Porshe Got Shy; Min Says She Wants To Be Taken Care of Forever

Porshe Got Shy Min Says Want To Be Taken Care of Forever

Interview: July 31, 2013

Don’t be shocked Min-Porshe fanclub when there’s news that pra’ek, Porshe Saran Sirilak is being gined with Pooklook Fonthip Watcharatrakul. Plus there’s report coming out again that both are very close with each other upsetting the fans who are cheering for Min-Porshe. But when we’re able to interview Porshe, he said he was unawared of it. Therefore we also must hear it from the mouth of Min Pechaya Wattanamontri about how she feels that her koo gine has changed. We had the opportunity to meet Min and Porshe participating in a fashion show, My Space On The Fouth at the Mall Bangkae and this is their interview.

Recently there are people matching Porshe and Pooklook to be a koo gine.
Porshe: This, I don’t know. Personally, we’re not that close. But sometimes we meet each other at the channel.

Many people think Pooklook is snatching Min’s koo gine.

Porshe: Isn’t Pooklook your best friend?
Min: Yes.

Are you upset people are pairing you to be a koo gine with Pooklook?

Porshe: Really? (laugh)

Pooklook is close with you.
Min: Yes.

With the news that came out you guys are no longer a koo gine, how do you feel?
Min: I feel nothing at all.

Did you and Porshe talk about this matter?
Min: Never at all.

Will there be some quarrel?
Min: There’s no way, for sure.

How do you feel that people no longer gine you with Min but it has changed to someone else?

Porshe: For me? Playing a lakorn my role must continue to change. There is nothing. We’re still close like before.

Are you both afraid your fanclub will mistunderstand? Like they want you to have a feud with Pooklook.
Min: There’s probably someone creating this tidings. But today our fanclub are still firm. They still came.

And Porshe, are you worried that your fanclub will be divided into two groups?
Porshe: I am not worried. I am doing my job. I think if they love me they should understand.

Will you go talk with Pooklook?
Min: This shouldn’t be related.

But Pooklook has denied this, did she talk to you about it?

Min: I don’t really get to follow the news much because during this time I am rushing to film my lakorn.”

So we can say you’re uninterested about who will be with whom.
Min: I am doing my job.

For Min, do you want to be gined with Porshe forever or do you want to change your pairing?
Min: I must watch and see if I can entrust my life forever with Porshe or not (smile).

And Porshe, can you take care of her?
Porshe: Huh? (Shy) I can take care of her.
Min: We’re friends (smile).

Did you get to talk with Pooklook?
Porshe: We have yet to talk.

Did you get to talk about the news, Porshe?
Porshe: I have yet to see her. Since this news came out I have yet to see her at all.

You’re close friend with Pooklook?
Min: Yes. We have sleepover at each other houses. Pooklook have slept over at my house. We go out and eat together.

Have you talked about the news?
Min: Not really. It’s nonsense. We talk about other things.

You can assure that you won’t have a feud with Pooklook about this matter for sure.
Min: There’s no way, for sure.

You will gine with Porshe forever?
Porshe: Forever. Earlier she said that already (shy smile).

Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/ent/360440

P.S. What a bunch of nonsense questions. The news of Porshe and Pooklook is probably fabricated by the media since Pooklook is close with Min they can expand the news to have Min and Pooklook be at odd with each other over Porshe, which is laughable. Not that I can’t imagine two actresses fighting over Porshe, but this type of news is very nonsensical. The people who gine Pooklook and Porshe is probably the media for the sack of news. Haha


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  1. What’s with the interviewer? Those questions are so annoying!!!

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