Min Is Annoyed With Her News With James Ji

Min Is Annoyed With Her News With James Ji

Interview: July 31, 2013

The news that Min Pechaya Wattanamontri jubilantly asked to exchange numbers with famous actor like Jame Jirayu has been going on for a while. She has come out to correct the news as being untrue but tidings hasn’t died down because both are still single and the fans are making them a koo jin from different channel. When we meet Min at the event for 7-Eleven 25 years of friendship at Paragon she says, “We didn’t talk with each other at all because backstage I came from another event therefore I only have time to do my makeup, as a result there was no opportunity to speak with each other at all. Before this we also didn’t meet each other, yesterday I came to rehearse alone and today I also came from another event but the others came to rehearse together today.”

If we ask for a pair interview, will you be okay?
“There’s no problem. I will probably be indifferent. As a woman I think it’s better to be passive.”

Will you ask him about having news together?
“No. I think it’s a matter that shouldn’t even be discussed. It should end here because the tidings that came out from the very beginning have no ground.”

Are you and James afraid to greet each other because of this news?
“No. We’re from different channels so there’s little chance to meet each other. With the news that came out, since the beginning, I think it’s unfair to the actors because the actors didn’t have anything with each other. Perhaps it was a tidings that someone created which I don’t know for what purpose. In conclusion, please have some justice for the actors.”

That means if you guys meet each other you can greet each other normally?
“We can greet each other. Like today we work together (smile).”

With the news that came out you’re somewhat upset.
“I feel that it has no ground more, like being a liar but a very big liar. At first I was annoyed. But it never ends so I would like to answer about this for the last time. I am a woman also; I shouldn’t have this type of issues. And another thing for this matter, myself and the person involved probably have nothing to do with it so I have no opinion at all.”

Do you want to find out where the source comes from?
“We all knew already. It ended already.”

But once the news came out there were people cheering for you to be a couple with James Ji.
“It’s up to what people think. I can’t stop their thoughts. I am indifferent. I’ve been in this industry for some times now; I faced both positive and negative issues. I think the important thing is that I must be myself and perform my duty. And one more thing, there’s little chance for us to meet because we’re from different channel.”

It seems like you’re being paired as a koo gine with many people.
“It’s normal. Being single is like this (laugh). The good point about having [a boyfriend] is having only one person, when there’s news it’s just one person – The end. But I don’t have one yet therefore I think it’s not the best way out. I will live my life and do my best work here. Remain single. Studying and working is enough already. I’m not closing myself but I don’t have one yet.”

Source: http://www.rakdara.net/overview.php?c=2&id=36776

P.S. More nonsense questions but Min handles herself well here compared to her first interview. It was obvious that she was very upset then.

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