have long hair as a military bodyguard for this one country. It’s somewhat Persian style therefore long hair and mustache. But by the second episode I will have a clear face.”

There’s news that you went to pick Bella up at the airport.
“Yes, there probably was but not often. If I have the chance and was not that faraway…I used to pick her up once because that time Ploy, her manager who’s close with me said she didn’t bring her car and asked me to pick Bella up. I said okay because my lakorn during that time was light. I can pick her up, no problem. It was awhile ago already.”

If you’re free you will go take care of her?
“Not to that extent, during this time I am somewhat busy. If I have the time we get to talk somewhat. Easy going.”

How’s your relationship with her?
“Gradually. Not in a rush, talk as siblings because she has many things to do. She just entered the entertainment circle unlike me who’s carefree already. I want her to work fully, don’t have to worry about something like this. So she can concentrate on her work.”

Bella said she’s working a lot during this time.
“That’s good. We have to focus on work first. Other things can be discussed later on. During the beginning [of our career] we have to be able to pass it. In the beginning, it was chaotic for me as well, before I can act in a lakorn, before I have work, so we must do our best with work first, other things can be discussed later on.”

Are you looking forward to use the word, girlfriend?
“Not to that extent. But I feel it’s okay. She is a very cute person. And we talk, it’s not damaging to know each other, and she’s an okay person. I am not too serious. We talk and it’s fun, it’s okay.”

But it’s consider as a relationship that continues to progress.
“It’s considered to be good. Gradually? It comes in a row, if there’s time there’s time, if there’s no time there’s no time. We’re not serious to talk with each other everyday or something like that.”

Is she consider as your special person?
“It’s considered as having the chance to talk and it’s okay. She’s okay, cute, something like that, but I am not in a rush or to make a decision or pressure myself. Let it happens naturally.”

You’re not sulking, right? Before this she gave an interview that you’re not her special person.
“I didn’t sulk because like I said, I still have to work. At the moment, I am like the ship captain, the channel tried to push me to help my juniors. And in the future they wanted me to be the ship captain of the channel and take care of many things. I might have the chance to do behind the scene work. P’Vee went ahead of me already.”

To be a producer, right?
“Yes, they wanted it to be like that. They are trying to push [me]. They tried to send me to go study, get a master degree.”

Recently, P’Ae has become a producer at Channel 7. Did he come to seek advices from you?
“He probably won’t seek my advice. But he probably wanted me to play for him. If he does it for Channel 7 he probably wanted me to play or the juniors within the same channel. As for me, I would like the time to study for 3-4 years then I’ll do it. It looks fun. And I already came along this path. I know many people. The elders are kind to me, giving me the chance. I don’t think it would be hard. It should be doable.”

Back to Bella, did she give an interview like that because she wanted you to admit to it first?
“I really don’t know. But like I said, no need to rush it. Whatever interview she give, I think she’s already grown, it should be okay.”

Is she the only person you’re talking with?
“The only person I am talking with? Uhh, she’s considered as the only person I got the chance to talk with the most, but, uhh, it’s okay we got the chance to talk. But during this moment, I have many things. Like I said better to process gradually. She can have the chance to do other things, not just think about news [with me].”

People saw you and P’Vee going to Thonglor and there were women with you guys.
“Mostly, we’re from the same group. The women in my A-Man gang are probably girlfriends of my friends or friends within the group. Even if I have women it’s not strange to have female friends. It’s a normal matter because in this world there are more women than men. Seeing me with women is a normal matter. In this world there probably won’t be completely all males walking the street.”

Do you have a special woman?
“I don’t have anyone special yet.”


P.S. Weir has a very good memory, not selective unlike someone. Haha No special person, gradually, not rushing – same tunes as the other party except one person knows how to answer probing questions as honestly and non-offensively as possible while the other person shows lack of experience. However, I could careless about this relationship, if Weir is happy then that’s fine with me, but if he’s unhappy then time to move on buddy.

As for Ae Supachai’s lakorn, he already sent Channel 7 the storyline to his lakorn but is just waiting for them to approve it. With Ae’s over the top attitude I wonder if his lakorn will push the envelope.

Anyway, La Ruk Sut Kop Fah is the most important lakorn to me right now. Hehe Long hair again? I hope they didn’t recycle Khun Yai’s bird-nest hair. Lol Good thing it’s only for an episode. But Persian style? Mmmm…interesting. Seriously, the more I hear about the storyline the more interested and excited I am. Can’t wait for the hot bodyguard to protect his lovely woman.

Lastly, I am very lovestruck by Weir’s look in this photoshoot with Mai. He looks so darn sexy and enigmatic. Too bad there are only a few pictures of Weir and Mai together. Credit: Na Lalin and pantip




  1. Weirfan · · Reply

    He looks so hot! Forget about Bella and come to me Weir.

  2. Kidtueng · · Reply

    Agree Im sad weirmai have less couple pic in this shooting 😦 Bella she act like it so hard to yes weir used me pick up once. Did she wanna be like Janie? 55555 is weir very in ae Lakorn? What is the title? I want to say weir I don’t want u push the new generation p’eks, I only want to see u 5555

    Can’t wait for la ruk sut fah this is the only Lakorn I’m wait with my whole life.. Long time no see weir in clear face in Lakorn I mean clear in Lakorn till the Lakorn end. Every Lakorn weirs have it but later come back with facial hair. So this Lakorn he is a bodyguard which is he need to be clear and handsome wearing suite everyday. So excite just talk about it omg I gong crazy 555

  3. I’m wondering how did he even meet Bella?

    Personally, I think he should move on (for example with Mai Davika)! Haha.

    Weir just looks too hot!!

    1. They did a movie together, Pitupoom, which will never be shown due to religious sensitivity. And they are also under the same talent agency, Ae Supachai. Weir is pretty much close to all of the managers under Ae, including Ploy, Bella’s personal manager.

      1. I thought that was a movie with Mai Davika.

        Awh, that’s so sad! All that hard work and effort and it won’t be shown??

        Not really sure how the companies and agencies work in Thailand. So he’s managed under Channel 7, so how does Ae Supachai come in the picture?

      2. It’s the same movie. In Pitupoom, Mai is paired with Weir, and Bella is paired with Ananda.

        Ch.7, Ch.3, or any channel for that matter only manage lakorns for their contracted actors. If the actors are signed under a particular channel they only have the choice of doing dramas for that channel only. Therefore, Channel 7 feed Weir lakorns while his manager takes of his schedule and find him other work such as events, advertisement, etc. It’s a separate contract.

      3. Oh, I see. No wonder Ae Supachai is so rich. He has so many artistes under him. A little here and a little there can get him a Hermes bag already!

        I don’t really know much about Bella and haven’t watched her lakorns, but I want Weir to be with someone else. Haha.

        I wasn’t into Thai dramas when Pancake and Weir were together, but when I found out that they once dated, they just look so perfect that they’re like inscribed on my mind. Haha.

  4. To be honest, I am looking forward to see his lakorn with Min. Pin Anong seemed to be such a big hit! But the war lakorn, I don’t want to see him get injured again with all the action scenes. I hope he takes care of himself!

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