Weir Admits It Wasn’t Bella

Weir Admits It Wasn’t Bella

Interview: July 28, 2013

Weir admits the girl riding with him on his motorcycle to Kanchanaburi is not Bella, not worries that she will sulk, reveals the news of her being drunk and acting crazy of her should be a misunderstanding, and say in five years he will work behind the scene.

Actress, Bella Ranee Campen left a riddle that the girl who rode on Weir Sukollawat Kanarot’s motorcycle to Kanchanaburi was not her therefore when we got the chance to meet the actor we must ask him regarding this matter and this is what he has to say.

“I admit that day I rode my motorcycle to Kanchanaburi. The person who rode with me was not Bella but was a senior that I know from our big group in that trip. The reason she rode with me because my motorcycle is a touring style. If sitting for a long distance ride it is more comfortable than the others since the other motorcycles are sporty. That’s all.”

Are you afraid Bella will sulk?
“No (smile). What will she sulk about? (smile) Because she was stuck at work.”

Recently Bella has news of being drunk and acting crazy, are you worry about her?
“News is news. I think it’s probably more of a misunderstanding news. Bella is not serious with the news. It’s like having this type of news to test the condition of our heart – if we can fight it.”

As for progress in becoming a lakorn producer for Channel 7 Weir admits bluntly that he has interest in working behind the scene.

“One, because I work in this field, so going back to work in the engineering field is probably hard. If you’re asking when will I be ready to become a producer…four to five years because I have to work in front of the scene first. And another thing, I am still having fun with acting in lakorn so I am not in a hurry. I would like to pave my foundation first. Like I said when I go to the sets I get to study what I must do. Honestly, it’s very hard and the important thing the production team must be very solid.”

Did the elders talk to you about becoming a producer?
“Not yet. They still want me to act in lakorn for the channel first.”


P.S. I remember Bella saying she rarely drink because she doesn’t know how to drink. Lol Not that drinking is a bad thing, well too much is bad for your liver, but it should be a non issue. Celebrities are humans too, nothing wrong with a little celebration and having fun as long as no one is being harmed.

And yesterday some lucky fans get to spend a one night stand with Weir Sukollowat. Do the Thais even know what one night stand means? Lol I think they do but could care less about the context. This event is set up by EFM, a Thai radio station. Lucky group of fans get to stay at the same resort as Weir and do activities together and before bedtime they get to hear him sing…lucky bastards.


Here’s a short clip of Weir singing one of my favorite song, “Kae Khun (Only You)” by Musketeers. A portion of the lyric, “I promise that I will love only you. That I will love just you. That I will love just you, only. For a very long time, I will love only you. I will love just you. I will have only you.” I wouldn’t mind having Weir serenade to me. His voice sounds really smooth singing this song. Credit: pawin94efm

He also sang another one of my favorite song, “Jai Baang Baang (A Fragile Heart)” by Pause. RIP Joe. “It’s because my heart is weak. I want to make a new heart. I want to dress up my little heart and make it strong enough to endure it. Enough is enough. Better to have enough.” Credit: kunpongpang

And for those who want to read the summary of Fah Jarod Sai I posted it up already. I’ve been saving the summary for awhile since it kept being postponed. But it’s definitely airing soon, the production has been closed and the editing has been completed. Khun Siam the boss of DaraVDO controlled the every step of the production himself so I hope Fai Jarod Sai has a great feedback. He really pour his heart and energy into producing this lakorn. Khun Siam also acquired one of top scriptwriter in Thailand for this so it should be good. Fah Jarod Sai took three years to film and was filmed in four locations (France, Egypt, Vietnam, and Thailand). The lakorn will have a total of 12 episodes. And most likely it will air after Dome Tong.



  1. Weirfan · · Reply

    Bella is one lucky bitch! lol

  2. I dont like bella because of her Chinese fans Insults weir

    1. Lol…I feel indifferent. I neither like her or dislike her. I don’t mind her but to me she has no personality.

      1. Anonymous · ·

        l like her before ,but rightnow i hate her 。

  3. Hi Ninja!

    With respect to your comments above. I dont think so. You can read at this link:

    “About drinking, I admit did do a little bit of that. But most importantly, I went there for the Channel 3 work (Channel 3 Party). I attended the event for the channel; it was late before I got to leave. When I returned to the hotel, I went to sleep only shortly after, because I have to go back to Bangkok the next day. There definitely wasn’t any yelling. I don’t know, I admit that I was loud, but I was loud at the ocean, I didn’t know it was going to bother anyone who could be in their room listening to the ocean…or something along these lines. If that’s the case, then yeah, please send them my apologies. However, I assure you that I certainly wasn’t drunk to the point of wasted or anything” – She drank but not much and said sorry to guests of this resort if she made some wrong of their relax.

