Bella Denies Secret Dating Status With Weir

Bella Denies Weir's Secret Boyfriend Status

Interview: August 16, 2013

Sweet faced actress, Bella Ranee says she doesn’t remember if Weir used to pick her up at the airport or not, would like to review the pictures first. She denies her parents prohibited her to date the male side, have yet to think about advancing the relationship. She also denies they’re secretly dating; announces clearly her status is single.

“At that time…there isn’t. During this time, I don’t get to fly abroad or to the countryside at all. But if there is really a leaked picture, I honestly probably won’t remember if he used to pick me up at the airport or not, it might have been a long time ago already. I’m really not sure. I have to take a look at the picture first. Most of the time, if I go anywhere I would always drive myself.”

“As for the matter of my parents prohibiting P’Weir to enter the house, there isn’t. They never obstructed but they don’t support. Honestly, I don’t have times too. At the moment we rarely meet each other. And he didn’t come to see me at the sets because he has works as well.”

“The relationship is still the same. I am still single and I don’t think of progressing the relationship at this time. Do I have anyone special to talk with…there isn’t. At the moment I am working only. The gossips of me and P’Weir agreeing to be boyfriend/girlfriend secretly is not true. We don’t need to rush it to that extent.”

Are you afraid not meeting each other because of many works will cause the closeness to decrease?
“I am not afraid. If one day we really get to date this matter might be the test. But right now, I still assure you that I am not thinking of progressing the relationship soon. Will P’Weir sulk? He doesn’t have the right to sulk. (smile) I have many works therefore he should be happy for me.”

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P.S. Bella seemed to have memory problem. She should take more nutrients to supplement her memory. And I don’t like it when someone tell another persons they have no right to do this or that. It’s so insensitive and inconsiderate of the other persons’ feelings. And whether the persons sulk, feel happy, or sad that’s their own feelings and right not a right to be given or dictated by someone else.



  1. :))) haha, im very happy and too funny when reading these words “Bella seemed to have memory problem” Yes, she did.

    I think Weir needs to spend his time for looking for another girl now πŸ™‚ Becoz of with Bella’s case I think he got good experiences with the stupid girl

    Thanks for your translation πŸ™‚ I will translate this news into Vietnamese after I did not do it becoz i dont like Bella :))

    1. He doesn’t have to look, the right girl is probably someone he know already. 5555

      1. Anonymous · ·

        5555 Im thinking a girl in your mind now πŸ™‚

      2. Thanks Ninja for ur translation. and hope so like u said that he has known it already. 555555555

  2. And another comment: I think Bella should date with James Ji πŸ™‚

  3. I thought Weir said he doesn’t like mixed? He should be with Mai Davika and then Bella can date James J. HAHA

    1. He said as one grow older the ideal lists get thrown out the out window. Lol

      1. Hmm… I think Mai Davika is a better choice. More fans supporting them. HAHAHA

  4. Kidtueng · · Reply

    I kinda mad for her on this interview…

    1. She’s still inexperienced when it comes to answering questions.

  5. Weirfan · · Reply

    Bella is just getting on my nerves. I hope Weir just move on and find himself a nice girl. Bella just care too much about her damn career right now.

    1. Well, to be fair she’s new and she’s trying to find her footing in the entertainment industry therefore she should care about her career. I think Weir understands that considering he knows what it’s like to be new in the entertainment circle. The only thing that get on my nerves is her lie. Lol

  6. For some reason I don’t think these two are together anymore but because she’s Ae’s kid they don’t want to make it public. For me it seems like the only time Bella is talked about is when she’s linked to Weir or James Ji.

    1. With the exception of her drunk night at a hotel. Lol

      People still see them together though. I think eventually they’ll become distanced because of their busy schedules.

      1. People see them together recently?

      2. He picked her up from the airport just last week, There were pictures of his white van picking Bella and her manager up at the airport. To Weir last week is a long time ago. Lol

  7. cherry0223 · · Reply

    How many managers does Bella have I really wonder? According to Weir’s interview, which Bella’s manager was busy, so that he picked Bella up from airport, surely the lady has some problem with her memory,—-” During this time, I don’t get to fly abroad or to the countryside at all” lol lol however here we know Weir picked her and her manager up from airport in last week. lol lol lol rof rof

    1. Like Weir, Bella is managed under Ae Supachai who run a talent company. But Ae doesn’t personally manages all of his talents therefore they are further manage by employees within his company. Bella’s personal managers are Ploy and Prae while Weir’s manager is Cho (same as Mario and Ken). Ploy, Prae, and Cho all work for Ae and they personally manage the celebrities that they are assigned to.

      Personal manager take care of everyday scheduling, events, and etc while Ae, the big boss take care of bigger issues such as advertisements and endorsements. In order words, Ae doesn’t deal with petty things like scheduling for his talents. Lol

    2. Not memory problem, more like a lying problem. Lol

      1. hahahah Ninja, why did you say out the truth?! lol lol
        in addition, Thanks for ur explanation !:) πŸ™‚

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