Min Is Silent On The Politics Within Channel 7

 Min Is Silent On Politics Within Channel 7

Interview: August 2, 2013

Min Pechaya doesn’t know the elders at Channel 7 dislike her, confident there will be lakorn for her, denies being distanced from Porshe Saran, and she admits to talking to Boy Pakorn as sibling only.

“Regarding the tidings of the elders disliking me, that I don’t know. There’s nothing at all. My work is still okay. Every role [lakorn] of mine is okay and it very much challenge my ability.”

The politics within Channel 7 is quite rough.
“I don’t know at all. I perform the best of my duty, that’s all.”

We further ask about her relationship with Porshe Saran after there’s tidings that both are distancing from each other the actress says they may see each other less because both have to film their own lakorns.

“Right now my schedule is full all seven days. It causes us not to see each other much but the friendship is still the same. It’s still continue to like that since the beginning. If everyone come and stay at the spot where I am standing they will know many things are coming into my life. It’s more than what people know. My brain must take in many things, work and study which I am almost done. As for the news of me admitting to talking with P’Boy, I must say we talk to each other since the beginning as brother and sister. Right now, we still talk and consult with each other but there is never anything more than that. He’s a brother that I respect and seek advise on work only.”

Source: http://www.komchadluek.com

P.S. So are the elders pushing Min to be their number one actress or do they dislike her and don’t want to give her work? Lol


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  1. Sometimes I think the media just pull news out of their a$$ and just write whatever they feel like that day. Oneday they write about the elders wanting to make Min their number 1 but the next day they suggest the elders don’t care for her. Which one is it!?

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