    Sorry, But I think that Bella is using Weir’s name to show her name up. She told her detailed love out (many news of this matter) So for what? You know, We know her from the relationship between her and Weir.

    For Weir: i was disappoited his interview nearly. I dont care Who his girl friend is Although I love his and Min is a real couple but the way which he answered Errrr- oh, my godness. Today “me and Bella are friends, tomorrow Im purshing her” or sth like that

    I love Min bcoz she always is keeping her personal life including her interview with Porshe (They are togetr becoz of advertising for their film only).

    Im waiting Min and Weir’s new film. It is opening on Aug. Want to see they are together again.

    1. I read that interview in Thai already. Lol As for my comment, I’m just teasing and pointing out that Bella lied about not knowing how to drink when in fact she does drink a little here and there. She also lied initially that Weir never met her parents until Weir admitted to meeting them then she came clean to the media. I think as a celeb in Thailand those type of relationship questions are inescapable. And saying I won’t answer about my private life doesn’t go well with the media, because you’ll be labeled as Tawada (God/Goddess), stuck up, and unfriendly. Although I think the media questions are too personal and invasive but whatever questions the media ask a celeb, whether that celeb give an answer or not there will still be article written about the matter. If you don’t clear yourself then they’ll continue to write false news, there’s no way out. The media can make or break a celebrity. Both relationships are dependent on each other but I do think there should be some ground rule and boundary between celeb and the media.

      As for Weir, I think he answer the media questions as best as he could without giving too much of entire life away to them. It’s pretty obvious he’s dating her but because the relationship is still in the early stage and he doesn’t want to be too opened about it so he insists on saying they’re just siblings and close friends that has the potential to turn into something else. He admitted talking to her which it’s pretty much a Thai celeb hint to dating. But the media just want him to say the word girlfriend. Whether he admit to Bella being his girlfriend or not he will always be asked about his personal life. And reporter (s) did caught him going out to dinner with Bella and when they asked him during that time he said no comment and that it was a private matter. And the next day the media said he refused to answer question and was being snobby. Lol But it was in his private time so he’s not obligated to answer any question. Unless he’s at an event that’s the only time the media are allowed to ask him question, same goes for other celebrity. Some reporters doesn’t seem to respect that. Their sentiment is that a celeb chose to be a public person therefore he/she must deal with being famous and open up to the public about some private aspect of his/her life. Mostly, the media are interested in asking questions about relationship because that type of story sell. Before way way back in time the Thai media could only ask questions about work but now everything changed. And celebs these day accept that so they answer what they can.

      As for Min, her scenario is different from Weir because her relationship with Porshe is purely that of friends and coworkers. And as a female she can opt out not to open up about her relationship as much, since in Thai culture men should be the one who does that. Men should be manly about it and if he’s sincere he should be able to admit to the relationship. But for women, it’s different since in their culture women should be timid and soft-spoken. That’s how Pancake got away with saying it’s a good thing. 555

      1. Thanks for your reply.

        I meant Bella is not good girl friend for W. With me, Weir is a good person but sometimes he looks like a play boy 555

        With Min and Bella: You can see difference between their answer 🙂 too funny

  4. นินจา พี่ชื่ออิ๋มนะ เป็น Minnie the weir @pantip สนใจร่วมทีมแปลละครหน่อยไหม แอดไลน์พีาก้อได้ imm_cn

    1. ตอนนี้หนูยุ่งกับมายาสีมุกแต่ถ้าหมายถึงละครใหม่ของเวียร์มินหนูตั้งใจที่จะแปลอยู่แล้ว. เวียร์มินมีแฟนคลับอินเตอร์เยอะมากที่รอดู 🙂

  5. Kidtueng · · Reply

    What? Bella Chinese fans insult weir why what reason? Man don’t like that. This one of the thing I’m start to don’t very like Kwan some her fans say somebad word for weir on ig, I wann answer that fan but I thinking of what weir say than keep claim and let it go.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      Because they like bella and james,they said that bella and james are true love。what did kwan fan said on IG?

      1. True love? Lol Then, they can have each other.

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