Min Denies Being Humiliated By James Ji For Not Returning Her Greeting


Interview: August 8, 2013

She’s still being watched as a topic with junior pra’ek from another channel, James Jirayu after meeting each other at the event, “7-Eleven 25 years Anniversary of Friendship.” Before this there was news that actress, Min Pechaya Wattanamontri, secretly asked to exchange line with the male side. They met at an event but both ignored to give joint interview and take pictures together. Min tried to greet but the male side put her down by being unresponsive, therefore they are now being watched as a crossover channel dispute. After the event, To Mom with Love at terminal 21, Min opens up about the news.

“That day it was nothing at all. Really, every actor doesn’t want to have news. The media tried to pair us too much therefore we have to be especially more careful. Really, there’s nothing at all.”

You make an angry face because James embarrassed you.
“No. That day, I have to leave in a hurry but must stay and take pictures and didn’t get to leave at once.”

You guys are being watched as a crossover channel dispute.
“No. I think if we didn’t stir the issue then there is nothing.”

At the event, did you guys get to talk or greet each other?
“No, but there were smiles. We just got the chance to meet each other when you told us to stand next to each other.”

There’s news like this, do you want to clear with each other?
“It’s unnecessary. I think people these days can distinguish. At first there wasn’t an issue, and another thing I am a woman, therefore I don’t want to say anything much.”

Ask about the tidings that you’ve been removed from the lakorn, Barn Sai Tong.
“I don’t know the detail at all. I used to speak with the elders regarding it but it was a very long time ago, two years already. But there was no agreement that I will get to play, which right now I am filming Cinderella Rong Tao Dtae still and I’m about to star in a new lakorn with P’Weir.”

Kantana say the lakorn with Weir is written after Pin Anong and they will make you a koo gine with Weir, how do you feel?
“I am happy. Really, this project we discussed it since after Pin Anong ended, after the closing party. We talked with P’Lalita, the scriptwriter. P’Lita told me I must do that, do this. We talk all the times.”

Do you have expectation that it will be successful to pair up with Weir again?
“We will do our best. During Pin Anong, we didn’t expect anything either. We work happily and our work will come out good on it owns.”

Back to Barn Sai Tong, there’s news that Bo Thunyasupan will be inserted instead.
“Happy for her. I feel that Barn Sai Tong is a good script. I believe anyone who play is good. No matter what role I get to play, I believe it’s a good script, there’s no need to select the story at all. The way to prove our skill is our achievement in each lakorn. Not necessary for it to be a role that people think must be good. Honestly, good role might not reach expectation; the important thing is performing the best of our duty; that’s enough.”

Reporters ask the rumor that Min refused to give queue to shoot “Cinderella Rong Tao Dtae,” the young nang’ek quickly denies, “I always give. There may be school queue only that I asked to go to school and returned to the set, no problem. On the day that I don’t have a lakorn queue I also give a lakorn queue as well, it’s like exchanging queue for one another. There’s no problem whatsoever.”

Source: http://www.rakdara.net/overview.php?c=2&id=37005

P.S. Why would Kantana tried to make Weir and Min a koo gine when they already are since Pin Anong? Didn’t they win the Channel 7 Koo Gine Award? Lol The media bias for Porshe-Min versus Weir-Min is very transparent.

And why should Min feel embarrassed if a junior actor refused to greet her? Besides, according to Thai culture, wouldn’t it consider to be rude for a junior not to greet a senior first? It’s probably something long forgotten by young people these days, but according to my mom’s teaching, never wait for your seniors to greet you first because that is rude, as someone who is younger you must take the initiative and greet them first.

As for Bo, I updated her interview regarding the whole Barn Sai Tong matter already. She hasn’t been offered the role but people mistaken because she posted a picture of her stage play where she’s playing a character that will play as Potjamarn, a play within a play.

Anyone miss this couple?

Mummai updated their IG/FB calling for fans to follow the update of Weir and Min’s new lakorn together. And credit to Klonny’s IG: “Mummai’s break time, holding a meeting, La Ruk Sut Kop Fah.” Credit and thanks to patran7: Fitting for Weir and Min’s new lakorn will be on Aug 25th and the blessing ceremony and first day of filming will be on Aug 29th. Yay! Goodnight!




    – 25 Aug: Fitting
    – 29 Aug: Will be started this film

    1. Thanks for your translation, Kimberly 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info. I’ll update and give you credit. 😀

  2. Thanks Ninja for the updates. As for James Ji, he’s starting to sound like a stuck up star.

    1. Honestly, I think he is definitely letting fame get to his head. He refused to take picture with Nui Sujira and then say she didn’t ask for a picture at an appropriate time because at that time he was changing. However, Nui says in tears as a celebrity she understand what is appropriate and inappropriate and would never go ask for a picture while the guy is changing his pants. And no she wasn’t crying because she didn’t get a picture with Mr. Superstar but because his fanclub believe him wholeheartedly and attack her.

      There’s two sides and people can believe whichever side they want but I don’t think any woman with a brain would walk over to a guy who’s in the middle of changing his pants for a picture.

  3. Kidtueng · · Reply

    the news forgive weirmin as koo gine, Kantana don’t need make weirmin they already be koo gine, but if they will promote wm more 555 don’t mind too.

    Ninja do u heard the new lakorn akee tai or athip tai yet? Idk to spell so just type both sometime I heard it sound like I athip tai don’t know which one is right. Do u heard or see any update on this yet?

    1. Atitha is opening new month or so and yes Weir will star in that lakorn.

  4. So.. is Min still unsure about getting the role in BanSaiThong??? Or does this really mean she’s out. B/c still.. All she ever said is that she doesn’t knows b/c it’s all up to the elder. And if its someone else than she happy for them I’m so damn confusing.

    1. Two years ago the elders did approach her for the role but now there hasn’t been much update and discussion about the casts. By the time they produce Barn Sai Tong I don’t think Min will get the role.

  5. Ninja, do you have a summary of Attita? I love lakorn based on history.

    1. Sorry, I can’t find the summary. And my memory is somewhat vague.

  6. Thanks ninja and a BIG YESSSSSSSSSSSSS……i really miss Weir Min pairing and i think the James Ji issue is starting getting on my nerves!

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